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  1. Have you activated the software yet ? Let it do that once, then you.re good to go. Note it needs re-activating every 6 months or so, which it does automatically when you open it and your PC is online. J
  2. No, Downloaded the update assistant and used that. J
  3. Their latest, A new take on Kim Wilde’s « classic » This groups catalogue is mainly covers - check out their Bavarian version of Jump by Van Halen. J
  4. The AMD and MS patches are both live now. My Ryzen set up seems to be more sprightly now. J
  5. I don’t know which is worse, this or Sheryl Crow. Prolly Rod. J
  6. « This video is not available. « Maybe not in Europe ? J
  7. Their whole catalogue is covers. And damm good ones. J
  8. yes, it works fine, no issues. J
  9. I use the Oxygen Mk IV 61 key as a keyboard and controller. Yes it has the pads. and as its class compliant, no drivers needed. J
  10. No, you can transfer as aac, mp3 or flac. J
  11. Aomei Backupper used here for all drives, using the clone option. J
  12. 1) yes its better to add effects etc in Cakewalk at the mixing stage. 2) no, you only need to « attach » Cakewalk if you want to record the concert via USB. My band goes through the MTK (16 tracks) to get the balance correct then via its main outs into a stereo 2x500w power amp. J
  13. R.i.p. Thanks for that steady beat Charlie, J
  14. An on line translator ? Not bad, but certain words, well, no (i live in France) ! J
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