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  1. Had the pleasure of seeing him play in 2014. The best. R.I.P J
  2. I thought it was usually Cakewalk and Windows ? J
  3. I have this but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. After all, what i want hear is the highlighted region, why go further ? Its good practice anyway that once you have corrected your track you bounce it to clip. Then in your project the cursor will move, YMMV J
  4. I stopped my subscription shortly after they stopped (or Craig A stopped) Cakewalk tech hints/workshops. J
  5. Buffalo Grill, the specialists in dried over cooked meet. J
  6. Go into Device Manager and disable any audio device that are not your Focusrite, such as HDMI or those from nVidia. Then make sure in Power Options that your USB devices do NOT sleep after a certain time. J
  7. I have Kontakt 6, latest version and I purchased/upgraded to v7 on a special offer from NI. This did NOT unistall v6 in fact it installed v7 as a separate vsti. Now I have the 2 in my vst directory and they both also show up in Native Access. Any project with v6 in it still opens fine, and loads v6. Maybe I'm not understanding what you did, but if you did not un-install the v6, then its still there. Installing v7 does not un-install v6. Good luck, J
  8. Agreed, and this is what its based on :
  9. To the OP. You should do some homework on their website : https://www.m-audio.com/oxygen-pro-mini never believe all you read ! FWIW i have the Oxygen 61 v4 which is class compliant (no drivers) and which works perfectly with CbB J
  10. For my part, me i’ve never had an issue with it. There are certain things like chop your vocals/bass/etc into small clips before using it, but no, its been easy for me to use. J
  11. I always write my codes down on an Excel sheet. That way if i forget them, (I’m also old) i just look them up. J
  12. Yes, but its the Edit version of Vegas and the Audio version of Sound Forge. still, not bad for the price. J
  13. I’ve always found the Focusrite pre-amps to be more than just ok. Cut out the pre-amp and see if that gets you back to normal levels. J
  14. I am currently using a Soundcraft MTK 22, which has its own Asio drivers. i have several DAWs that have tried to install their super duper low latency drivers. (cubase, Fruity Loops, Samplitude etc.) After each app’s update/upgrade I automatically delete all their drivers from the registry just leaving those from Soundcraft. If you have a good audio device with decent drivers, you do not need the crap installed by the above apps, nor the dreaded Asio4all……… YMMV, J
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