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  1. This sounds like it's likely something specific to Massive X on your system. I just confirmed it loads normally on our end. If deleting a plugin settings folder/file fixes it for you, it's likely something you'll need to address with NI directly.
  2. Alternately reinstall from the separate downloader installer without BA:
  3. Hi Robert, it appears that this is a UI issue (not new to this update). If you show Hardware Outputs in the Console View, you should see it only outputting to the original mono send despite displaying stereo. We'll look into it for the next release. Thanks!
  4. This seems like your audio driver was likely in a bad state. Nothing in the update should have impact your audio performance like this. I'd suggest trying the update again and seeing if the problem persists.
  5. If you run the in-app updates, it does a "silent" install that just shows you the overall progress bar for the update keeping your existing settings.
  6. The latest version of the Web Installer should actually the demo projects available independently from the Studio Instruments installer which is where they are if you download the add-ons from BandLab Assistant.
  7. Apologies, I end up looking at a bunch of projects and it slipped my mind. It did open fine for me in the latest versions, I'm not sure why it would be have any differently in 2021.09 vs 2021.11/12 as there weren't any dramatic changes that would have necessarily impacted that.
  8. If you have a project that fails to open correctly, please send us a copy of it and we can investigate on our end.
  9. Does this happen in every project? For example, if you create a new project, import an audio file, then export just that, does the app shut down?
  10. Something is crashing when you're exporting then. Can you try setting the ExceptionHandlingSeverity to 7 in the Initialization File section of the Preferences and see if you can capture a dump file for when it crashes?
  11. I'm getting messages from multiple other forum users right now, so I don't have anything disabled. If you can PM it to @msmcleod he can pass it along to me as well.
  12. @Herbert Miron Odd... you definitely should be able to send me a PM...
  13. The web installer actually should check for existing installations in its current version. This just changes the default toggle state for the additional installers when you run it. If you already had Studio Instruments installed previously at some point, the box will show as unticked, however if you need to reinstall that, you can simply check it and continue with the installer.
  14. @jkoseattle It seems like something got corrupted in the project file itself. What seems to work to recover it is if you delete the synth instances that tracks 4 and 12 are using from the Synth Rack View. Then the console will open correctly again (and you'll need to re-add the synths.
  15. @puddy @thegaltieribrothers This will make its way out in general later today, but if you use the web installer I posted earlier in the thread, you'll get a new build which fixes this. Thanks!
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