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  1. I'm a huge fan of music from across the world - though I struggle a bit with music from east Asia and Japan - the scales just don't work for me. Particularly love Eastern European, African (most of it), Scandinavian, Iberian, Middle Eastern and British & Irish folk music. Oh and I love the duduk! Looking forward to watching the video 🙂
  2. I remember seeing them over here in the UK and was sorely tempted! I settled for my Wasp, several Casio keyboards and a Yamaha monophonic synth which I think may have been quite similar - it was a very long time ago. I then progressed to the Yamaha CX5M music computer which I still have but no idea if it works or not
  3. JoeGBradford

    Windows 11

    See @Noel Borthwick's helpful post here -
  4. JoeGBradford

    Out again!

    Have a safe trip. Look forward to your return
  5. Watched the launch this afternoon - certainly sounds interesting as a confirmed folky!
  6. Another excellent video Mike! @Creative Sauce
  7. Least I can do in thanks to you, Robert, and the others mentioned!
  8. Before considering buying a course make sure that you have watched Creative Sauce (Mike Enjo), Home Studio Simpified (Robert McClennan), Xel Ohh and John Vere's videos. Much to learn from them!
  9. Apart from having to install the Air VSTis on my sytem disc I've never had any problems with them - I'll have to check......
  10. Yes I have it installed - limited applicability because of the chord system but, as you say, the sound quality is excellent. They have several other free instruments too including a new church organ that I am about to download!
  11. Some sounds from Hybrid Keys are available in the free Play Series Collection but I think this is the first time it has been free as I didn't have it installed - Analog Dreams was free a while back
  12. Too late for the sample pack & I haven't got Kontakt but I entered anyway
  13. Yes that's the one. Check out Creative Sauce's other tutorials too. There's a series on recording and releasing a song Here's Robert's playlist Here's Xel Ohh's
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum. My favourite tutorial series on CbB is that put together by Mike at Creative Sauce. Well explained and a friendly guy. He has lots of other videos based on Cakewalk too. There are a number of others including those by Robert at Home Studio Simplified and Xel Oh. People here will always be happy to help too. Enjoy your exploration!
  15. Thanks for clarifying - the fact that you called the programme Cakewalk was what was confusing us as Cakewalk does not have the problems you mentioned. Perhaps if you ask for help it will be forthcoming. I assume other people are using Bandlab effectively (I have never used it) so there may have been a way to resolve your issues. Software usually involves learning curve and seeking help from others is a good way of accelerating that learning as I have found on here regarding Cakewalk
  16. For the record I didn't know what TL;DR meant either - not everyone understands these abbreviations - LOL is about as far as I go! It does seem to me that slagging off a piece of software without understanding the differences between different products provided by a company is, to say the least, a little unfair. If I had a problem with Word I wouldn't moan about Excel! If the OP stays around he will find lots of really helpful people who will try to point him in the right direction and do their utmost to resolve his problem - I don't see any antagonism in the responses even though he appeared to criticise a piece of software that hundreds of us are using to create music projects with only occasional problems - to which the development team and forum members respond quickly and, within reason, effectively.
  17. So sorry to hear about Bill - RIP Great tracks and a fitting tribute
  18. Mike has just done a video on this that you may find useful
  19. They gave it away a while back (I assume as I've got it) so probably will again! I'd forgotten about it until I went install BioTek and saw I had an update for it!
  20. JoeGBradford

    Biotek 2 FREE

    Ran through the arp, sequenced and rythmic presets earlier and it's certainly interesting. I could see me using it as long as I don't forget I've got it 😉
  21. JoeGBradford

    Biotek 2 FREE

    It was an SOS / Prism Sound survey which I assume I got in an email or from Facebook - or perhaps on here!
  22. JoeGBradford

    Biotek 2 FREE

    I completed a survey a few weeks ago which said they'd send me a serial for BioTek - I wondered why it never arrived but this appears to be it!
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