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  1. I can't get the pointer on the edge to change. BUT, the SHIFT button works as well. Ayayay, I dont know why I thought it was CTRL. Tried combining it with other buttons too. Thank you!
  2. Hi, All my templates have reverted to the factory version. Any idea why? The only major thing I've done the last week has been the Cakewalk update, that I can remember. Appreciate you
  3. Just found out a work around is pressing F8 to switch to the Edit Tool. *Would be nice for the default to be to just hover at the end of the clip with the Smart Tool, like it is when working outside of lanes.
  4. Hi, When working with lanes, and I try to hover the smart tool over the end of a clip so I can change its size, the smart tool changes to the one where it'll change the size of the selected clip, but will also change the size of other clips, in inverse manner. Sorry I dont know the name of the tool, but it looks like a double flag. So I have to move the clip to another track, make the size change, then return to original track. Is there a setting I can change? Thank you very much for your help
  5. Hi CW, I am running Melodyne 4 essential and using it as Region FX. When I go into Note Assignment Mode, the screen that shows the notes jumps to a different part of the song. So for example I am trying to edit a note in bar 1, when I go to Note assignment mode, the melodyne screen switches to bar 4. However on Cakewalk I see bar 1 and when I hit play I also hear bar 1, but Melodyne shows it is on bar 4. So it is impossible for me to cut the note at the right spot if I cannot see it on the screen as it is playing. This happens with none of the notes are selected btw. Please help! Thank you as always!
  6. Hi all, I re-installed Cakewalk and the metronome sound is missing. When I go to preferences/use audio metronome and click on the drop down for first beat/other beats, it is completely blank. No sound coming out. Any ideas? Thank you
  7. I uninstalled Melodyne from Windows uninstaller, and before I re-installed I opened up Cakewalk and it's still there (Although program detected 3 less plugins on startup and rebuilt plugin menu). I tried using that one and whole Cakewalk crashes. Any ideas? Thank you!
  8. As a plugin as well. Let me try this out. Thank you as always
  9. Hi, I've updated Melodyne and it works as a standalone. However inside Cakewalk the older version of Melodyne comes up. How can I fix this? Thank you
  10. I really thought that it was bad manufacturing as well. But I also saw a video review with the same issue on the LX49. So it probably comes from a flaw in the design. Its a shame because otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.
  11. You're underselling it a little bit. Take a look at page 21 here. You can do a lot more and customize a good bit. My favorite is the two led lights underneath the knob above the controls. When you switch tracks one of the led lights will light up red to let you know which way to turn before the knob is in sync with the software. 750-ImpactGX61_detail5.jpg.auto.webp
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