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  1. Still no support to this feature request? Only got replies from people who misunderstood. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I guess Track Template File thing made a confusion. When I requested that I thought it would be simple to develop. Because Track Template files already comes with the synth information And now we have Standard MIDI File Export. And adding a MIDI data to an existing file is not a big deal. All we need is to combine them. In general, copying and pasting Instrument Tracks have problems as you know. We need a proper copy and paste Instrument Tracks with MIDIs between projects. Also we need a proper drag&drop without loss of synth information for all Cakewalk files.
  3. And please read the topic carefully before the reply. If something you don't get it you can ask me.
  4. You can't copy&paste tracks to another project or drag&drop Project Template file from the Browser with the Softsynth information. Think that you have some instruments in your Project Template file. And there are some MIDI CC Data at the first measure. Then you need to use some of them on a different project. When this feature will exist, you will be able to save your Synth and MIDI information into the file. And loading them will be easy with drag & drop from the Browser or from the Track Template menu which way you like.
  5. It seems that no one get that. By this way you can drag & drop Cakewalk files without problem to the Cakewalk.
  6. Today I've used freehand tool. New features are great, I really appreciate as you know. But we still need bezier curves for better control in automation. I've just wanted to remind that.
  7. I liked that sound and want to keep it for the future use. I'm not going to use same bass sound for every project ๐Ÿ˜„ Project Files don't keep the Softsynth information in the import or copy/paste action. But Track Templates have that. So I suggested that file format. Also, just because it's a template doesn't mean it should be empty. Templates are for to allow for the repetition of information.
  8. Track Template files are good to keep your tracks with the softsynth information to use in the future. But when you want to save some MIDI information with them, it is not possible for now. There should be an option to save a Track Template with the MIDI Data. Today I created a bassline. I thought that it would be cool to use it on a project, and I decided to save it then I thought: Saving a MIDI file means you can't keep the sound. Saving a WAV file means you can't keep the note. Saving a CWP file means you can't insert it on a different project with the softsynth information. Saving a CWT file means you can't insert it on a different project with the softsynth information. Saving a CWX file means you can't keep the note but you can keep the softsynth information. Saving MIDI & CWX files separately seems the only workaround for now. But it's not a good solution. When you add an option to save MIDI Data into the Track Template files, we can use these files as library files and drag&drop them to the project easily when we need to use. Also, on some tracks, we need the MIDI information for loading some MIDI CC at the beginning of the track to use them properly. So we need an option to keep MIDI Data in the Track Template Files by any means. This is the demonstration of what we need, we don't have this feature right now: 9B5268A8-903F-434F-A3CF-20758C09C242.mp4 Where we will be using this feature? When you want to transfer your tracks to another project. When you want to keep your MIDI CC modifications with the Track Template file. When you want to keep your ideas (melodies, chord progressions, basslines, rhythms) with a specific sound (Synth Information) as a library file for future use.
  9. Thank you very much for the update! Especially for Insert committed arrangement at the Now Time feature. ๐Ÿ˜Š And Create new arrangement based on existing arrangement feature is great. Also I've noticed properly aligned tempos view in the Tempo Track, perfect. And the new menus fonts look much clear. And we finally have: Duplicate Selected Clip(s) as Linked Clips. No. I'm not going to write every one of them because it's a lot! ๐Ÿ˜„ Thanks!
  10. I've made a research, found that beginning of a sound is called Onset. So, we need the proper Onset detection in the Cakewalk. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  11. So, we are not calling them "Transients". "Sound starts" seems OK. With a proper algorithm, we can navigate in that kind of situation which we need.
  12. I want to elaborate on this. I use multiple arranger tracks for several reasons but in general, I use them in two ways. The first one is I use them when I want to see fewer sections in the Sections section. I use it like this: Losing other Arranger Tracks after commiting an arrangement is no problem with this one. The second one is I use them for micro arrangements under an existing arrangement like this: In this situation when I use the Commit Arrangement to Project command, I'll lose every micro arrangement section, this is the problem. So, we won't lose our micro arrangements if a rule is added to the Commit Arrangement to Project command like: If there is another arrangement under a section, keep that Arranger Track. By the way, I gave those micro arrangements as an example, of course it can be any section on a different Arranger Track in the same time area with an existing section.
  13. Agreed. When I use the command "AudioSnap Go to next Transient Marker", sometimes it works without problem like this: It is not perfect but it works. But sometimes it is not working as you see below:
  14. That's why we are asking for. Yeah. I had this too. I hope we don't have to repeat this one anymore. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  15. It's the same as Set Timecode At Now command but for measures. Glad to help. I hope we'll able to do it with the Cakewalk sometime soon. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  16. I think the same way. It could be customizable. Also we should be able to have negative bars. Cubase have that. But it's changing from the Project Setup. It should be simple as one command connected to the Now Time. I mean let's say your Now Time Indicator is at measure 4. You apply the command "Set Measure Beginning at Now Time" then measure 4 becomes 1, measure 3 becomes 0 , and measure 2 becomes -1. Just like that.
  17. Keeping Multiple Arranger Tracks after the Commit Arrangement to Project command. Definitely.
  18. I thought I just have to say something about this. Some people like Olaf, thinks that Cakewalk is like 2 years ago. I understand him, in a way. He made that request bulk 2 years ago and he didn't even noticed some features became available in this period. Things have changed. Nowadays we are getting very important updates with every release and I'm gladly seeing that our requests become true with an update. With hoping this one too. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  19. It worked @Olaf because you did the right thing for this time. You didn't requested 85 things in a YouTube post. This is what I'm talking about. You have a potential. Use it right way.
  20. @OlafThere is no problem about having a feature list. I had one too. It's about hierarchy. Think that you keep your files in separate folders in the computer. Same thing. We didn't tell you to create 85 different topic. Group them, prioritize them, research previous topics, support them if you want just like you did here. No one has to read your topic till the end. But everyone reads titles here. Even if you create 85 different topic, everyone will read the titles and eventually some of them will get attention some of them will not. If they don't get attention no problem, this doesn't mean your idea is bad. Maybe people didn't get it. Try to explain it. I mean if you want to help Cakewalk's development, this way is the right one. You are great about creating ideas. Now make it work.
  21. Thank you @Olaf. I used After Effects for this, but you can also make it with any animation software. I share the same thoughts with @Teegarden Intuitively we should open EQ Panel by double clicking to the graph and one click (not double click) to the graph to close the opened EQ Panel. For the present one clicking to elsewhere on the GUI but the EQ Graph closes the opened EQ Panel.
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