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  1. Then lets agree to disagree. J
  2. Yep. Just purchased Mixbus 32c. Price on the website was 70 usd. Price at checkout was 84 usd including French tax. J
  3. Hmm, no. I buy from a US site they identify which country i live in from my IP address and lo and behold. VAT a la française.. I guess i could use a VPN ........... J
  4. No. Whats sad is you speculate and complain .... but don’t report. You’ve sort of shot yourself in the foot there matey ! J
  5. Yes its a pain here in France. I’ve bought a few things from the US (X-Plane software, sheet music books, a coffee mug for the missus) and each time, if the shipping company was Fed-Ex a month or so after receiving the item a tax bill turns up for the TVA (value added tax). To the extent of being ridiculous on the coffee cup. Personally, I now limit my buying to items from a company in one of the European countries, you pay tax at point of purchase at the importing country’s rate. That is if i buy from Thomann (based in Germany) something for xyz Euros, then they’ll add on French TVA and invoice me. They then pass on the tax to France. I hope....... But you still get better deals from the US of A. I’ve never tried e-Bay. J
  6. For something as complete as Cakewalk AND free - thats asking too much ? It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. YMMV
  7. And then there’s this, one of the first songs learned in first group : And of course this :
  8. The MTK series have different drivers which haven’t let me down over the past 3 years. I do however re-install after each major W10 update. personally i recommend the MKT 22. But as ever, YMMV Jerry
  9. I have the Soundcraft MTK 22 which we use for live and studio work. Its great with rock solid drivers. allows me to record a one hour set with 16 tracks onto an Asus laptop with no hiccups. Its mid price. Great piece of kit. Jerry
  10. So does any daw have continuity ? sorry, but daft question. Wait and see.
  11. We’re mixing things up here, i was referring to you as pro (and of course Noel). The info you provide is invaluable. There is a lot of confusing other info around J
  12. But did you re-install the MS Visuals whatnot ? i’ve never had an update issue so can’t advise. Not necessary to back up before updating imho. J
  13. FWIW, i have a F/W focusrite LS 56. Update Windows 1903 and 1909 hosed it. I got it working once with the W10 legacy f/w driver, but wow what a pain when usb works out of the box ...... yes i have a TI chip extension card. Perhaps some have more luck than me, but given the fact that that its a lottery to now run older (not ancient) f/w units ...... i’ll stick with usb. J
  14. Then why do we get so many posts that have so little to say other than disagree with the pros ( see the Noel and Pete Brown posts) ? It becomes very tiring. J
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