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  1. It depends on the theme. I guess you are asking about Mercury. In that case: Green is 32bit VST Brown in 64bit VST Blue is 64bit VST3 and DX
  2. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.10.html
  3. I think this follows the recipe running in CbB 2019.01 build 27 The video starts after opening the MIDI file and shows adding 2 folders between tracks 2 and 3, resizing a track 3 and removing both folders with undo. Check the lens menu. Try setting it to none if a lens is specified.
  4. scook

    Old Cakewalk Versions

    Yes, in fact you should install Platinum then upgrade to CbB. That way CbB can use all the plug-ins and content bundled with Platinum (and earlier versions of SONAR too). Here is a more detailed reply to a similar question Since CbB requires an internet connection to activate with BandLab Assistant might as well use the Cakewalk Command Center to install Platinum. It is the easiest way to get everything installed and activated. But before Platinum and CbB installs read the reply linked above. There is a handy spreadsheet of bundled plug-ins by version in the thread I link. Check it out too.
  5. V-Vocal was dropped after SONAR X2 and replaced with Melodyne Essential in X3 Studio/Producer and SONAR Professional/Platinum. CbB includes a trial version of Melodyne Editor.
  6. AFAIK, there is only one feature that completely prevents a project saved in CbB from opening in SONAR 8.5 - aux tracks and patch points. Projects containing these will immediately shutdown. Other than that, projects saved using CbB will display a warning but should continue to open.
  7. VEGAS Pro plug-ins are in the DirectX Audio Effects and DirectX Media Objects categories in the Plug-in Manager. They may be hidden from CbB by selecting the plug-ins and clicking the "Exclude Plug-in" button just under the Plug-in Categories. This only affects CbB.
  8. Dragging a clip from an audio track to an instrument or MIDI track in X3 or newer (including CbB) rely on the Melodyne VST3 plug-in. Other ways to create MIDI from audio that do not use Melodyne are V-Vocal, AudioSnap and the DrumReplacer.
  9. VST Persist Compatibility must be implemented by the plug-in manufacturer it is not something Cakewalk can do for the plug-in manufacturer.
  10. scook

    Track icons.

  11. There is no install button once CbB is installed. There is an update button. The update process was changed slightly starting with CbB 2018.11. Now BA will download one of two files depending on the version of CbB installed. If running the most recent version, BA downloads a CbB update file. This is a much smaller file than the full CbB installer containing only the parts updated since the last release. This file will only work with the previous production release. If this is the initial install or updating from an older release of CbB, BA downloads the full CbB installer. Either way, updates do not stop for user input so one must be quick when making a copy of the CbB installer in %appdata%\bandlab-assistant\Downloads (although I just noticed Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Setup_25.01.0.27.exe and my copy are in the download folder days after the update).
  12. And the answer to clock vs. cores is.....both. The best solution is a fast clock and high core count. If one has to choose, do not give up too much clock for a few extra cores.
  13. One other thing to consider, when running at low latency, plug-in load balancing may be turned off even when the option is enabled. The documentation covers how to adjust this feature.
  14. A bus has no data to freeze but it may be bounced. Bounce everything possible through a bus or two to create a submix and archive the bounced tracks/buses after bounce. Aside from quick groups and control groups, folders are a quick way to archive a group of tracks. As far as a CPU conservation option there is this.
  15. Only plug-ins in the Clip FX racks get applied when bouncing clips. Effects in the PC or Track FX Racks are not. Process > Apply Effect > Audio Effects from the menu to destructively apply effects. Freeze or bounce tracks to apply PC and Track FXs.
  16. If you prefer, before upgrading you could try rolling SONAR back and forward to see if re-installing it fixes the problem. I have my doubts whether rollback or CbB upgrade will fix this issue but they are free to explore. Could also try a clean install of Platinum. From the info provided, the plug-ins should work in Platinum. If you do elect to upgrade to CbB make sure leave Platinum installed so that CbB can use all the software bundled with Platinum.
  17. The Command Center is active for SONAR and the legacy products shown in the Command Center. Cakewalk By BandLab uses a different install/activation tool called BandLab Assistant. I supplied a link in my previous post describing how to upgrade from SONAR. CbB, a 64bit only DAW based on the unreleased SONAR Platinum 2017-11, must be activated online using BandLab Assistant. The upgrade retains Platinum and adds new folders for CbB just like a SONAR upgrade.
  18. Yeah, this is likely something system specific. Could add Cakewalk byBandLab (the BandLab upgrade from SONAR) using BandLab Assistant to the system and see if it fixes the problem. If it does not at least there is support@cakewalk.com. They may be able to help if supplied a dump from CbB.
  19. Going to need to install the Platinum core (The top level SONAR Platinum link in the Command Center) to be able to install all the Platinum plug-ins. Unlike X3 and older, there is no advanced install option for Platinum. There are several installers though. To save about 50% of the space used by Platinum (excepting the samples for DP and Rapture Session) skip the tutorial install. Can also skip the SONAR Theme editor; CbB has its own. Include the local documentation if you want a relatively recent pdf and chm file. There is a hack to add the old SONAR chm to CbB but there will be missing pages. All the other legacy plug-ins from X3 and older may be installed with actually installing the DAW EXCEPT V-Vocal. To get V-Vocal requires a minimal installation of the DAW. Here is what that option looks like in X2 Producer The legacy LP plug-ins were dropped from Platinum when the L-Phase plug-ins were added. The easiest way to get these back is an advanced install from X3 or older. It is good idea when installing the actual DAW (in this example X2, Platinum and CbB) they be installed oldest first. While the installers are pretty smart about not overwriting newer files it can happen with unexpected results. Installing in order prevents lost updates. When running SONAR installers advanced option for plug-ins only, order does not matter. In fact, these installs may be deferred until a project is encountered with missing plug-ins.
  20. Response time likely depends on the question and how backed up they are which varies from day to day.
  21. Maybe this is about BandLab (the DAW that runs in Chrome) and not about Cakewalk By BandLab. Won't know until the OP returns.
  22. I believe this is a similar thread
  23. Did the email have any attachments? Email is not possible from the old Cakewalk web page. Could open a ticket directly with https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  24. There are a few things about the AUD.INI. None of which appear to big performance issues but each machine is different. The project and picture cache are on the system drive. Given the machine has multiple drives, it may be better to put these elsewhere. This may already be done with directory junctions. Can't tell from AUD.INI entries. If possible put the picture cache on a non-system drive that does not contain project audio. I use a regular HD for my project audio and needed a little larger DiskBufSize. I double the default to 512. UseMMCSS is set to 0. The default is 1 and the help advises to leave it at 1. Sometimes the help is not accurate but it may be worth testing the default value. FileBitDepth is set to 16. This is not a performance issue but most would recommend projects record bit depth of at least 24. ExtraPluginBufs is set to 0. With 32GB of RAM it can't hurt to give a little extra memory to plug-ins. I changed this to 32. DropoutMsec is set to 250. I increased this on my PC to 750. With the exception of UseMMCSS and FileBitDepth, I cannot recommend my values for any machine but my own. These just stand out as differences from my config.
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