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  1. Thank you for listening and for taking the time to comment. I guess I let things get a little too sparse at the end.
  2. Ha. Emo Burt Bacharach! That's great. And me without a single 7th chord in the whole song! Thanks for listening and for the great feedback. I appreciate it!
  3. I agree with what's been said with the exception of one thing: soul to soul bomp bomp chop!
  4. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts, Paul. It means a lot to me and I'm sure other songwriters when people take the time to listen and comments on the songs we do. It's all in fun but I know that we all put a great deal of effort and passion into the songs we post here, so even a simple one line acknowledgement that you listened to and liked a song is a big deal to me. Thank you!
  5. Thanks, bapu! I frankly expected more comments like yours about the drum track. I went back and forth on this and I found that, to my ear anyway, it lost something when I put a more subdued drum track in there and so I swallowed my misgivings and kept it the way it is now. Thank you for your comments and your ideas.
  6. Thank for taking the time steve!
  7. Well Mark, that is utterly badass tele-funk! Awesome song and playing all around on this one. A keeper for sure! I sort of get what you mean by timing but it's beyond me how you make it any tighter than that short of taking it on the road for six months. That is unless you want to sit there for weeks tightening things up with audio snap. Not. And anyway, whatever timing issues there are here and there don't detract from the groove at all, rather it sounds more human and real to me. I only wish I could play like that! I listened to this on my phone's speaker so I can't really comment on the quality of the mix but it really sounds good on that device. I'll give it a listen later on my big system. Really fine work here!
  8. Thanks, Kurt, high praise indeed, I'll certainly take it. ! Peter Gabriel tunes are all over the place in my reference track folder. This is the box that I was referring to. I can disconnect my amp's speaker and it acts as a load box and I can route the XLR out to my Audient ID22's XLR in. It just sounds so good that way. I've had this box for years and years and I've always used it just as an attenuator but I thought I'd finally give the studio capabilities a try. I This particular track has much of the lead recorded this way, but there are other tracks that use plug ins: Helix Native, S-Gear and a Guitar Rig track or two. Each of these guys has a particular vibe to it that nothing else covers as well. Incidentally, for this track I didn't use any amp sim delays, I used Wave's H-Delay plug in. I love it's ability to smear stuff everywhere.
  9. Thanks, Douglas, I appreciate it!
  10. Love this, so much space. This is great for writing software to, Wookie. I slapped my phones on and slipped into my work state faster than I usually do. Gas Giants!
  11. Really liked the song, and especially the chorus. Really good song with great changes. I don't know how you keep churning out one good tune after another so quickly, hats off to you!
  12. Maybe all it needs is a remix.
  13. Thanks for the feedback and the kind words! I'm particularly appreciate your comments on the guitars, which is where a lot of my time was spent. I'll give those ideas a whirl and see how they work.
  14. Thanks, David! I saw you have another NPR offering I need to listen to, love those.
  15. I really like the way you approached this arrangement. Lots of cool steely dan-esque flourishes and really nice backgound vocal parts here. You vocals are just great. I listened to the mix on my phone and it sounded great but there are moments where the guitar interferes with the singing in places but on a better device that might not be the case. Really enjoyed this, Lynn!
  16. Steve, thanks for your time, I appreciate having your feedback! The repetitive drums are a concious choice but I have been wondering if a more varied drum track would add to the song or not. Im interested in hearing how your idea would sound. Thank you again!
  17. Thanks so much for listening, Larry, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment!
  18. Interesting panning going on here in the opening section. I cannot hear the vocals very well. The vocals panned to the left are a bit back in the mix, and the bass, drums and guitar seem to occupy the same space toward the right with the other vocal. The overall effect is a bit unclear and chaotic and it's hard for me to follow. That may in fact be what you're after. Assuming it's not, I'd try for a more conventional panning with vocals, drum and bass in the middle with some separation between the vocal parts, and guitars panned right and left. Your recordings are typically nice and clear with good tones coming from the instruments. On this track I can't hear some things very well so I think some playing with levels to get a better balance would help.
  19. I have a fantastic LP knock-off, it's an Agile 3200MCC and I sold a Gibson LP Studio to buy it. Twice the guitar for a third the price. Wish I could play it as well as you play here, really well done.
  20. Ambieny pop indeed! Nice track, Larry. I enjoyed it!
  21. I found a bunch of phase issues in the vocal tracks, a bunch of takes that were still hanging around messing things up. I fixed all that and popped the drums a bit but it change a lot of the vibe of the original, I think. Let me know if you guys thing it's improved or made worse.
  22. Thank you mark, it's nice to hear your feedback! I first did the vocals an octave lower but alas, I do not have the vocal chops to pull it off. So I did another take over the top of the original vocals. You can still hear the original take. Thanks for pointing out the phasing, I missed that.
  23. Thanks gary, I'll give that a try and see how it sounds. I have a bit of trouble with high frequencies so it's s no surprise to me if I've cut too much.
  24. Thank you, jack.c, I appreciate you listening.
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