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  1. I have both a laptop (i5) used for recording live work and a desktop (Ryzen) for studio work. On the laptop i keep the wifi on (zero problems) on the desktop its off. Both have a continuous power plan for their USB hubs. Other than that, W10 is out of the box. After major updates i always uninstall then re-install audio drivers, so far no issues. I’m on 20H latest version of W10 for both machines. Maybe i’m just lucky, but (fingers well and truly crossed) i’m doing great, zero issues. Jerry
  2. Errrr rather Mary Hopkins no ? Just nit picking !!!
  3. I’m disappointed. I thought you were going to give us the chord sequence to « All I Want for Christmas » . But i’ll certainly have a look at this as soon as i get out of the cold shower ! j
  4. On my set up the piano icon hangs around for a few seconds after Cakewalk is closed. Always has done. if is more than that, maybe a dodgy plugin ? Why is it a problem ? Jerry
  5. I had a similar problem. Turned out it was an old Pace software driver from a long ago installed vst and no longer used. once uninstalled everything went as expected, but finding the culprit took many BSOD’s. All is up to date now J
  6. Boss GT 100 line out to audio device. Effects already applied. J
  7. For live recording i us an Asus i5 ROG laptop. I added more ram and it can cope with 16 tracks via a Soundcraft MTK 22 full usb audio mixer. I record onto its HD then when we have a pause, i transfer to a usb drive to free up space. its now 3 years old. It does what its supposed to, latency is good. I’m a happy camper Jerry
  8. Just seen the news. There was only ever one James Bond ....... RIP
  9. Set the overall volume level quite high (three quarters up.) Keep your patch levels low to avoid noise.
  10. No, i leave quite a lot of headroom all the same.
  11. 10 to 15 seconds here. My a/v does not scan the various Cakewalk directories. J
  12. This quite common., has happened to me often. Simply re-install your audio drivers. J
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