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  1. @Craig Reeves Just taking a look through your videos, and I think there's some workflow steps missing when trying to use AudioSnap. When you demonstrate turning it on, you've already got AudioSnap set to "Clip Follows Project" in the palette which is not an option that's turned on by default. While AudioSnap isn't perfect, you should be able to accomplish what you're trying to do if you follow the right workflow steps (I did this for a project I was working on the other day). You need to make sure that you have the proper average tempo per clips set, then the Clip Follows project option set to Auto-Stretch. If you're having trouble beyond that, I'd need to see your project file to see how it's handling your material specifically, but the core essence of the stretching should work. As shown in your video, I think there's other settings that need to be adjusted. Groove Clip stretching is actually the oldest and least accurate sounding algorithm.
  2. At the moment there's a known issue with routing with patch point/aux tracks in Track Templates. We'll look into a fix for this as time/resources allow. Thanks!
  3. Looks like you might have something a little haywire with your existing Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables. If you go to Add/Remove Programs in Windows, try uninstalling any 2015, 2017, and 2019 entries that you currently see, then restart your system and try the Cakewalk installer again.
  4. We've reached out to AAS for some test versions, and in some initial testing, I was able to get some instability when working with Chromaphone, but not consistently. From what I could tell it appeared to be an issue on the plug-in end rather than on CbB. Based on @ChristopherM's description of the app disappearing, that would also lean in that direction. We'll do some more digging as time allows and also pass our findings to AAS. If you're able to get any additional details or dump files related to the crash, please let us know and we'll take a look.
  5. Once again, thanks to all for their participation. Please now submit any further feedback to the formal 2021.01 release thread. Update 1 build is Thanks!
  6. You might have the "display muted takes in parent track" option disabled. Clip is not actually being deleted, but it's not visible.
  7. Something external is accessing the file. Running the install right after reboot generally should clear it, but if you ran the previous 2021.01 update before, you should be fine if you just skip that file as it's already installed/registered and has not changed. As for the original problem, it sounds like there might be an issue with the project file itself rather than the install. Are you able to create new project files? Likewise if you want to send us a project file I can see if it can open on our end.
  8. 2021.01 has now been made public! Thanks for your participation and please refer any additional feedback to the official release thread:
  9. So the fix for your original issue had nothing to do with the bit depth of the file. There was some unusual information encoded into it by the app that created the file that our code was not handling correctly. This was fixed in the Early Access build. If you have other files that are not behaving as expected, please send us other examples to test. At the moment, I just was checking through RX2 and Wave file loops that previously had shipped with SONAR Platinum/expansion packs, and these all work as expected, so if there's another corner case with the files you happen to be working with, we'd need to verify that on our end. Thanks! The Preview at Host option is a project-specific setting. It's off by default in the "Basic" template, but if you save a project with it on, it will persist.
  10. This dump file is similar to ones others have sent, it's the Waves shell crashing. You'll need to send this to Waves as unfortunately there's nothing on our end we can do.
  11. Hi Kurt, I'm having trouble being able to reproduce your issue as described. Can you provide a project and/or more specific details as to how you're able to get into that state? At present I'm automating plugins/track parameters and clip gain and the automation is all responding correctly.
  12. Not really. We'd like to make more of the plugins available at some point in one way or another, but exactly how that'll happen remains to be seen.
  13. Yes, BandLab owns all the intellectual property that was under Cakewalk, Inc. We have all the source code for all of the previous plugins, and maintain the authorization back end.
  14. The plugins run additional delay. It's fairly common depending on the plugin. They require extra time to do their processing, so in this case that latency is giving the plugin time to fix those clicks before you hear it. You can either freeze those tracks to record, or temporarily disable them to get around it.
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