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  1. It's possible the plugin is in a bad state and reinserting it will work. You can always save a copy of the project with a new instance and see if it works any better
  2. @tdehan Looks like the crash is in VSCO2 Orchestra.dll that's corrupting memory. That would indicate it should open in safe mode if you choose not to load the plugins.
  3. If the issue persists you can send us the dump file from the crash and we can check on our end.
  4. I mean, you could do a counter-gain/volume envelope on audio that has a pre-existing fade printed on it. You'll raise the noise floor the whole time though.
  5. This has been discussed enough on other threads as well, we don't need to rehash it again here. Thanks!
  6. I'm going to lock this thread just as this same convo has run its course on... numerous other threads, nothing personal @Rickddd. When all the pricing stuff is finalized, we'll let everybody know, but as of right now (and mentioned elsewhere) the current plans we have on deck should be agreeable with most people here. We can't say much beyond that, but we just ask that people be patient. Thanks!
  7. Those issues are beyond the scope the last drop. Its goal was to address relevant issues that people had run into that were related to the initial 2023.09 release. There were no changes to the Staff View since 2022.11. The Microsoft GS Wavetable synth issue is not internal to Cakewalk. It's an unreliable method for trying to get MIDI playback and not recommended for that reason. As for garbled audio with the TTS-1, what is the audio configuration for both playback and the project sample rate? There haven't been any changes that would impact TTS-1's performance, and we're unable to reproduce this issue on our end at a standard 44.1 KHz sample rate.
  8. If you have a dump file for the crash we can take a look into it.
  9. @Keni if you use the Cakewalk installer tool off the CbB product page, that will get the update.
  10. I was simply stating I could reproduce the same behavior in the 2022.11 update, so it's not something that was introduced with the changes for new version. Let's please keep the thread on topic.
  11. This is not new to this update, but it's not duplicating the frozen state. You're seeing the FX bin disabled there as it is on the frozen track, but since there isn't any rendered audio, the FX are just bypassed. I've gone ahead and logged this on our end.
  12. @Sidney Earl Goodroe I understand your concerns, at the moment we just can't give specifics because things aren't totally finalized. I can tell you that as Noel has said elsewhere, the planned pricing model for Sonar will be very reasonable. We have a set target for it that I think most people will be happy with. We simply cannot speak on full details on stuff that requires all the i's dotted and t's crossed. But as its been said, this particular thread is related to the 2023.09 update, so let's try and keep focus there. Thanks!
  13. While I would hope a pending fix from them would resolve any issues, but can we please refrain from publicly listing beta installers for third party companies here? Thanks!
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