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  1. As I said to you as personal, you are discouraging people who is trying to help. I will dislike all your posts like this from now on. Watch your behavior.
  2. Yeah, Matrix View is a very useful tool and it will be greater with the improvements like that.
  3. That was a great tip @solarlux. I didn't know that. I think I will use it frequently. Request 15 had a different intention, but I took something new different from you. Thank you.
  4. Will, I just wanted to thank to the developers. And I am really glad for you. If I make you feel that I am offended I am sorry.
  5. Thank you developers for the Cakewalk 2021.01 update. I saw two of my requests released with this update. 19 ) Stereo/Mono and Phasing controls on Instrument Tracks. 21 ) Storing Synth assignment information for Drum Maps in Track Templates. Also thank you for the other improvements, especially "Arranger section inclusion of outlying MIDI notes" and adding four new buttons to the Control Bar's Select Module.
  6. I think Track Properties Section is waiting for this feature expectantly. Just like in this image:
  7. Yeah absolutely, and if it's possible showing and editing the Audio Track with the Audio Transient Markers, when the Audio Track is active on the Track List Pane.
  8. I thought it was like seeing audio clips with notes in PRV by selecting multiple tracks from the track list pane like that:
  9. There is no way to show waveform with notes in the Cakewalk. I wasn't aware of that feature in FL Studio. It looks cool and useful. I hope developers will add that kind of thing to the Cakewalk.
  10. It is not a Joke @Keni. It is a joy!
  11. You are not missing something @KeniYou are winning something new! Use Cakefolk™ for the Cakewalk and feel the difference!
  12. I recommend you to use Cakefolk™. Use the Right Click Selection on the Time Ruler with it.
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