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  1. murat k.


    Custom Default CC's can be assigned there. Up to 8 knobs maybe.
  2. If something's not obeying Quick Group rules. Try it with Ctrl+Shift instead of using with only Ctrl. Then it should be "bug reported."
  3. If you need longer fader for precise control, use Shift key while using any fader.
  4. Matthew I understand you. And thanks to everyone who tried to help. And the real help will be supporting this idea because it's better than workarounds.
  5. Thanks for the information Steve. It is not working every time as you see.
  6. This function can be toggled like the Note Snap. Sometimes you may want to disable it.
  7. While you dragging the nodes and when they close to each other, the dragging one will automatically snap to steady one. OMG. I can't believe that I had to explain it that much.
  8. What happens when you request something useful and people come with unrelated responses?
  9. "Snap to Nodes" is the Title. So how is this possible that people can't get it. This is the thing that I can't get.
  10. This is the problem. You should've get it at first glance.
  11. I am talking about snapping nodes to each other. See?
  12. We need Snap feature for Automation Nodes.
  13. So what does Alt+5 do when you press on the keyboard?
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