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  1. Is it specific to UAD plugins? If you have a reproducible scenario in a project, you can send us a copy with just that track and we can try and take a look.
  2. In this case, I don't think we necessarily need the audio, so you can either post here or PM me with the .cwp for the project attached. Otherwise dropbox/google drive links always work. We've got a pretty healthy collection of plugins to try, so it's always worth a shot, or we can reach out to other vendors if there's an issue too. Also if it's not necessarily a plugin crash, it's helpful to see if we can repro the issue on our end regardless. Thanks!
  3. You'll need to do the uninstall in Assistant, which will then allow you to reinstall once that is complete. As mentioned the uninstall doesn't remove your settings, just the main app components, so when you then reinstall, it'll inherit your settings from before.
  4. What's the audio card and driver mode? It's possible you've got a mismatch between your project sample rate and what's being exported. That can sometimes happen when device drivers don't play nice on the system.
  5. Can you upload one of your projects to see if we can reproduce the issue? if it closes okay in Safe Mode, I wonder if there's a plugin that you're using that's crashing on project close.
  6. Check if Cakewalk.exe is still running in the Task Manager when it closes like that. If so, create a dump file for us to see why it's exiting like that. I'd also check to see if it happens with just a new blank project or if it's related to the files you're working with. If a new project closes okay, try opening one of your projects in Safe Mode by holding shift when opening the project from the Start Screen (or File | Open), then hit No to All when prompted about plugins. See if it then closes normally (just be sure you don't save unless you want your project stripped of plugins). Details on generating a dump file can be found here:
  7. Yeah, the content installers for Platinum are going to check that Platinum is in fact installed. Short answer, if you install all of the Plat/Content, just then reinstall Cakewalk by BandLab on top. All your settings will persist, but any shared components that got overwritten by Platinum's install will be restored by doing the CbB reinstall.
  8. You can send any issues to support for sure. I like to think we're pretty good about monitoring any issues that are reported on the forum and making sure they're logged internally if not already. We're not that hard to get a hold of. 👍
  9. Cakewalk is under active development, so it's not quite an apples to apples comparison to something in print. We continually fix bugs, and have added a major feature recently as well as numerous minor features since relaunching the app with BandLab. There's a lot of moving parts in a DAW configuration. The app is subject to how Windows updates work and the hardware behavior. That said, I can't see any reason for you to have any issues by upgrading to 2020.05. We now offer a rollback installer that will revert the app to the previous release version. If you wanted to go to from 2020.05 to 2020.01, you'd simply need to grab the 04 and 01 rollback installers, both of which are posted on the release info pages of the forum. Or in the unlikely event of an issue in 2020.05, see if it exists in 2020.04. If there's a problem, we'll definitely investigate.
  10. Thanks for that. I can definitely repro your problem with your project. We'll take a look and see if we can figure out why it's going wrong.
  11. Could you upload a copy of the project for us to try? You should be able to create a duplicate section by CTRL dragging Section headers. It's possible there might be something unusual going on in the project file. Thanks.
  12. Can you provide a project file where this is happening? Also what audio device are you using and the driver mode? Thanks!
  13. holding Shift will constrain the clip, either vertically or horizontally, so if you wanted to copy a clip to another track, you'd hold CTRL + Shift, then drag the clip to the other track for a copy with the exact same start time.
  14. Hi Paul, We went and took a look at your dump file, and it would appear your issue is related to Auto Track Zoom being turned on when duplicating the track. This should be fixed for the next update, but for now if you just turn off Auto Track Zoom temporarily, you should be able to duplicate without crashing.
  15. As @scook mentioned, if you don't see the Event List, you're likely in a Workspace. Switch to the Advanced or "None" workspaces and you'll see the Event List available. As for the export, Cakewalk renders based on selection. Simple way to adjust the end time of the project is to simply hold Shift and click the time ruler where you want the export to end. Then go to File | Export -> Audio.
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