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  1. Rapture Session replaced CSC for me back in 2016 since RS integrated the sound library from CSC. CSC is only 32 bit and the sounds are very much dated and sound like the worst part of the 90s digital audio sounds, IMO. But now i've retired Rapture Session and just solely rely on Reason Studios "Reason Rack" plug in for instruments, and even the included "Reason Rack Effects" plug in that lets you use their native SSL channel and compressor. Reason 11 comes with Softube bass and guitar amp emulation, tons of drum kits, orchestrator samplers.....I literally no longer need a bunch of VSTi plug ins as the Reason Rack provides an entire suite of instruments and they SOUND INCREDIBLE! I do enjoy the Cakewalk Bass VSTi and the Strings because they sound fine for MIDI composing and have the drag and drop MIDI songwriting loop aides. I think the Session Drummer 3 and the Drums VST are terrible sounding things using sound fonts but are good tools if you can spend the time to gut out all of those awful samples they come with from the 90s! How does samples from the 70s and 80s sound just wonderful but the 90s sounds like a prozac commercial? Its hideous!
  2. It’s almost as if you’ve been thumbing through our music collection! Rush is a cool comparison, I can hear familiarity to their earliest albums. We do get a great deal of Cheap Trick comparisons but that’s pretty much expected, considering Will grew up with the bands kids living in Rockford. Influences from Midwestern rock such as Cheap Trick, Fastball, Fountains of Wayne seemed to come through more on this EP. Thanks again!
  3. I've got ear and mental fatigue on this songs mix and all the parts so im tossing it out into the wilderness for a bit....all in hopes to return in a day or two. might as well do the same for this one
  4. @Arjen Fortuin select the track that you will be using as the “tempo guide” and drag & drop the entire clip track onto the time ruler. This will create a global tempo map that all the tracks will follow. Note: for tracks to follow the new tempo map, they must be in “Musical” time and not “Absolute” time
  5. +1 - This is my method To add to that, use the Track Manager to select all archived tracks and uncheck them (hide them from view). In Console view under -Strips- deselect archived to hide them from view. Or Insert all archived tracks in a Track Folder if prefer having immediate access to them. Archiving original unprocessed tracks is a major peace of mind
  6. Wow it's gettin' kinda kinky in here!
  7. @Mekkis95 From what I understand and have experienced using the provided TH2 is that uninstalling TH2 will allow Cakewalk to update any instance of TH2 in a project to TH3. I noticed this when opening FX Chain Modules that had TH2 were automatically replaced by TH3 and my settings were still intact. I suggest saving all of your settings as presets within TH2 as a precaution but as good housekeeping in general, so that way if the substitution of the plugin doesn't translate so neatly, at least the presets will be recalled or will be available. Perhaps there is some way to reactivate the cab that I am not privvy too
  8. You mean for your ProChannel? Are you looking for a T-Shirt preset? There is S-Type, N-Type, A-Type. If you want T-Type, you gotta get the TA-2A compressor/limiter. But so far I have yet to see T-Shirt preset for ProChannel. I would like the try it out myself
  9. I always have a hard time remembering that a 64bit engine is not the same as a 64 bit CPU. The difference being, 64 bit audio processing and rendering is far cleaner than 32 bit simply because of math. But I am not a smart person with all this math hocus pocus so simply is not something one should describe this situation,,,,,,,,, I may or may not understand the subject in question but it goes a little something like this....ahem!; When recording/rendering/processing in 32 bits there is a problem with the length of the repeating integers that occur in the division of 32 bits. So the long repeating string of numbers that translate back into audio has to be blunted or truncated which introduces artifacts and sample distortion. 64 bit does not have this issue as it divides down into whole numbers so there should or could be faster processing times due to less rounding and blunting a string of repeating integers. The trade off would come in the form of larger audio files which would offset any of the performance gains picked up from 64 bit. But I predict in the near future things will just be and do and math will never need to happen again!
  10. Ahh okay, well at least you have met the “oh here goes a tangent” side of my personality, nice to meet ya 😄 Yes Reason at first use after a fresh reboot does indeed take a great deal of time to load. I couldn’t tell you exactly why that is the case but I will say that it isn’t due to your pc, it is totally a Reason thing that started to occur when they went the way of distributing via digital downloads and USB dongles, and now you must have either a virtual key that contains your license or signed in working online. My older version of Reason installed via cd-rom and it would load in an instant. The only time I experience CbB with extremely long loading times is when I open large projects with to many Waves plug ins going on. Waves is a memory drain when initialized so In sure CbB having to load all of the plug ins and VI’s creates a bottle neck in data. i just manage my expectations now and utilize those several minutes to refresh my beverage or find a ball game to watch, maybe practice some ping pong, do a little crocheting, give my cat a bath, go visit relatives in Alaska, or take a good solid nap and feel rejuvenated for that next project that I will have to open at some point.
