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  1. Thanks for the kind feedback, Bob! That say a lot coming from the master of great vocals, harmonies, arrangements and mixes, I'm humbled!
  2. Killer and the lyrics hit too close to home for comfort. Great video too! The mix is sublime and your playing is first rate.
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    Great stuff, really takes me back to my glory days. If this had been released in 1973 you'd have gone to straight to arenas. Really fantastic!
  4. I guess I posted this song a few years ago on the old forum and I've reworked the mix and some instrumentation in this new version and I'd thought I'd make it my first post in the new songs forum. Let me know what you think! https://www.bandlab.com/kevinwal/angry-girl-05473 Updated: We'll I've re-worked the mix, trying to take into account the great feedback I've gotten. The same link above should take you to the new version. I've fixed some things that have always bugged me about the original mix and there are other things that I'm unsure about, so I'd appreciate just a little more of your ear-time and comments on what's there now. Thanks again for everyone's great comments!
  5. Sounds great to me, real Leon Russell vibe happening there.
  6. Great! Really well done, enjoyed this a lot! The only nit I have is that because you're going for that 60's wall of sound thing, your lead vocals are bit too forward and a bit too high fi. But that's just a niggly little thing. This is a really good version of this tune, you should be proud of it.
  7. I'm here, love rock. Some metal. Im on bandlab too. https://www.bandlab.com/kevinwal
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