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  1. The email I received from FXpansion says "Expansion Pack 1 model as a gift", but I actually got five Expansion Packs.
    Probably a flaw in the checkout system?

    FYI: You can select only one Expansion Pack from [Redeem Now] link in your account page, however, can select 5 Expansion Packs on the store page and checkout with the code...

  2. 4 hours ago, EnglandBross said:

    @HIBI the ransomeware is off, I resolved the problem renaming this file in pict

    That's strange... The file you renamed does not exist on my system.
    The locked problem file should be in the 'IRLibraries' folder. (FACTORY.rir)
    Anyway it's okay if you resolved it without issue.

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  3. @frank0d Clicking 'X' in the upper right corner is not quit BandLab Assistant, just enter the notification area. So you have to double click the BandLab Assistant icon in the notification area to re-open it.

    FYI: You can also quit it from right click menu at BA icon in the notification area.

  4. Sorry, I could not find appropriate forum to post this...

    This only happens in Chrome browser. Only me? (I did clear the cache, cookie and histories.) 
    I can see directly opened images on "static.cakewalk.com" with using "Open image in new tab" but it's not loaded into the Documentation pages of Cakewalk and Sonar (and probably all the other pages) on "cakewalk.com".

    EDIT: Seems it because loading images which on insecure site (http://static.cakewalk.com) from secure site (https://cakewalk.com). Latest Chrome will block Mixed content downloads.
    Is there any workaround? "Allow" Insecure content in the Site settings on Chrome?


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  5. Self-update was successful. (Everything was done automatically.)
    "Update" button color only becomes lighter and looks it's stuck and there is nothing like an indicator, however, it's downloading installer quietly. You can check that downloading process at "C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\bandlab-assistant-updater\pending" folder with pressing F5. (Increased file size)
    Seems "C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\bandlab-assistant-updater\installer.exe" will be replaced with that downloaded file after complete downloading but I don't know why.

    FYI: Windows Ransomware protection will block some access to Document folder while installing. So it is recommended to turn it off temporarily during the update.

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  6. 3 hours ago, msmcleod said:

    Articulation events are always handled before any other MIDI events, so it shouldn't matter if they're at the same time as the note.

    That's great!

    3 hours ago, msmcleod said:

    In saying that, there may be some VSTi's that require a delay before they'll respond to the changes, so in this scenario you may have to place them slightly in front of the note.

    If there is a list of VSTi's that require a delay before they'll respond to the changes, it's probably nice.

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