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  1. Set the overall volume level quite high (three quarters up.) Keep your patch levels low to avoid noise.
  2. 10 to 15 seconds here. My a/v does not scan the various Cakewalk directories. J
  3. This quite common., has happened to me often. Simply re-install your audio drivers. J
  4. I go direct from my Boss GT100 into a Focusrite and then into CbB. I have no issues getting the tone correct. It just needs setting up correctly before hand. I record at a relatively low gain and then normalise the signal if really necessary. Jerry
  5. Yes they do. But....... Your last statement is a bit OTT, i think. You have to take into account the variables of each user’s setup/system. So what may crash for one, won’t crash for another. Otherwise each brand’s forums would be inundated with complaints..... Is CbB « unstable » for you ? Does CbB crash « too much » for you ? i have a home built affair and it is solid - CbB hasn’t crashed since i can’t remember when. Oh, and you haven’t taken into account user error which we are all prone to at some point. Your make other reasonable points that are ok, but, and please don’t take this personally, i just don’t agree with your last phrase, its a little hysterical, s’all. at the end of the day it is all about making music............. isn’t it ? J
  6. Yep the 18i20 is the bees knees for me. And i could daisy chain it with an LS56 (haven’t tried since the W10 v2004 update. cheers, J
  7. Your opinion, of course. I don’t need audio snap so can’t comment, but why don’t more people complain about it ??? i find Ableton clumsy and it doesn’t suit my needs. Y MMV but hey, this is the internetwotnot no ? Best, J
  8. The problem is with one of Pro Tools components. Cfnd.dll Googling to find out about this file got me 19 700 odd hits, the first pages being Avid forums etc. So its a known issue for some. I sometimes use ExpressVPN to logon to a work server, I don’t have any problems even if my ADSL gets cut off momentarily,. It takes just under 2 minutes for the modem to get the signal back. Cakewalk doesn’t even twitch. IMO you need to chase up with Avid. Cheers, J
  9. Whilst you were in device manager, did you click on the Drivers tab and update said drivers ? Jerry
  10. https://www.file.net/process/ucrtbase.dll.html Re-install the run time ? Jerry
  11. First thing to do is re install your audio device drivers. That should perk things up. Worked for me. Jerry
  12. Open Cakewalk in safe mode, then eliminate which plugin is not playing nice with your up to date system. Jerry
  13. For those of you worried about giving personal details, try this site ref you personal e-mails. I bet you.’ll be surprised. : https://haveibeenpwned.com Both my e-mails have been pwned, but so what ? J
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