  11. I think it’s finally time for me to get something off my chest that has been a heavy burden on my conscience for far too long, and address the situation through a confession I now lay before thee…. To those bands that I produced back in the early days when I got into recording, I’d just like to say that I am sorry for never dithering your tracks 😫
  12. @Stephen Rybacki I can only speak for Reason and CbB as I have used Reason for ten years now, it amazes me at how well it manages CPU and memory. When compared to VSTi's in CbB, the difference in the handling of CPU and memory comes down to Reason inst. when used inside the Reason DAW (Not the VST Reason Rack plug for use in all DAWs ) are not virtual instrument "VSTi's". Now I don't know how many cores your i5 CPU has but I was running Reason 11 on an old HP Pavilion with a AMD 1.70 Ghz Phenom II Qaud Core P940. 4GB Ram. Now back in 2009, this was a serious laptop of the day with a GPU card but is not able to run Win10 so I opted for Win8.1. Reason not once ever gave me trouble except that Reason is way to keyboard shortcut focused and sometimes I feel like im reading a language I cannot speak while trying to edit tracks. The mixing board is modeled after SSL and includes official SSL Channel and Bus comp. Reason is a powerful and great sounding DAW and has the least impact on my old slow outdated laptop I use for running midi keyboards for writing. But you will have to learn a new language in terms of editing and getting around the DAW, Or you could get Reason and use the Reason Rack plug in that comes with it and open up Reasons instruments within Cakewalk so that you can have best of both worlds!
  13. @Keni Yes and I will do a little plug for the sake of those who see this, The Bark of the Dog and Panipulator are designed by Boz Digital and if one would like to add those into their ProChannel collection, download the installer version 1.1 from their site as it will offer you the ability to install just the ProChannel module. Then download and install version 2 and it will update the ProChannel module. The included modules Tube Saturation & Tape Emulator are both by Overloud and from what I understand, Overloud was brought in as a collaborator or partner in developing ProChannel modules that seems to go back to 2012. The reason I found this info interesting and worth noting, it informs me that certain pre BL Cakewalk products may have had the branding of Cakewalk but not ownership or created in house by Cakewalk, which determines which products were able to transfer over to BL.
  14. Concrete Limiter was a fantastic sounding "brickwall" limiter for the ProChannel and considering it was designed by Cakewalk for Cakewalk, you would think Cakewalk would include a Cakewalk plugin that was designed for an exclusive Cakewalk feature.....oh wait I forget.....Gibson (shutter) So everything in the ProChannel that was implemented as the staples of the program from SONAR to CbL were actually all 3rd party collaborations designed by Overloud. The compressors, tube sat, tape emulation, ReMatrix, BREVERB, TH3, is all thanks to Overloud. You can still install Boz Bark of the Dog ProChannel from their website and also get their Panipulator ProChannel module as well. However, if it was designed by Cakewalk before 2017, it must be redesigned from scratch because Cakewalk has an identity crisis and the courts are overseeing the custody of prochannel modules. Gibson was the shining star that lit our days that then went super nova the the ripple effect felt in the prosomer industry is still raw and continues to fuel resentments and vibes of uncertainty.
  15. Cakewalk is a virtual mixing mothership built for an engineers list of things one may desire if one found a lamp with a genie inside. However, Cakewalk is no longer a fast intuitive platform for songwriters with minimal knowledge and comfort using a mixing board and outboard hardware. There is nothing worse than needing to remain in a constant flow state when writing a song and it all comes crashing to a halt because we spend so much time looking under every rock in the canyon for a feature that intuitively makes since, maybe you have seen other platforms in for other creative sectors utilize very intuitive processes that make Creating so much more productive and exciting. Im sorry to say that I write music outside of Cakewalk but when it comes to mixing and mastering, I wouldn't succeed without Cakewalk. It use to be creator and songwriter focused back in late 90s-2005 as it wasn't common for everyone to have home recording studios. As soon as Roland acquired Cakewalk, they were trying to take the success of their digital recording consoles and offer a DAW that was already superior to their rather clunky and stone aged "VS" mixing software. It was built into every VS console and IT WAS THE DOWNFALL of one of the best small factor digital recording consoles every made. SO they pumped a ton of cash in a redesign of SONAR which is still what it looks like today 10 years later. And it became super engineer "audio school" student with a BS degree in "Audio Production" centric that only someone who would spend $50k to learn how to copy and paste and quantize and where to stick that one funny looking plug at, could properly utilize SONAR. So once Cakewalk was no longer a Cakewalk for the songwriter to use, DAWs such as Studio One came up and thats where they really excel at doing. Providing drag and drop, user intuitive functions that eliminates the need for a patient and technical brain.
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