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  1. If you run Cakewalk/SONAR as administrator, the plugins will also run in adminstrator mode and should allow you to enter the registration code.
  2. @hhal9000 Please try downloading it via the web installer as opposed to BA, and let us know if that works for you. @Mark Williams I'm sending you a PM.
  3. This is now logged, thanks. If you CTRL + Shift drag the clips directly to a track lane, it should import them without the overlap.
  4. This is a known issue with Windows 7. Please use the web installer here instead:
  5. Melodyne 5 is significantly more stable than v4, so if you have the option to upgrade... it's well worth it. I haven't seen any issues with Melodyne clips recently, and I've been doing a lot of testing with various project with a bunch of Melodyne clips. Printing FX is not a bad idea to future-proof backups for your projects, but shouldn't be necessary on a day-to-day basis for projects.
  6. Can you capture a dump file when this happens?
  7. Notice on the upper right side- you have the Workspace set to "Basic". It's doing this by design. Set this to "None" instead.
  8. The Overloud plugins are installed with the full Cakewalk by BandLab installer versions, but if you use the updater from update to update, they shouldn't get touched as they're not changed on a regular basis.
  9. Go to Help | About Cakewalk, and double-check that you're on build 120. If so, close the app, then hold CTRL when launching Cakewalk. This will force copy the new presets.
  10. This is expected. Going to Advanced in the Export Module menu brings up the new dialog
  11. Usually crashes where the app just disappears as described are plugin-related. These types of crashes are why we implemented "ExceptionHandlingSeverity" as an option you can enable in the Initialization File section of the Preferences. Default value is 1, you can increase this to 7 if you're experiencing a crash, and it should then be able to get a dump file if it crashes again. At that point we can take a look at the dump file and if there's anything actionable on our end. In the meantime, normal saving of the project should work fine even if it subsequently crashes (the project just might not appear in the recent project list as that is populated on normal project close).
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