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  1. Well, when you need audiosnap you really need it and you just have to hope that you can set things up right to get it to work. Aligning everything to the start of a measure properly is a big deal, as is getting the BPM in the audiosnap window close to the actual BPM. Even then it's even odds that when you click "Clips aligns to project" you will get different time stretches on every clip, some faster, some slower. But when it does work, it works a treat.
  2. Kevin Walsh


    I've posted a new mix (#3) with Tom's feedback incorporated. It sounds a lot better to my ears, thank you for the help! One thing, is the acoustic too much? I'm relegated to mixing with headphones these days and it's pretty difficult to get things balanced that way. Your help is very much appreciated.
  3. Kevin Walsh


    Tom, thanks for the great feedback. I'll give the things you suggest a whirl and post a new mix soon.
  4. Loved the attitude you bring to the song, it's what makes it. An additional 100 bonus points for finding all those words ending in -ation. 💯
  5. Kevin Walsh


    Thank you sir, I appreciate both of your listens! I thank your hound as well for giving me to opportunity to ease you in to the day.
  6. Kevin Walsh


    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I did goose the bass up a little bit (actually re-did the whole bass line to give it a more flowing feeling.) I posted a new mix for you to review. Sabby, I don't really know how to play keys so I don't guess I'll be putting a Hammond part in there, but you're right, it might just sound cool. Thanks, keep the feedback coming!
  7. You've reached a milestone, time for a beer! Liked that last one, had a few hooks in there.
  8. Kevin Walsh


    I'm having real trouble dialing in the mix, your feedback is very appreciated. Update: Mix #3 just posted, your feedback has improved the mix a great deal. I know it's getting better because I'm now hearing all of my mistakes.
  9. Love the stealer too but I'm enjoying wailing on the fire breather. I actually think I prefer the Chicago. And check out the Tweedman, nice!
  10. Sounds of existing presets are pretty nice. I haven't messed with any new cabs or IR's yet or any of the new amps, just getting to know the new UI. Not too impressed with the new navigation. The DAW intercepts keystrokes and interprets them as macros when I use the search dialog! Works fine in standalone mode. Maybe there's a setting somewhere to control that . So far the sound compares favorably with S-Gear to my poorly tuned ear.
  11. Shades of Pink Floyd! For a second there I thought the band was going to break out into "One of These Days". Pretty great video too. Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed it a lot!
  12. Native Instruments FINALLY ships version 6 of what I thought was a dead product line. I was eligible for the upgrade pricing so naturally I had to get it. I'm playing with it now and it sounds pretty damned good to my cauliflower ears. I use version 5 a great deal. I also own S-Gear and Helix Native and while I tend to reach for S-Gear I have always found a use for GTR. So I'm pretty pumped that 6 has been released.
  13. Sounds like a dance tune to me, Daryl, and a pretty good one too. You're one of those guys that just shakes his head and melodic hooks fall out of your hair all over the floor. I like it!
  14. I had the rare opportunity to listen to some music on a nice little system today and this was one of the pieces I listened to. Wow, a really wonderful listening experience. Thanks for making this available!
  15. Yes these are two of the first songs I ever recorded, vocals were done with a cheap web cam mic and then processed like crazy to not sound like they were recorded on a cheap web cam mic. It was kind of you not to mention the hideous snare though. I intended them to be dance tunes, whether they turned out to be dance tunes is another matter.
  16. If you send project file to Cakewalk they can usually find problems pretty quickly. I have also experienced some issues with tracks in folders, particularly for projects created with older versions of Cakewalk. I'm trying to build a project that consistently reproduces the issues I'm seeing for the bakers to play with.
  17. Are you a dance song lover? Do you believe that the music of Junior Walker and the All Stars and Archie Bell and the Drells and Booker T and the MG's represent the pinnacle of human sonic achievement? Do you find yourself doing the Electric Slide while you brush your teeth? Do you have a KC and the Sunshine Band lunchbox? Yeah? Then this is the thread for you! If you've recorded a dance song, whether intentionally or not, post it here! Let us hear your inner groove! Just to show you that quality is not a negative differentiator for the purposes of this thread, I'm posting two of mine, both recorded with more enthusiasm than talent or skill. Both were written to be dance songs, both have sonic issues (and boy, do they!) but I like the the way they are. I've shown mine, now its your turn!
  18. Thanks! Good catches, I appreciate the critical feedback! I think that sound is my wife watching TV. I don't have a studio, just a dinky untreated bedroom right next to the living room. I thought I got it all but must have left a sliver of it in there. I'm posting the lyrics on the site, but the first words of the song are, "Another long day boy, another long night." I know, I often sound like I have marbles in my mouth. That's actually something I'm working on. Thank you!
  19. Thank you, T, great of you to drop by! I hear ya, I kind of agree, but you know, I had no choice, the song wants what it wants. 😇
  20. Pretty fine groove with a bass sound I'd love to cop. Awesome chorus and a great mix.. I like the solo and the tones, except that its too short. Besides drinking all your beer, a real drummer will also steal your girlfriend.
  21. Thank you for giving it a shot, I appreciate your taking the time to comment.
  22. Kevin Walsh

    In Circles

    Great mix and a cool arrangement, I really enjoyed this one. I didn't hear the LP, but. I'm on the road and listening through these crappy Walmart buds so that may be why. Its a great road tune though. 😀
  23. I love dance music, doesn't matter what era its from. The Stroll, The Twist, Master Potato, Electric Slide, I love em all. This song scratches that itch for me too. Great vocals, arrangements, awesome mix and it made me want to dance! I once considered starting a thread for us to post our dance tunes and this brought that idea back. Great work!
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