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  1. We're not aware of any snap related issues. Can you be more specific about the nature of your problem? What view are you trying to use and what are you editing?
  2. Thanks for the heads up, we'll take care of this shortly! EDIT: @HIBI, we've pushed a fix for this, but it'll require having to run the rollback installer, then checking for updates again.
  3. Windows might be set to use a different sample rate than your projects. Windows will default to 48 KHz for the device, which means if you then open a project at 44.1, the windows sounds will stop working because of the mismatch. You can change the setting for Windows in the Device Properties
  4. We're aware of this issue as of 2020.11 and it's logged with development.
  5. Does it happen in every project or just the one(s) you're working on? For example, if you just import a wave file to a new project and export that, does that complete successfully? If can upload a project for us to try on our end that would be helpful.
  6. Thanks for the dump. According to the file, the crash is all within the Spitfire code, so I'd suggest passing that along to them as well.
  7. Go to Utilities | Cakewalk Plugin Manager, find Dimension Pro in the list and hit the Plugin Properties button, then check Configure as Synth
  8. @Michael Fogarty, what audio device are you using? If you try changing driver modes does this impact the waveforms drawing?
  9. Confirmed on our end. The initial run of the onboarding pages should work normally, but running it subsequently can crash. The same settings can be accessed via Edit | Preferences without issue though.
  10. I don't think this would be related to the update. I'm running a Komplete Kontrol S49 and I'm not seeing any issues with either the Komplete Kontrol VST or the controller itself. Do you have anything set up for a control surface that's using the controller's MIDI ports that could possibly be filtering it?
  11. Did you try other projects by any chance? If there's a particular project where you're seeing the problem, that would helpful for us to diagnose the issue.
  12. You can find the rollback installer with the release notes here: It seems unusual that this would have changed from the EA builds as there was no change in that part of the code between EA and the final release. Please try to get us a minidump for the crash.
  13. Can you try this in other/new projects? I just moved the clip contents on my end and it worked normally.
  14. Export/Bounce to Tracks with Fast Bounce disabled should work though. You can try an audible bounce if you want to check it while it goes.
  15. @winkpain Also interesting, apparently if you do an audible bounce for the freeze, I'm getting the Wet level for BREVERB, but not the EQ On/Off to render. Doing a bounce to track with audible bounce seems to work for everything too.
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