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  1. https://www.metalmusicarchives.com/artist/the-sons-of-katie-elder So this was you ? J
  2. Watched your video, the delay is like half a second. I’m no expert nor as knowledgeable as some, but that doesn’t seem all that excessive to me. YMMV J
  3. Jeremy Oakes


    R.I.P Babette 👍
  4. Yes you’ve made that very clear in other posts you’ve made. Some of us don’t have several PC’s, so we have to keep our DAW on line. If you are careful, you’ll not have issues. As least I don’t. And, after all, you can exclude your VST and Cakewalk files from being scanned by Defender………. J
  5. Then you haven’t also disabled Update Medic Service ….. J
  6. You do realise you can turn off the windows update service ? J
  7. Whereas 5/10 years ago there was reason NOT to keep a pc on line all the time, there really is no reason not to nowadays. You’re just making activation complicated. Of course purists and, dare i say it, luddites, will scream and shout that you must never keep a DAW on line. But, Hell if the PC guru from Sound on Sound says its ok to be connected, well, its possibly true, no ? YMMV of course, and i respect your Point of View. Its just not mine. yJ
  8. I’ve found if you use the toast alerts to update, the re-activation is without problem. J
  9. i had this at one time, but since updating drivers for my 18i20, all is rock solid. Focusrite have recently (a month or two ago) updated their drivers to be compatible with W11. Download the latest one for your device from their website and install - it removes the old drivers as part of the install process. J
  10. Why ? Isn’t that a little OTT ? J
  11. I updated. And, as i said above, had to re-authorise certain plugs. Personally i would be more worried about whether my PC could pass the MS test. Mine did, many do not. J
  12. You’ll need to check that your PC meets the W11 requirements. MS have a tool for this. Its a piece of Cake to re-authorise vst’s nowadays. And just a couple of clicks using proprietary product portals. Those vst’s that depend on a pc id (Toontrack, XLN …….) just fire up the product portal it really is easy. W10 audio drivers will work in W11 (Soundcraft for example), however most manufacturers release W11 compatible drivers (Focusrite for example). That being said, before any upgrade you need to do a little bit of homework…… J
  13. I have the Oxygen 61 version. Just plug it into a USB2 socket, turn it on and then start CbB, in that order. As it is class compliant you do not need any drivers for it. Windows will take care of that. It should now show up in Preferences/Midi Devices. Check the boxes to select it as input and output, Apply and you’re good to go. J
  14. I clone my hdd’s using AEOMI Backupper. J
  15. I wasn’t aware there were issues. All purring along here. J
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