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  1. Had same problem. The. Work around is to do a manual install. I always take a copy of the Cake installer so wasn’t a show stopper. Jerry
  2. No, not necessarily. I tried Melodyne 4 with the EA last night and it performed as expected. Jerry
  3. Thanks ! Agreed re the solo, will take into account. J
  4. ...... recorded 2 months ago, not perfect but here we go. https://soundclick.com/r/s8dwn6 RIP Peter, Jerry
  5. Without him its arguable that there would not have been some of todays artists. What a player. RIP Jerry
  6. Consider yourself as shot. Ridiculous.
  7. Well even MS are saying don’t update...... my roll back was successful (which surprised me ) but its 1 hr of my life i won.t ever get back. why can’t they get it right for the majority ? jerry
  8. The easiest thing to do when ever there is an update is to download the latest version from the website. Why bother with the hassle ? jerry
  9. Anyone tried it ? Meet any problems ? when i tried updating it hit a couple of BSOD’s and then (luckily) rolled back to where it started from. Ouf !!! That’s me finished with it. Jerry
  10. The pre-sets are a great place to start from when finalising a track. I use it on a final mix to get that extra width and clarity. Great piece of’softwzre. Jerry
  11. OK thats your work method. Me i would use the MTK as the only sound device, playing back the Midi drums AND over dubbing real drums at the same time. One thing you might not have considered is that you can’t use the ASIO Drivers of your Soundcraft for your method as that protocol doesn’t allow for 2 sound devices to operate at the same time. Not criticism, just a thought ! Jerry
  12. Good question, i wrote to SOS a couple of weeks ago asking them the same - no answer received. Jerry
  13. Great movie, all we need now is the Venice concert and of course live at Pompeii.............the DG version Jerry
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