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  1. Just looking for a cello? A likely story. 😉 I got Spitfire's Discovery edition of BBC Symphony Orchestra because it was free and might be fun. What harm could it do? Well I've spent getting on for hundreds of hours watching how to orchestrate and a fair wedge upgrading to the Core edition. I'll probably never use even 10% of the potential of this software but the enjoyment you can get playing these instruments through a keyboard or (midi-pickup) guitar is worth every second of my time and every penny of my money. Bottom line is walk before you can run. Plenty of excellent tutorials out there to get you making your music. Enjoy what is already available first.
  2. Got tempted by a video of someone using Stream Deck and was going to take the plunge but they're not available at the moment. Looking around I found Touch Portal. Tried the free version then dug into the shallow pockets for the Pro version. I had an old 7" Tablet gathering dust so I've now got a very cheap version of a Steam Deck. Anybody else gone down this route? Anybody interested?
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