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  1. Thanks Craig, mine are all greyed out like this, when ASIO is my Driver Mode. Any ideas?
  2. Hi folks, uninstalled all drivers and reinstalled only the 'Studio USB Driver'. I also did a fresh re install of Cakewalk. The problem still continues I'm afraid. Craig, what settings do you have as your Input/Output devices in Sound Centre and Cakewalk? I want to make sure I have the right things selected. Also, if you create an audio track in Cakewalk, what are your ins and outs there? Using ASIO literally crashes Cakewalk every time - I have to use Task Manager to close it.
  3. I appreciate your help, I'll give that a try and let you know.
  4. Ok, here are all of them, in order... AudioBox ASIO Driver / ioStation ASIO Driver / PaeFireStudio / Quantum ASIO driver / Realtek ASIO / Revelator ASIO / Studio 192 ASIO / Studio USB ASIO Driver / StudioLive AR ASIO / StudioLive Classic USB / StudioLive Series III ASIO
  5. All the others are for other devices, the recommendation was to just install them all.
  6. Hi, thank you. There are lots of entries in there, one is called 'Quantum ASIO Driver'
  7. Hi folks, So I've just upgraded to a new Windows 10 PC, 64 bit (Dr Mix system from Scan.co.uk). It's a very capable machine, so I'm not expecting any issues with regards to power/RAM etc. I'm brand new to using external audio interfaces and have got myself a Presonus Studio 1824c. My old machine had an internal audio interface so I'm going to have to get used to some differences. I have followed the instructions for setting up the 1824c, installed the 'Universal Control' application which installs all the drivers and firmware. I've triple-checked all of this is up to date and it is. Everything seems to be working - the interface is working, Universal Control is working, Windows recognises the device etc. The trouble I'm having is in Cakewalk. Operation is sluggish, there is a constant loading circle. This happens when I have set driver mode to ASIO. My understanding was that this would be the correct driver mode for this interface. However, when I change it to WASAPI (Shared), operation improves a lot. However, I cannot work out what In/Out settings to choose on an audio track. When I select the correct one (I have a hardware synth going into channel 1 on the interface for eg), Cakewalk mis behaves again, becomes sluggish. Once or twice I managed to record audio, but then I can't play it back. It's all very messy. What am I missing? Is there a setting I've over-looked? In addition, attempting to play YouTube results in stuttered playback, of BOTH audio and visuals. Any help HUGELY appreciated. Best wishes, Dave
  8. ....I didn't think of that. I didn't realise that could still be done! Where can I download X3 from again? Sorry, my other issue is that before I installed CbB, I had 3 years out of music production altogether, so when I returned lots had changed!
  9. Hi folks, as the title suggests, I'll soon have a new PC and will be installing CbB on it. My concern is that I am going to lose plugins or parts of the PRO Channel that are important to me, because I was a Sonar X3 Producer owner previously. So my questions are: Is there a comprehensive list of exactly what is included in a fresh install of CbB (I can't find one that's up to date) Is there a way I can simply carry over Sonar Producer stuff I might lose and reinstall them once I'm set up on the new machine? (eg - can I drag and drop files onto an external HD to carry across somehow?) Specifically, I'm interested in preserving the following above all else: Pro Channel compressors, pro channel saturation, pro channel style dial stuff, BREVERB 2, VX-64 Vocal Strip, all the Blue Tubes stuff, TH3 - so if anyone can comment on these specific things, that will really help. Many thanks in advance for your time. Dave
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm so sorry for the very late reply, been having a rough time of late. Your comments have inspred me and cheered me up too.
  11. That's interesting. Could be the speakers - however there are a couple of reverby vocal FX I put in to add some extra textures. I might have made them a little too hot perhaps.
  12. Hey folks, This is a 'finished' song, as in I'm not planning on doing anything more to it. (Mixes are surrendered not finished). It's about as good a mix as I'm capable of at this stage. However, I'd love to hear suggestions on how I might go up another level. Any ideas or feedback will be much appreciated! Please note that this song is mastered using LANDR. It does the trick but I realise it's not the best way to finish a track. Cheers! Dave
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