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  1. I'm not seeing any issues with the download on my end, but if you keep having trouble you can send me a PM
  2. Because it's relative to what you're working on.
  3. Based on the dump file BBC Symphony Orchestra (64 Bit).vst3 is what's crashing.
  4. This is a limitation on the BandLab App end. The web/mobile app only supports one tempo currently.
  5. I mean, we definitely encouraging reporting issues when you experience anything with stability. But as you said, it can be difficult trying to triangulate things sometimes. The moment we're able to identify where a stability issue is, we'll fix it, but that requires being able to track down the root of the problem. For plugin crashes, there's often not much we can do on our end as if it's not the app itself that's crashing, it's up to the plugin developer to fix issues on that end. That said, we did add improved crash reporting, so even if you do not get a prompt about the crash, check the Minidumps folder in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps to see if a system dump was copied there as the app crashed. Beyond that, for intermittent issues, that would boil down to trying to eliminating other variables to see if you can isolate a cause that we can investigate. I appreciate this might not be the most exciting thing for many users, however troubleshooting things on the user end can greatly speed up being able to fix any potential issues on our end. Try noting whatever common threads you can find when you get a crash, particularly if the app just silently crashes.
  6. Try the installer in the Update 1 Early Access post that Noel linked above.
  7. If you're installing the new update, you should have an installer called Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_28.11.0.013.exe. If you're on the 2022.09 update, this installer will run to get you to the current version. If not, then it sounds like there's a discrepancy with the version checking on your system.
  8. If you go to your C:\Users\<username>\Downloads\Cakewalk folder, what is the most recent installer version you have in there?
  9. Hi Milton, First off, the official 2022.11 feedback thread is here: If you re-run the Early Access installer, does the project still hang on open?
  10. Hi Milton, we have two methods for doing an Early Access drop. Right now, we're doing an informal Early Access where we're making the new build available publicly via this forum thread, but it's not pushed to our back end where it would appear in-app via Check for Updates. This simply allows us to expand the number of users on the latest build to the broader audience of this forum without necessarily pinging all CbB users to install it yet. My previous comment was just to indicate that I updated the build in the original post since we fixed a few things. We're still in the same phase of Early Access as before, so you'd need to grab an updated build if you had already installed the initial EA drop from yesterday.
  11. @scook @FJ Lamela @IgoRr please note the build link in the original post has been updated to version 008 which should resolve the delete issue. Thanks!
  12. You are correct there. Simple Instrument Tracks have a MIDI input, so you'd need to route to something with an audio input to record the synth output directly as audio.
  13. It definitely seems like it's tied to using the percussive detection in Melodyne, which I'm guessing it's using in the Universal case there since it's not giving you any pitches. I suspect this is likely on Celemony's end. If you do the edits in melodic/polyphonic mode, it stretches normally.
  14. Hi Tez, Can you send us a copy of your project? I can't readily reproduce your issue on our end.
  15. Mackie Control is standard in the installer, you just have to add a surface instance on that page of the Preferences and choose the appropriate ports- assuming the Arturia controller uses that protocol.
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