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  1. What view's track icons are you seeing missing? Track View, Console View?
  2. While I can't speak to everyone's experiences, I can say that the Bakers collectively are very passionate about CbB and we do everything within our power to make it the best possible app it can be. Every app has bugs, that's part of the game with software. If we can identify a problem, we'll fix it (as time/resources allow). Workflow stoppages get our attention first. Our team is not the biggest one on earth though. We wear a lot of hats and juggle a lot of responsibilities. It becomes slightly more complicated with third party vendors. We try our best to reach out and work with other companies to ensure that plugins work as well as they can. Some companies are more receptive to working with us than others. What's difficult to tell is that sometimes a plugin might have a bug that is only exposed using a given host. Not every host handles plugins exactly the same- there's some wiggle room in how the VST spec from Steinberg is implemented in each case. If a plugin itself is failing in Cakewalk, there might not be much we can do, we can't debug other people's code. That said, if there's something we're doing incorrectly, we will absolutely make every effort to fix that on our end. Sometimes we'll find a problem with how a plugin is operating and reach out to the developer, and not get much in the way of a response. In those cases we can't do much, but we're always open to working other companies. That said, we try to replicate problems as best we can. A lot of times there's system environmental variables that we can't account for. This is part of why we push updates and hotfixes. When we can identify and reproduce a scenario that's reported, we try to get a fix out as rapidly as we can. The CbB dev team spends a good deal of time working with users to this end. We want the app to work as smoothly as possible for everyone. Sometimes people hit roadblocks, we do our best to avoid that from happening in the first place, but when that happens, we're more than willing to work with end users towards a resolution. Sometimes there's a system configuration issue that needs to be tweaked. Other times some hardware behaves unexpectedly. Obviously it can be frustrating when you run into a problem, but as with third party vendors, if users are willing to work with us, we'll do everything within our power to get them back on their feet as rapidly as possible. All we ask is for a positive attitude and we'll return in kind and do our best. We're not perfect, no one is. But we're always striving to make improvements wherever possible, and will continue to work with our users both through support and via this forum.
  3. This sounds like something with your scan might be off. I have both Waves v11 and the Toontrack stuff on my system, and they're displaying normally here. Have you done a full reset/rescan? Also check if something is blocking the scan from completing (like if a plugin is causing a prompt that you're not catching).
  4. I'm guessing you're working with a undocked window for the Console View? Do you have floating turned on for the Console View or not? I'd probably suggest using the Multidock to show/hide the Console instead in any case, which you can show/hide by toggling "d". Shift + d will also toggle the maximized view for the dock.
  5. They're Heritage guitars, a H-150 and H-535.
  6. If you go to Task Manager when you're seeing that dialog, you can generate a dump file that you can send us that will provide a bit more information. This link has better info on that: If both the VST2 and 3 are installed, its not unusual to see both unless you specifically have the option to hide related VST2 plugins in the Preferences. Is the "replace if possible" option there also enabled?
  7. If a minidump is not being generated automatically, you can create one in Windows. Details on this can be found here: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013262/How-to-collect-a-Minidump-file-when-your-Cakewalk-program-crashes
  8. "w" will do that behavior now
  9. If you exit and reopen BandLab Assistant, do you still see the app in Demo Mode?
  10. SONAR 8.5 variants predate VST3 support, so you need to make sure anything installed for it is a VST2. On a 64-bit system, the stock scan path for Cakewalk/SONAR is C:\program files (x86)\cakewalk\vstplugins on a 64-bit OS or C:\program files\cakwealk\vstplugins on a 32-bit OS. As Craig mentioned you can pick similar paths from the plugin installers, but you need to make sure Cakewalk/SONAR scans those. VST3 uses a common path in the specification, so they all go C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
  11. Do you have a project where this is reproducible? We have not seen this issue on our end, but if you have a project where we can verify, then we can work on a fix.
  12. Hi Max, Unfortunately this is a known issue with aux tracks and track templates. It's logged in our system and will be addressed as soon as resources allow. Thanks!
  13. You can uninstall your current build and reinstall the 2019.07 release build from BandLab Assistant to grab the update (all of your settings will persist okay).
  14. @Hapsiainen, PM me with your Serial Number for Dimension and I can pull your registration and make sure that you've got the latest version that you'll be able to download.
  15. The files in AppData will get automatically copied from the C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk if they're moved/deleted from your existing AppData folder. You can clear AppData\Roaming\cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Help Module and when you open CbB, they'll get updated.
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