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  1. Thanks for your feedback! Are you talking about the short little instrumental bit at the very beginning?
  2. Thank you! People are always telling me to turn down the bg vocals, guess I went too far.
  3. Good feedback as always., thank you!
  4. Thanks for everyone's great feed back. I've finished (yet another) remix and I think this song is ready for another round of criticism. Your input on ANY aspect of the song is most welcome! Happy New Year! Update: I've posted a new mix taking into account all of your feedback. Please let me know if it hits the mark better. Don't forget to refresh the page before listening. Thank you!
  5. My goal is to get the hardware and software out of the way of letting things flow. When I have to restart the DAW or wait for something to finish it destroys the vibe.
  6. 😲 No way! I am in the Always Upgrade Always camp, which is imho vastly superior to the "Always use obsolete hardware in a futile attempt to get developers to write more efficient code" camp. Faster is always better. Always. I will certainly update my 3950X to a 5950X after the holidays. The IPC and clock improvements are simply to great to ignore.
  7. Kevin Walsh


    Nice work! I feel your mixing pain. I finally broke down and bought a pair of Slate VSX headphones. Has a plugin with a bunch of different room emulations (including two cars, lol). Oh man, what a difference. They were a little pricey but they are way cheaper than getting a decent set of monitors and fixing the acoustics in my room. I'm not endorsing them, mind you, just telling you what I did to try to solve the very same problem with bass that you describe.
  8. Thank you Daryl, I appreciate you listening closely enough to find that!
  9. Well, much as I hate the licensing technology, you can't really complain about their support desk. They got back to me and after uploading a system information file turns out that the license manager had bound to a built in network connection that I've never used and never had a network cable connected to. I had tried the disable/re-enable thing they tell you to but I didn't really think of the device I never use and which did not have a cable attached. In the end I actually had to connect a cable to it, disable all the other network connections on the box and refresh my licenses in Waves Central. And there they were. I quickly moved them to the cloud and from there to a USB thumb drive that will henceforth live on the back plane of my PC. He couldn't explain why it connected to the unused NIC except to speculate that if I disconnected the cable from my main one for some reason it would mess things up. Whatever the case, it's actually the third time this has happened and the first time I was able to get by without waiting for a year to go by before I could recover the licenses. I suggested that this licensing scheme is fraught with peril for un-technical people, a comment for which the support guy had no response. What a pain.
  10. Amazing work, sounds fantastic on my cheapo phone buds. Great performance of a great song. Looking forward to the next installments!
  11. Nailed it. Good song that gets the vibe, more please.
  12. You're right, but I lose stuff on a pretty regular basis, and thumb drives are right at the top of the list of most frequent things that get lost.
  13. Exactly my point! I do like the CLA2A quite a bit but I've found Kush's AR-1 to sound pretty great.
  14. Thank you, Kenny, I'm glad to hear you liked it!
  15. Philip, fear not, I'm very grateful for your feedback. I've been thinking along the same lines with respect to the arrangement. I struggle to push a song out of the path that it's laid for itself, and this one seemed to want a simple repetitive vibe. I think I have to let this one sit for some time until the grooves in my brain fade a bit and allows me to see other possibilities for it. Thanks again for your criticism, it's very welcome indeed.
  16. Great stuff, Kenny! Three very different pieces and all of them are going in to my study pile. Personal favorite is "To Thine Own Self Be Blue". You always put together a solid mix with killer guitar tones. You're going to have to talk about how you record one of these days.
  17. Yeah, I wish it would work. It shows a new "connected drive" with no licenses and a "disconnected drive" with all of my licenses. I was able to select and move three licenses to the cloud but the other four defy every attempt to correct things. I never thought I'd pine for an ilok solution. 😀
  18. Just like the documents say to do, right. Did it work? No. Why? I don't know. I've contacted support. This is the third time this has happened in the last year.
  19. Damn them and their stupid license management scheme. It's tied to your NIC and if you foolishly forget and disable a NIC for some reason, goodbye Waves plugin licenses until you can recover them sometime NEXT YEAR. Seriously, just slap me.
  20. Such a cool song! A memorable melody with a really good chorus. I very much enjoy the tone of your vocals here. Reminds me of Donovan. The mix sounds kind of reverby and thick and confused to my ears, like some of the instruments and are competing for my attention. There's also a sheen of harsh highs that detract from the really nice retro vibe you're establishing. Again, such a cool song!
  21. Thank you, Mark, I appreciate you taking the time to listen!
  22. Thanks for giving it chance! I'm really glad you dug it, thank you!
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