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  1. ID44 isnt' easy to configure for reamping and loopback. When it's set and starts working I tend to forget how it was done. I wish they had user presets, like Focusrite interfaces do.
  2. I have ID44 and was able to use it for reamping. You surely do. Try this first and let us know if it helps. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/low-end-theory/1267458-reamp-audient-id44.html
  3. Noramlly, since it's a Debian based distribution, running "sudo apt install package_name" is the main approach, if the required program or utility exists in the repository. Depending on the package, you may need to use other installation methods, described somewhere in READMEs and/or HOWTOs. But AVLinux used to have a utility to install software provided and supported by distro developers. Not sure if it's still there.
  4. Linux is great for software development. I also use it for my University studies, online classes and web-surfing. For audio recording or video making even remotely close to professional quality one should use Windows or MacOS based machines. Linux audio production, while not completely impossible, is a major PITA. I gave up on this many years ago.
  5. Sunshine looks good, functionally, but I really can't stand looking at it, either.
  6. Currently I use Linux platform way more frequently, than Windows 10 and all the awesome audio stuff I've paid for. Once in a while I need to quickly sketch my musical ideas or edit audio. Waveform just makes my life easier. I don't fancy running a full-blown audio production on Linux. Not anymore.
  7. Plays back demo project on my Ubuntu machine using ALSA driver without glitches, dropouts. I'm impressed.
  8. Pardon my ignorance and thanks for proving me wrong. I've heard it through the grapevine, that plugins from other developers surpass SSL's own version. But that's merely a more or less common opinion. I was hoping to read first hand experience shared by users owning both SSL plugins and at least one of the competing products. Sorry for disturbance.
  9. Let's see. I have this combo in following flavors: Cakewalk ProChannel modules; Nomad ASR; T-Racks 5; Waves SSL and CLA MixHub; Plugin alliance SSL ; maybe some other versions I don't keep in mind. I doubt these "late-to-the-party" products from the original hardware manufacturer can be a game changer. I might be wrong. Any good reason to add them to the collection?
  10. Hey Pete, thanks for chiming in! That's what I feel about this instrument, too. Sounds somewhat artificial and liveliness, normally associated with guitar performance, is not there. Also, it seems like there are no key-switches to play arpeggios or control articulations.
  11. To buy or not to buy? With $25 voucher it will cost me only $14. Is it better than popular Kontakt guitar libraries, like Impakt Sounworks or similar?
  12. Just installed it but so far can't tell if there is any audible difference. No fancy UI improvements, still ugly and confusing. I miss Cab presets feature form previous versions (not sure if it was still present in TH-3).
  13. I'll wait till it sells for $12. Or $8. Or free.
  14. Everything is possible, even the impossible. Well, seriously, it feels like playing a word association game with a sane and well-educated person who pretends to be dyslexic and schizophrenic. Annoying!
  15. That's absolutely clear. All other manufacturers have been doings this for decades. But somehow they all manage to come up with OK to nice substitutions and none of them sell their products with fried jerries inside.
  16. Although I don't mind TH-U GUI not being eye-candy, their naming convention (Rand Sanat, Ornage, etc) bugs me big time. Why on Earth they decided to match the ugliness of the interface and not the beauty of the tone? Such titles hurt my eyes and ears. Maybe that's why I buy rigs like Brit 2000 and avoid messing with Fried Jerries, whatever that means.
  17. I cherish a dream, that one fine day Cakewalk team will be able to implement a fancy score editor. They even don't need to start from the clean slate. There is abandon-ware like MagicScore Maestro or free (as in both speech and beer) LilyPond. I'm a big fan of CbB, not ready to jump ship and start using another DAW. I do hope the bakers will find a way improve the Staff View or even adapt existing code from aforementioned software.
  18. Looks like you need to take your amps apart and solder loose wires back in place. Blasphemy! There ain't no perfect tone. Don't even try looking for it, use what you've got!
  19. I love Amplitube's GUI, but my ears love TH-U. Can't help it.
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