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  1. I realized that I missed out your idea. Yes, if it was possible ARA like mechanism for MIDI to Muse Score would be awesome. with dark settings for sure 🙂
  2. You need more light in your screen if your environment is bright, and this is not related to the dark or bright theme. Because the screens of today needs more backlight in a bright environment only if you don't use a screen which use e-ink. But yes, white screen is bearable in the daytime compared to the night but still it is not good for eyes. And coming to the topic, the Staff View, having a dark theme in the Staff View will make it usable anytime of the day regardless of the enviroment light you have.
  3. You say it without knowing it actually. White screen and sun is almost the same thing for eyes. When the retina’s light-sensing cells become over-stimulated from looking at a bright light, they release massive amounts of signaling chemicals, injuring the back of the eye as a result. I'm just stating what I know.
  4. I agree with the idea of seeing and editing Articulation Maps in Track View. It will be helpful to see multiple things at once. Similar request for the Staff View :
  5. Thanks for the information. If Studio One is doing the thing with the same way with the Cakewalk it doesn't seem helping the issue. It needs to be dynamically creating staff when you add notes as I stated earlier. Dark Theme is a needed feature. With the white screen my eyes are bleeding. You can do a photon ray bombardment your eyes anytime by the way. And as I stated earlier this topic is about improving the Staff View, PRV is out of topic. And he also mentioned that he doesn't want to have to use another software.
  6. It seems that some other DAWs already found a way to deal with the issue. This image is from Studio One: Also it has a Dark Theme which is good for eye health: The DAWs of today are not focusing a specific task. They are leading a way to do many things together. And I don't want Cakewalk to lag behind that.
  7. Cakewalk is getting better with every update. There are couple of major things left to implement. Integrated Sampler is one of them. Talking about it without knowing it's development situation is not helping, so we need a declaration from the Bakers.
  8. Yeah you are right about that. But he used "plugin" word for other stuff. So you can get it from there. Also VST advice came after my post which made the request obvious. And this is a general advice for forum users:
  9. No. When someone requests for a "built-in sampler "and you came up with "use a plug-in sampler" this is the most inappropriate thing to do in a feature request topic. Also when the word "built-in" is used in front of the word "sampler", means there is also a "plug-in" version of it. So there is no need to be a wise person to get it. Instead of advising by considering that the person who asks for something doesn't know anything, reading the OP carefully and comprehending the situation of the asker and the asked thing, then keeping things in a concept will help you to help people better.
  10. I'm sure that everyone knows about it so it's funny that you think it wasn't thought. No. You will not opt to use a VST for that because it is not an option. You have to. But after the implementation, yes you can opt to use a VST for that.
  11. Yes, I shared links because I wanted to point out that it's one of the most anticipated features. Once it's implemented, I think it will be a big step forward among the other DAWs. And I also remind you that BandLab has a huge sample library but it's not directly usable in the Cakewalk. So when they implement the Built-in Sampler, making it available with the BandLab Online Sample Service will be also a great approach.
  12. And this the looping feedback for the Feedback Loop:
  13. I prefer not using Inline PRV because of this: PRV has no issues, we need the same note drawing standard in Inline PRV.
  14. No it is not like that and I already found what causes this error and told the solution: Another way to fix this error can be temporarily disabling MIDI send while track changing. It can work however it will not fix it from the core.
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