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  1. I feel ya man, most active users here are die hards who majority probably had paid subscriptions or have been using CW since early 2000's like myself. It's easy to ruffle feathers of those who have gotten comfortable with how things stand as the really tech saavy users will always have some ability to mitigate any bugs, for which they know how to smooth out kinks on their own. So they become detached from the reality of average users experience that want a product that they can rely on. So when someone comes in and reveals these very real issues and you express your frustrations, those who are able to work around and just deep into a relationship w/cw that they cant see the flaws anymore, they take offense to anyone who go around sounding like theyre calling someone's GF/BF ugly and undesireable. it's not you, and the only way things ever improve is by hearing the issues everyone encounters. Or at least to get an answer and move on, whichever has your personal best interests in favor. Sorry you're having such a negative experience! -zero
  2. Look at me being xtra and unnecessary quoting the whole 4k sized video 😂 😂😂😂 I am on a role tonight I tell ya! Just wanted to give thanks to your demonstration of (advanced) live drum editing which happens to be one of the features that SONAR 7 (Roland Corp.) offered which then made S7 the DAW to beat in 2007. Audiosnap was a heaven sent feature at that time in my life when my bands drummer had an ATV accident while on tour, being serious enough that we had to hire various drummers who were willing to fill in and endure the small scale tour life (sleeping 5 in a passenger van aka get use to cuddling your bandmates when stuck in a blizzard 😣) So of course new songs had to be demo'd and having so many drummers vary in their qualities suited for our style, had we not had Audiosnap to clean up all of the rush takes, sloppy performances due to lack of scheduling for rehearsals, and just taking anyone willing to pretend to be a drummer, was just about fine as long as I could mop it all up in Cakewalk! Worked like a charm! Worked like Cinderella on her step mothers marble floors!
  3. So why don't you use your clout and tell BandLab that they can't have any of that new MIDI 2.0 pie unless they get behind the world's most active and prolific user/creator/promoter/supporter/writer/author AND publisher of the Cakewalk brand and products, of all time?? I do take note that the new owners are not marketing nor maintaining relationships with all of the big time industry plug in manufacturers which has resulted in these companies to no longer testing their products in Cakewalk. Just a year ago, Cakewalk was listed as a compatible platform on all of the major league plug in developers and as of today, only 2 have tested compatibility or at least kept listing as so. This is unfortunate and it's a bad sign really. Thanks for all of your contributions to the Cakewalk brand and helping to bring to us lifelong diehards of 15-20 years, the added value of the knowledge and expertise you worked hard and passionately to provide. You've made music as a whole just that much better!
  4. Well, as we say down here in the south is "you cant squeeze blood out of a turnip" Basically what you are encountering is a fail safe that prevents the damaging audio gear and monitoring systems because what you are doing is creating a double feedback loop that cannot be controlled once its cycled out exponentially. A blank project is giving you the reigns of designing your ins and outs but when in a projectthat has defined I/Os, the paths are restricted to their proper signal flow. If I witnessed this type of routing going on, id be shutti ng down all of my external components immediately because it doesnt take very much experimentation to destroy preamps in a $2-3k interface.
  5. Ok, so what you are really saying is that Macs are better? ....or nah? Because it kinda seems like that is what you are saying or perhaps, hinting too in a way.... As we folks down yonder in the south would say to ya is..."you cant squeeze blood out of a turnip!" Glad I could be of good assistance for ya'll today, be sure to catch my new video revealing how I integrated a Cummins diesal engine into an ACER Pentium Quad Core desktop I bought at Sam's Club. Make no mistake harnessing the power of a Cummins diesel to get you through your next studio project!!
  6. When the ProChannel EQ was designed (and the ProCh entirely) Cakewalk was owned by Roland who invested hard to compete with pro tier DAW's by releasing the SONAR X series. So the ProChannel concept was very much ahead of the game in the move to bring back the fun and quality of analog consoles and outboard processing, so what you actually HEAR from the ProCh EQ is very similar to a console EQ. If you take notice of the ProCh Console emulator modules, they represent 3 analog consoles that compliment and even enhance the ProCh EQ. This is done when you select the corresponding EQ type inside of the EQ plot window. You can literally have every channel setup with the EQ+Compressor+Console modules to harness the characteristics of the actual analog boards that they are modeled after. The only other DAW that I know of that comes with a "built in" analog console channel is Reason, who models after the SSL-9000. .....But Cakewalk has THREE console models to apply, muwahahaha! (btw, SONAR Platinum - now Cakewalk by BandLab, use to sell for $499 retail 10 years ago so the ProCh aint no joke, bruh!) 😄
  7. I don't recogn' I've ever had multiple plug in windows active simultaneously while minimized. It's quite difficult to locate minimized windows (imo) when working. Are you familiar with the "Recycle Plug In" option in the Preference>VST setting? This will use the same recurring plug in window if you only need to work with one plug in at a time, meaning it allows for only one instance of a plug ins window to be opened, but will change out for whichever plug in you chose to work with. It's pretty great for quickly moving through plug ins without the need for minimizing or exiting out. So, in most cases working through plug in interfaces, I use multiple opened plugin windows only to compare settings when utilizing a dual mono/stereo process method (I probably made it up and is a waste of time?...) using channel strip emulators but gladly rid of them once set..... I love the feeling of moving on to the next situation! Needing access to the plugin interface is instant when launching it by clicking the plug in, wherever it is inserted. This method should also improve performance unless you are on an older machine using new 3rd party plug ins that take time to reveal themselves (I have an older laptop for useless conveniences that takes 30-45 secs to load the Waves SC Omni Channel...I should probably use your method of just minimizing its window lol) ....I'm a bit verbose, yet I do not know why.
  8. The ProChannel is a bit novelty at this point considering it's nothing more than an Fx bin but, that is no longer supported by the 3rd party vendors since the acquisition. These vendors now offer those plug ins freely as inserts but for anyone who has the module versions find themselves having to chose between the updated insert and the outdated module. However, there is the Fx Chain module which allows one to design their own fully automated GUI module for any plug in and chain which for me is pretty brilliant and the greatest function of the Fx module, along with the console & dynamics emulation processing. The EQ is good for console like processing but it is fussy and a distraction in many cases. So much potential for PC and considering how often it is advertised as a feature worthy of one's attention and praise, it is by now a unnecessary feature without any 3rd party vendor support. i am very much open for any corrections on any misunderstandings I may have on the matter!
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