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  1. I wanted something to do during the lockdown so I started looking at the Cakewalk control surface SDK. I own a Behringer X-Touch Compact and only meant to put a few tweaks in the Mackie Control plug-in specifically for it, but then mission creep took over in a big way and I ended up with something that’s more like a separate plug-in in its own right. I also wrote a program called XTCview, which is an enhanced version of BCFview (the program that went with the older BCF2000 control surface to emulate the Mackie Control’s display) because using a control surface without a display is pretty challenging once you get into plug-ins and all the various shift states. If anyone’s interested, I’ve attached an introduction and an almost-completed quick reference guide. I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out, but like most things it’s a question of balancing many different conflicting requirements so you may not be so happy with my choices. Let me know if you might have considered using it but for something that really annoys you because at this stage I might still be open to suggestions. And as you’ll see, there are still some open slots in the M1/M2 shift matrix on page 2 of the guide so I’m taking requests for those too. I’ve tested with Cakewalk by BandLab on Windows 7/64 and 10/64 and Sonar Platinum on Windows 7/64. I have also built 32-bit versions but have not been able to test them on a 32-bit OS. I will open-source it eventually, but for now if anyone wants the plug-in with XTCview and/or the source code then just ask and I’ll gladly send it to you once I’ve finished up a few final things and I’m completely satisfied with the way it’s working (probably a week or so). I’m also planning on doing a complete revision of the help file but that will have to come later. About me: I’m a retired software professional with 35 years of experience in C/C++, although I did spend the later years of my career working more with C# so my C/Win32 is a bit rusty and that probably shows in my code. Introduction to the Behringer X-Touch Compact Control Surface Plug-In.pdf Quick Reference Guide.pdf
  2. A tempo view that uses vectors like automation lanes do. Let's say I want a slow rallentando followed by a quick accelerando to get back to the original tempo. With vectors, that's 3 clicks on the tempo line to create 3 control points and then one drag of the centre point. If I want to tweak things later, all I do it move the midpoint around. At the moment, I draw two lines and hope the ends match up nicely (so I need to zoom in) and redraw if they don't, and then I have to repeat the process each time I want to tweak things. (Waits in hope for "you can do this already man")
  3. This issue seems to have been in Sonar as long as I can remember and it's still in the latest Cakewalk, but it's really annoying me now as I've been working on a control surface plugin with some different selection options. To repro, you need a control surface using the Mackie plugin with the "Select highlights track" option set and a project with multiple tracks - I'm going to use tracks 1 and 2 but the actual track numbers don't matter From the control surface press the SELECT button for track 1 - track 1 is now highlighted Press the comma key on the PC keyboard - track 1 is now selected From the control surface press the SELECT button for track 2 - track 2 is now highlighted Press the comma key on the PC keyboard - tracks 1 and 2 are now selected Now this all works fine until you use the GUI, either mouse or keyboard up/down keys to highlight a track. Once you've done that for the first time, the behaviour changes and the comma key select toggle will ignore any track highlight changes that came from the control surface. So you get this: From the GUI (either mouse or keyboard) move to track 1 - track 1 is now highlighted Press the comma key on the PC keyboard - track 1 is now selected From the control surface press the SELECT button for track 2 - track 2 is now highlighted Press the comma key on the PC keyboard - no tracks are selected Press the comma key on the PC keyboard again - track 1 is selected So, the highlighting via the control surface is a sort of "second class" highlight that doesn't work with everything. To restore the correct behaviour, you need to close and reopen the project.
  4. I think they don't show if you have the Console visible.
  5. I had exactly the same experience and yes, that fixes it. Though I guess I wasn't using a workspace before so is the new version now defaulting to using one?
  6. I'm working with a Mackie Control-emulating control surface, which like the original has its fader scales going from -infinity to +10 dB, but Cakewalk's faders go from -infinity to +6 dB. This means 0 dB on the surface is around -3 dB on Cakewalk, and 0 db on Cakewalk is around 1.5 dB on the surface. Maybe it's just my OCD, but this is really annoying me. A search of the documentation gives me no information on whether or not it is possible to change Cakewalk's faders to max out at +10dB, other than a few references to the max being +10dB - stuff like "For example, let’s say you have four tracks, three tracks have their volume fader set to 0 dB while the fourth track’s fader is set to +10 dB." So, does anyone know if it's possible to configure Cakewalk's faders to max out at +10 dB?
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