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  1. Thank you for supporting the idea. Initially, I thought the problem could be solved through a general setting like in other software programs. However, considering that Cakewalk already has a feature like MIDI Input Preset, it occurred to me that developers could achieve the desired outcome with minimal effort by adding a preference like the one in the image, without the need for any new menu. Other than that, what developers would need to do is simply add a procedure of applying the default MIDI Input preset to the track creation operation. If this feature were added, it would permanently resolve an issue we encounter in projects where we need routing between tracks. However the main question here, I suppose, is whether such a feature will be added to the final version of Cakewalk by BandLab. As we know that from the statements the latest CbB version will be released not to introduce new features but to give the software a final form with bug fixes. Before learning this, I thought that, like in other DAWs, there would be an updated but limited version offered for free. Perhaps the company may consider such an option in the future. However, even if such an alternative exists, we cannot guarantee that MIDI Input Presets will be included in the free version of Cakewalk Sonar, as in the past, MIDI Input Presets were not supported in SONAR Home Studio, which was a lower-tier but paid version compared to Cakewalk SONAR. Of course, the company may consider it more appropriate to include such a feature in the paid version, after this point, it's entirely up to them.
  2. Or a Default MIDI Input Preset would work as well. Also with this method, we can achieve the desired result with minimal intervention in the software's interface.
  3. When we add a synth, the default input comes as "None." If the "Enable MIDI Output" option is checked in any existing synth within the project, the "Always Echo Current MIDI Track" feature starts to become problematic because having "None" as the input means "Omni" for all inputs at the same time. However, generally we use one input tool that we use for each track. Currently, Cakewalk users have two options that they have to repeat every time: either keep the "Always Echo Current MIDI" option disabled and enable the "Input Echo" option for each instrument they play or change the input value for the default input they use for every newly added instrument. As a workaround, we could consider using "Project or Track Templates," but what would we do when we want to add a new instrument to an existing template? Perhaps, to avoid this, we might have to create separate single-track templates for each instrument, which can be cumbersome. To solve this issue selecting the default input option from the Preferences can eliminate the need to make such a setting for every instrument we add. This is not a new topic; it has been discussed multiple times before: Having such a feature in the final version of Cakewalk by Bandlab would resolve one of the important issues with MIDI routing in Cakewalk.
  4. It seems you have a faulty keyboard binding registry. Just save your keyboard binding in a file and delete all lines in the file which contains: Kx00530B Then load that keyboard binding file. There is a keyboard binding bug in the Cakewalk for years, I hope developers will fix it in the final CbBversion.
  5. It seems that some people still looking for an information. Autodesk Revit has a Public roadmap as an example if you looking for one. If you are looking for a DAW about more feature and user count look for Steinberg Cubase.
  6. I guess the problem here are people are afraiding about losing their hopes on the features they want. And maybe the company is afraiding to lose their users when they share a not promising roadmap. If there is nothing hopeful, it is logical that they should not share it. There is no other reasonable explanation. But given what the company has done over the past few years, it looks promising. And sharing the roadmap will be to their advantage.
  7. I understand you. You're worried that we will lose hope. I recommend you not to think like that. Yes I agree with you about the Staff View's development situation but did you see that post? Glenn gave us an idea about implementing the Musescore to the Cakewalk. Implementing a fully functional Music Notation software is easier than making it. So maybe developers consider our thought and contact with them then make a collaboration.
  8. Nope. I will not answer the question that I am accused of the things that I didn't say, it's inappropriate like the intentionally deleted post contains before. If you are still interested in the answers, they're just simple information that is not open to any discussion and can easily be found by research on the internet.
  9. This is not a place for personal arguments. Lets keep the talk in the concept. If anyone needs personal talk can send a PM anytime. This is the right thing to do for the forums peace.
  10. It seems that the message sent to the right place 🙂
  11. And I appreciate every interaction, we just don't have to think the same way, another way it wouldn't be a discussion.
  12. Nope. The sharing of the roadmap will increase the BandLab's reliability. People will see the product is how going forward. I guess we all like it. Just we want it to be better and don't lag behind of the others. I never accused or insulted anyone even if I get one from other people. In the past the threads I talked are locked because of other peoples inappropriate behaviors.
  13. It doesn't have to be DAW-specific, there are softwares that already have a Public Roadmap and it doesn't make any trouble. The crazy thing it that you as a user against the idea that will be good for us, and please do not talk on behalf of the Cakewalk Staff if there is a reasonable explanation they can share it here as I stated earlier. It has nothing to do with the competition. Even if it's related with it, sorry but Cakewalk is way behind it both feature and user count based. Roadmap will allow us to see when it will come at their level at least about the features. And if you're having fun with lovely surprizes, you just don't lovely look at the list.
  14. No. They'll still work in peace, they already have a roadmap only we just don't see it.
  15. Or if there is a reasonable explanation for the roadmap is not publicly shared that also can be explained in here by Cakewalk Staff.
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