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  1. Downloaded Reaper. Problem disappears. Not sure what CW is doing to goof these up. I'd rather not learn a whole new DAW but the ease of MIDI clip handling was beautiful. It's got me thinking!
  2. Sonokinetic and Instruments stop sounding after recording MIDI. Both Cappricio and Indie. They respond to MIDI but no sound. Purging does not help. Reloading restores them but they stop responding again. My system Win7 DAW Cakewalk. No problems with other Kontakt instruments. Scaler also goes dead after any MIDI Recording or movement. Sonokinetic support said this "It sounds like your DAW is applying automation to the library. Have you tried the libraries in standalone mode outside of your DAW to see if you still get the same issue?" I tried this and Both work fine in Kontakt as a stand alone. I've tried just about anything I can think of. Changed settings, etc. Nothing Any suggestions?
  3. As I figured, I would lose all my passwords and tons of other info and settings to upgrade on this system. I will have to build a new one and slowly port over everything. The old computer will make a fine office computer anyway. Thanks for the input everyone!
  4. I figured I would have to do a whole new build and slowly port over my stuff. You're saying an upgrade would be that simple? Truth be told I never look at upgrade techniques except every 5 years or so. It's been 8 with this system
  5. Inserting Nectar as a track effect does not work well. Effects stutter, and sometimes simply won't work. I've had to use it as a Bus effect only. It happily lives there. I am win 7 with an i7 and 16 gig of ram. Not even close to pushing either the ram or the chip, so that's not the problem. I also tried to insert neutron as a clip effect. That crashed CW as it loaded an endless loop of Neutron iterations. Fortunately I was just experimenting and didn't blow up anything critical
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