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  1. yes i also know how to read. So this is a help desk for S1 ? ok, fair enough.
  2. Ok, here we go …… what does Studio One have to to do in a Cakewalk sponsored forum ? Just saying ……. J ps : i’m closer to you than most - 465km SW of Paris (which is not the be all and centre of France 😜😜😜) ….… pm me in french if you want to go further !
  3. I had piano lessons from 5 to 7 years old. Was taught both to play and theory/notation. Then i studied classical guitar for a couple of years before changing to electric (circa 1969 - thank you Creedence). I can still (60 years on) read music, play by ear etc. Read music and notation. I thank my music teachers for all that. My son played pretty good guitar, but i could never get him to understand that notation or reading music would be beneficial for him. I’m also for basic music theory/notation in schools (here in France or anywhere, for that matter). J
  4. Mostly Demos, so not a big deal after all J
  5. You’re using imported midi file - check in the Event Viewer (if Home Studio 2002 - no comment - even has one) to make sure no wheel events occur before the notes. If there are, erase them. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to find another way to erase them. This has got me a few times in the past - midi bass files inEZ Bass. J
  6. Mr JamPro, please note we’re not talking about Mackie drivers here. I’m sure they are rock solid. Its the MS legacy one. I humbly recommend you try installing this legacy file and see if it makes any difference for you. FYI, W7 handled FW in a much better way than the current W10 installed one does……….. I have had success with this file/driver. https://www.startech.com/en-fr/faq/firewire-cards-windows-legacy-driver-swap Its merely a suggestion. You don’t have to at all. J
  7. Use the MS legacy firewire driver. AFAIA it doesn’t get installed automatically on a new set up. you’ll have to Google for it, but using that one worked for me when i used to use my Focusrite LS 56 on W10. J
  8. Why on a Cakewalk forum would you ask that ? J
  9. FYI there is a Magix Asio generic driver that gets installed with some of their music products. Fruity Loops does the same thing. A quick trip in the registry to nuke them takes care of potential issues. J
  10. After major updates and especially an upgrade from w10 to w11, i always re-install my audio device drivers. Couple of clicks, couple of minutes of time……. And peace of mind. Focusrite (desktop) and Soundcraft (laptop) drivers are rock solid. Jerry
  11. IMHO constructively written posts get constructively written answers. This was not the case. YMMV also. J
  12. W11 working fine on my laptop (Soundcraft audio device) and on my desk top (Focusrite audio device). I did however re-install both sets of drivers after the upgrade from W10. I do this also after a major update. Couple of clicks, 2 minutes max and its done. You don’t give many details about your set up - have you tried re-installing your audio devices latest drivers ? J
  13. I have never heard of them so i don’t know. Am i missing something ? Jerry
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