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  1. Try inserting one of the Studio Instruments VSTi's that come with Cakewalk, those should expose the Enable MIDI output option.
  2. It's not applicable for all synths, so it's grayed out in those cases.
  3. @Guillermo Diaz Can you get us a dump file for when it's stuck on the splash page? You can find details on how to do that here:
  4. That's simply talking about the images for your audio. What you see in your clips are the "wave pictures" that the app draws, then it caches then so it doesn't have to redraw when it doesn't need to.
  5. Based on your description, this sounds like a different plugin crash issue. Is it a particular plugin that you're using when you see this crash?
  6. Are you getting an error opening from BandLab Assistant? What happens if you try to open the app directly from either the shortcut in Programs in Windows or by running the Cakewalk.exe file in C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core?
  7. Can you provide a screen shot/video of what you're seeing? Ctrl+clicking the envelope should grab that segment of the envelope between the nodes. Also try just creating an envelope in a new project and see if it behaves the way you're expecting. On my end it's working per the docs. There hasn't been any changes to that part of the app recently, so it'd be very odd if the update changed that on your system.
  8. Where exactly are you getting stuck? If the app is stuck at the splash screen (the Cakewalk image that pops up when you first launch), then usually it's an audio driver that's preventing the app from being able to open. You might need to disconnect your device temporarily or change the driver mode externally for the app to launch. The update does not have any changes that should impact that.
  9. The installer just prompts that it cannot continue if the app is running, and allows you to hit "Retry" after closing the app to continue the process.
  10. Yeah, you'll still need BA for auth. Without installing the update from BandLab Assistant, you'd need to open BA to refresh the auth at least once every 6 months.
  11. WASAPI certainly works on mine as well, but so does ASIO. The T bar/Surround panner are working fine for me, the same as in SONAR Platinum at least, so there haven't been any changes that should impact that. The surface 1.2 update should be downloadable off the old site with your old SSO login, but PM me if you can't get that link and I can send you a link.
  12. Are you using just he 700C or the Surface/Rack combo? I've got the full rig and I don't really have any issues with getting the driver installed. If you could provide some specifics as to the problems you're seeing, we could troubleshoot it a bit. It's not going to be as seamless of a system as it was with SONAR 8.5 considering it was specifically designed for that implementation, but generally it should work fine with any of the SONAR X Series, Platinum, or Cakewalk by BandLab.
  13. Hi Kenny, Based on your dump files, it looks like your crashes are originating within SpectraLayers itself. Unfortunately I can't get a repro with SpectraLayers 7 on my end to troubleshoot this further. Your best option is probably to contact Steinberg directly.
  14. You just need to bear in mind your signal/monitoring chain. Enabling Input Echo on the track allows you to hear your signal as it's running through the track/audio engine in real time. The recorded signal will always be the dry original input from the device, it's just routed through your project in real time. Just make sure you have your direct monitoring through your audio card also disabled otherwise you will hear both the direct monitoring and your signal in Cakewalk. Direct monitoring is set up through your audio card, but is always before the signal gets to the DAW.
  15. The SONAR Mac prototype was discontinued, but was working, albeit in a limited capacity when compared to the standard Windows version. It was working well in and of itself at the time we were experimenting with it, however it lacks the ability to work with external AU/VST plugins. I can't say that I've tried it with more recent MacOS updates though. The Mix Editor in BandLab is an entirely different animal as it's a much broader cross platform app and ties in directly with BandLab's social/collaborative network. Cakewalk by BandLab is the continued development from the SONAR platform and runs on Windows.
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