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  1. 😀 It was not a change actually, I expanded it to be more comprehensible with additional information. Original version can be seen in the page. But yes, I changed the Title for the same purpose. First title was my solution to this problem. Then I changed it with the problem, not solution. And I would like to say thank you because your disagreement gave a life to this topic. This is way more better then misunderstanding. 😊
  2. I'm still sure that you'll want it after the implementation. You doubt it because it's not implemented still. As far as I know Cubase, Logic Pro and MOTU Digital Performer has this feature. And there may be many other DAWs comes with it. And I heard that using of this feature from the best composers like Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer. And I'm happy to see that developers like Mark is not happy with the import feature in the Cakewalk as you see in this topic:
  3. I'm sure that you'll want that after the implementation. Because this is innovation.
  4. Where we will be using this feature? When you want to transfer your tracks to another project. When you want to keep your MIDI CC modifications with the Track Template file. When you want to keep your ideas (melodies, chord progressions, basslines, rhythms) with a specific sound (Synth Information) as a library file for future use. After all these explanations and video clips, I hope you get it for this time. If you don't get it, you'll get it when you need.
  5. Now we have this: BC4F4565-8E78-4E62-BB1B-FC90B3402AD2.MP4 And I'm asking for this: 9B5268A8-903F-434F-A3CF-20758C09C242.mp4
  6. Still no support to this feature request? Only got replies from people who misunderstood. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I guess Track Template File thing made a confusion. When I requested that I thought it would be simple to develop. Because Track Template files already comes with the synth information And now we have Standard MIDI File Export. And adding a MIDI data to an existing file is not a big deal. All we need is to combine them. In general, copying and pasting Instrument Tracks have problems as you know. We need a proper copy and paste Instrument Tracks with MIDIs between projects. Also we need a proper drag&drop without loss of synth information for all Cakewalk files.
  8. And please read the topic carefully before the reply. If something you don't get it you can ask me.
  9. Simply this: 9B5268A8-903F-434F-A3CF-20758C09C242.mp4
  10. You can't copy&paste tracks to another project or drag&drop Project Template file from the Browser with the Softsynth information. Think that you have some instruments in your Project Template file. And there are some MIDI CC Data at the first measure. Then you need to use some of them on a different project. When this feature will exist, you will be able to save your Synth and MIDI information into the file. And loading them will be easy with drag & drop from the Browser or from the Track Template menu which way you like.
  11. It seems that no one get that. By this way you can drag & drop Cakewalk files without problem to the Cakewalk.
  12. Today I've used freehand tool. New features are great, I really appreciate as you know. But we still need bezier curves for better control in automation. I've just wanted to remind that.
  13. I liked that sound and want to keep it for the future use. I'm not going to use same bass sound for every project 😄 Project Files don't keep the Softsynth information in the import or copy/paste action. But Track Templates have that. So I suggested that file format. Also, just because it's a template doesn't mean it should be empty. Templates are for to allow for the repetition of information.
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