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  1. Thanks & kudos to Peter & IK for sorting my ST4 SE sounds out. Top guys!
  2. Many thanks Peter - much appreciated. I've not contacted support so I'll PM you 🙂
  3. Ah thanks - I didn't think about doing that - would ease the pain a bit but still annoying!
  4. Just looked at downloading the ST4 SE sounds that I missed when I bought Total Studio 2 Max - appears the downloads have expired even though I have never downloaded them previously! Now I can understand (just) IK's position re charging to re download sounds that you have previously downloaded but surely it is a bit unfair to charge for sounds that have been missed and not downloaded previously? Any thoughts on this Peter? I know it is not a lot of money in the scheme of things but it's the principle!
  5. Thanks. I found that earlier and looking forward to hearing what I was missing 🙂
  6. I'd loaded those into ST4 CS which I already had. I think I must have thought that SE was the same as CS!
  7. I didn't realise I got ST4 SE when I got TS2 Max last time it was on offer but notice it is in my account. Even more sounds to audition 😨😱😊
  8. I succumbed! As you get the money back in points it was a no brainer! (What a pain of an authorisation system though!)
  9. Very tempting - looks like a well thought out synth - though I'd probably end up mainly using presets 😉
  10. I learned a lot from this one but will have to watch it again to remember it all!
  11. Beat me to it Nigel! Mike's tutorial's are superb and he has a really friendly approach which keeps you engaged
  12. I'm looking forward to watching this - thanks Robert
  13. It does say this too Wusik ZR Store/Full Versions/Synth & Samplers $0.00 USD ON SALE $99.95 USD Save 100% I'm downloading it now so hope it is unrestricted - appears to have some decent sounds
  14. Thanks for letting us know - just updating to 2.0.2 🙂
  15. You need to drag the instrument you want from that list to a track in the track view - it will then be assigned to that track and you can open the instrument interface by clicking on the keyboard icon that appears. Someone will be able to explain this better than me probably! Have you watched Mike's series of videos here - I've found those the best to get started with
  16. JoeGBradford

    Gone again!

    Thanks for letting us know! Hope all goes well. Take care and we'll see you when we see you!
  17. That's interesting. My APro 800 keyboard works with CbB but Midi Learn seems to have stopped working on knobs and sliders. Haven't had time to fully investigate yet but if you are having similar problems I was wondering if anything in the latest updates of CbB could have affected this - seems unlikely though. I haven't tried in Reason or Live yet so don't know if it's a problem exclusive to CbB
  18. I'm holding off until I'm forced to install. Heard too many complaints about it. It doesn't seem to offer anything I actually need so hopefully any bugs will be ironed out by the time I have to update
  19. Yeah I didn't get a notification either just remembered that the new version appeared to sort people out last time so went to the website
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