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  1. Funny that, i updated W10 just before installing the 3.5 software//driver and today not one crash, (Cakewalk VLC, WMP etc). FWIW, one thing i did do just after installing was to change from 48 to 44.1 which is what most of my projects are at, before trying any software. Best, J
  2. There is new software on the Focusrite main site : Focusrite Control - (2nd gen 18i20) This"seems" to be stable, I'll test it more this week-end. There was also a firmware update built in, a combination of improved driver and the new firmware ? Cheers, J
  3. Yes, 16 live tracks from a Soundcraft MTK 22 through an i5 laptop then USB 3 to a SSD. Works perfectly. cheers, J
  4. It works for vocals - getting things in tune for example. you can easily ( sic ) work out which blobs refer to the voice. and modify them. i also use it for bass - to tame things down. But recently i’ve been converting it to midi, then i use a soft synth - a good way to get rid of finger “clicks” or transients. YMMV, Jerry
  5. Nope. My LS 56 is still purring along. Dice controller, FW card with TI chip, standard W10 drivers. Wonderful piece of kit. On W10 1903. Jerry
  6. Well this worked for me - many thanks for the tip Bob. I also deleted some of the ghosted USB ports mentioning devices no longer in use. Whether that also helped is a moot point. So like you Bob, i’ll do that now for each project ......’.. Best, J
  7. Many thanks for your suggestions, tried and tested but no luck. one thing i am getting now is an error box when opening a Dim Pro stand alone : Box is called “ midilnOpen[] ” with a message “error opening midi device”, I then select Oxygen 61 and it plays fine Thanks, J
  8. Hello, I have this M-Audio keyboard that used to work fine in Sonar and in Cakewalk. I play it through a soft synth. After not using it for a a month or so I fired it up in a project and I can't get any sound through Dimension Pro. Here's what I've done to trouble shoot : * Updates : both W10 Pro and Cakewalk are fully updated. The unit has the latest firmware - there are no drivers for it - its class compliant * Opened up the stand-alone version of Dim Pro (and also Rapture ) and lo and behold I can get sound, so the keyboard is sending a signal. I also checked with Midi Ox. * Checked the I/O routing : Midi track input (Oxygen Omni, I, 2, etc I've tried them all) sending via the Dim Pro Stereo output. Audio track has the Primary Stereo out of Dim Pro selected as in , output going to master (I've tried different sound device outputs, to no avail. Input Echo is on. * Tried using other soft synths (eg : Lounge Lizzard - stand alone works fine, VST in Cakewalk does not. * Moved all the sliders, nobs, pads etc one by one, no luck. * Searched on the old Sonar website and this one for inspiration, no luck. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ? Its certainly user error, as the thing plays in stand alone's, so what am I missing ? All the best, J
  9. The driver is included in the software .exe file. In other words you install the control and the driver gets installed. shame they don’t make the driver available separately......... on my system i stll get BSOD’s with the new drivers, i had to roll back. L’ve had a ticket open with them for a few months, but they seem to be ignoring it. One of the Bakers chimed in on a previous post saying they also had reported a problem. i guess we live in hope .... Jerry
  10. I do this for our group. I split the long recordings into manageable length projects then work on each one. To keep the same sound levels can be problematic due to things like guitarists fiddling with volume pots between quiet and loud moments, your ears will tell you what levels to use. Personally i would not use one long track, its much easier nce everything’s been split up to work on individual tracks. Others may see otherwise, but this is my workflow. Jerry
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