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  1. I'm having a problem with the theme. In the Cakewalk Theme Editor I discoloured all plugin icons. But in the Cakewalk side they seem all coloured in the Plug-in Browser. Actually this issue is not new. I was having this issue for a long time, older themes was working without problem. I mean icons are seeing in grayscale with the old custom themes. However, this became a problem as the new version no longer supports the old themes. These images belongs to the Tungsten theme but I tried it with the Mercury Theme too. The result is the same, the changes made in the Theme Editor to the icons are not seeing on the Cakewalk side.
  2. Where is the good old Tempo View? I'm looking for hours still I couldn't find it! I'm just kiddin. Thank you guys, thank you very much. 😊
  3. Or you can bring the Soft Synth menu with Left Shift + Middle Click with the Cakefolk for the Cakewalk 1.4.1. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/24021-cakefolk-for-the-cakewalk-v141/ People coming from the Cakewalk Community will have a special discount privilege. I am working on a subscription system independent from the Patreon. You can also get a community discount right now by supporting Cakefolk from Patreon. Also more features are coming on the new release. If you have any questions or feature requests @Starship Krupa feel free to message me.😉
  4. Thank you for the question @User 905133. I was wanting to elaborate the subject. Let me give you an example. Let's say I am not happy with the navigation in the Cakewalk compared to the other DAWs. Then I create a topic and request a feature for panning with middle button in the Cakewalk. When someone came with an argument like, no it is not necessary, there is a scrollbar, and you can also navigate from the time ruler etc. This is defending an existing thing and will never help to the Cakewalk development. By the way I've made panning with the Middle Mouse Button with the Cakefolk already. 😊
  5. Guys, we all here to help for the development of the Cakewalk in the Feedback Loop. Defending existing things is not about development. And I believe Cakewalk users deserves better than workarounds. Also we need multi column feature for the context menus everywhere in the Cakewalk. Some plugins have a lot of Audio Output, we need multi columned visibility also there. Even if we use a different path for the Drum Maps, this is not solving the issue, only my Battery 4 Drum Maps exceeds the visible list. When we get multi columned visibility it will be everywhere at the same time in the Cakewalk. I mean when developers add that feature to the Cakewalk, they'll able to implement it everywhere. So automatically we will also show Plugin Menus with multi columned state. And please, be kind to each other. We make music.
  6. Right but WASAPI Exclusive mode is Exclusive, you cannot play audio from different sources when the Cakewalk is running. But if I had a sound card with multi input, I'd connect a different sound device and hear the audio from all sources with WASAPI Exclusive mode with the Cakewalk. With my device setup, I mean no multi input, that FL Studio ASIO way works much better.
  7. By the way I thought I should share this, after this all talk we did, I decided to use WASAPI Shared from now on. I changed the setup on my computer. But my god that 10ms is not short enough. Because I remembered that I use FL Studio ASIO with 5ms latency all the time. And if you got used to 5ms latency, 10ms feels very long. So, still I say FL Studio ASIO works best with the Cakewalk. There are great ASIO drivers out there, but it's power is you can play audio from any application when the Cakewalk is running. Also you can change the Audio device easily as well when you choose Default Audio Device from the ASIO settings.
  8. Definitely. After this talk I checked it again. The long latency only happens on the external sound card. Now I am trying it on the onboard Audio Device, It says the same latency, but the latency is not the same. It is very short. Edit: I changed and rechanged the driver mode. Now I see the real latency.
  9. Mine says 85.3 msec with WASAPI Shared and it sounds very late to me. And the Exclusive one is not working at all. Again I say, I have never get trouble with FL Studio ASIO. It is ASIO but ASIO with no problem 😄
  10. Unfortunately yes. Sometimes I try it to see whether if it is working or not 😄 There are good infos on the channel by the way @John Vere https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIImmMf5qdvYsgRLQvlZlFA I subscribed. 😊
  11. Audio quality is related to the recording device when you are recording the sound. What you hear is related to the playback devices. It is nothing about the Cakewalk. It is the playback device you picked for Default Device from the Windows Sound Settings. I should add that: The only thing is related to the Cakewalk is when you are choosing the Driver from the Driver Settings in the Preferences menu. But the logic is the same. Only the playback and the record driver has an affect on the sound.
  12. I use FL Studio ASIO Driver with onboard chips on my laptop. It works great with the Cakewalk. There is no different profiles for Audio devices in the Cakewalk but if you choose Default Audio driver with the FL Studio ASIO Driver, when you change your Audio Device from the Windows Sound Settings, it will change automatically without opening it from the Preferences menu. It is easier to change the Audio Playback/Recording Device with a single click with the Cakefolk™ for the Cakewalk with your Numpad keys up to 6 different audio playback and recording device.
  13. I used it once but actually I liked my Mastering better 😄 BandLab has that kind of thing and it's free. Check it out: https://www.bandlab.com/mastering
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