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  1. For track parameters, if you hold the Shift key while dragging the control, it will slow the change rate for finer adjustments as well
  2. There's a lot more wiggle room in the VST spec than one might think, and one thing we do frequently is work with other developers over issues with plugins. Freeware VSTs can be that much trickier as well depending on who is working on them and what their focus is on, so they might be great, or they might have some issues. It just depends on who is making them and what they're testing. If you're seeing a consistent crash with a plugin, your best bet is to try and contact the vendor/developer for that particular plugin and provide a dump file if possible which will allow them to find where the issue is.
  3. There's nothing inherently wrong with having multiple older versions of SONAR installed, so long as the latest version is the last one installed (as there's some shared components and obviously you don't want those overwritten with older versions). We haven't shipped V-Vocal in a long time as that was a Roland product, but assuming it's still stable on your system, we haven't done anything in Cakewalk that would break compatibility. If it's crashing while you're trying to port a project, you might have more success if you try rendering V-Vocal via a 32-bit install of SONAR.
  4. That's still symptomatic of a driver issue. Double-check it's showing the correct driver in the Preferences. You can also try seeing if the device plays okay in WASAPI shared for the driver mode.
  5. It's the Focusrite driver that's crashing Windows per your original post, so reinstalling Cakewalk is not really going to change anything there. Cakewalk itself can't cause a blue screen crash. Possible there's something else with how the hardware is talking to the machine that's causing it to crash like that- maybe try a different USB port. I'd definitely suggest talking to Focusrite if just reinstalling the driver didn't resolve the problem.
  6. That's what I'm referring to, on a clean install (not new to the latest update by any stretch) it will default to that option as off in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog, but will always open the UI track if using the Add Track button instead.
  7. It will open the synth property page automatically by default if you use the Add Track button, but defaults off on the Insert Soft Synth Options from the menu (changing that will persist subsequently though). This hasn't changed with this update though.
  8. The only way to make the Control Bar go away is by hiding it via the "c" shortcut. Accidental keystrokes happen to the best of us. Shift + C will toggle the mini control bar too... You could always save a layout with Workspaces as well if you wanted a fall back point (aside from the factory Workspaces).
  9. We have not experienced any issues with stability in house. If there's a particular issue you're experiencing after installing the latest update, please provide details and we will investigate. Thanks!
  10. It's possible it might be opening them to some invisible XY coordinates off screen. Try changing the display resolution while the project is open and see if that helps. If you're getting a bunch of seemingly random issues even in Windows though you might want to be careful in case you have a hard drive that's on its way out... That can often manifest in really weird ways when it starts to fail. Always good practice to have backups of your backups...
  11. Can you post a screenshot when you're getting the error? If you're using our web installer, that should be giving you the correct Studio Instruments installer for ARM64 systems. Thanks!
  12. As far as the app is concerned, once a build is set for full release, it doesn't matter if it was installed from EA or not, it just simply checks the version, and if you're already on the correct build, no need to run the install again. There's frequently changes that occur between the EA and final release versions, thus when the release comes, it's a build or two higher than the EA version, so it'll download an install the final version.
  13. That sounds like more than a driver issue. The unit should be able to get power regardless of the driver status, it just won't talk to Windows properly without the driver. If you have the option to try some different USB ports on the machine, see if that impacts it, or if you have the option to try it on a different machine, see if the interface powers up there. There could be an issue with the ports being able to provide enough power or the Roland (or the cable) could have some kind of fault.
  14. Are they using a different DAW to export the other file? it's possible there might be some timecode that's being stamped on it. If that's the case, you can try deselecting this option in the preferences:
  15. As Kevin said, sounds like your audio card/driver is trying to run at a sample rate other than what your projects are.
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