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  1. If you publish the same project more than once, it uploads as a new revision.
  2. I can't seem to reproduce this, can you upload some example audio? Possible there's some kind of special formatting to those particular files.
  3. Are you seeing anything in the soft synth tab of the Add Track flyout?
  4. Are you seeing anything in the soft synth tab of the Add Track flyout?
  5. Are you seeing anything in the soft synth tab of the Add Track flyout?
  6. The new plugin menus require a click on "Soft Synths..." from the Insert menu
  7. @Cédric Lawde This will be fixed in the next installer build, but you're seeing the 0 KB PC2A file because there was an issue with where the installer was packaging localized versions of the PC2A .dll files. If you run the installer again in English you should see a proper PC2A file.
  8. try doing a manual VST rescan in the preferences and check the boxes for rescan failed and rescan existing plugins (turn those off after the scan completes).
  9. @Keni if you run the rebuild_2 version of the installer, you shouldn't get any errors trying to insert pc2a. That said you're not getting anything you don't already have with CA2A, but not everyone else has that. 👍
  10. @Ron Mendoza @kday Please try the main link in the first post again, it should now say Rebuild_2 on the installer, and this should fix PC2A for you.
  11. If the sample rate is getting flipped while you're in the app, I'm guessing something else is trying to access the driver while you're using it in Cakewalk. Make sure you're running in ASIO, check what your default audio device in Windows is and what the sample rate is set there if you're using the PreSonus for Windows playback too.
  12. Shared should also work, you just can't manually adjust the latency. WASAPI Shared is what Windows is using for the OS, so no reason that shouldn't work for your integrated card assuming you hear anything at all from the machine.
  13. You want MME for the audio driver on the Playback and Recording tab of the Audio category.
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