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  1. I finallyheard from Focusrite who admitted there is a problem and they are investigating. They recommend sticking with v 2.4.5. cheers, J
  2. No, its not the same as for the 18i20 second gen https://customer.focusrite.com/support/downloads?brand=Focusrite&product_by_range=552&download_type=software cheers, J
  3. @filo : is this driver part of the newly released 3.2.1 package from Focusrite ? If so, there’s another fred where Ben Statton from Cakewalk confirms my op. i still haven’t heard anything positive back from Focusrite. J
  4. Ahhhhh, so I wasn’t dreaming . already logged and awaiting a reply J
  5. I don’t know, i was on v2. something so for me it was a new package and when installed it showed the new fly out tab they talked about in their mail was available Whatever, i advise not installing it as it BSOD’d each time i opened a project in CbB. WhoCrashed reported it was the focusrite usb driver each time. so i rolled back and am still waiting to hear from them. Jerry
  6. That is the “new” software/driver package Jerry
  7. I had a bad experience, see my post upstairs. Once i rolled back to the previous installation, all went well. Beware. i’ve got a ticket in with them, but so far no reply. Jerry
  8. Hi Chuck, thanks for the input. i rolled back to the previous drivers and .... without deleting the aud.ini file, no crashes using the same projects. Hopefully Focusrite will get back to me soonish. Jerry
  9. I got an e-mail from Focusrite this am and updated my 18i20 second gen as per instructions. Wow, 3 BSOD so far, “Bad Pool Caller” x 1 and “Kernal Heap “ something x 2 Nothing in my config changed since the up grade. I currently have a ticket in with them, It happens when i open a CbB project then start the song. I am up to date with everything (video, drivers etc), WhoCrashed indicates its focusriteusbaudio.sys that is the culprit. Anybody else have such an issue ? I’ll be rolling back to the previous software/drivers asap. Jerry
  10. I never use the metronome - i use the hi hat as a count in on the first bar. Melodyne i always use on small clips only. Its long, its a pain but it works superbly Jerry
  11. Have you tried bouncing them as clips before recording ? i always do that and have not come across this. You can always undo if the bounce is no good. J
  12. Goldwave is a great audio editor J
  13. Heh, heh, as you said. There is a way ! I got the same deal from Audio Deluxe, invoiced in USD which when translated to Euros, is a really great price !!! jerry
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