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  1. To name the notes for the instruments in the kit either create a drum map or a step sequencer template. Drum maps may be used in the the PRV and Step Sequencer. A step sequencer template is a pattern file created in Step Sequencer. It usually only contains the custom note names but may also contain any other step sequencer data.
  2. As has already been mentioned, this was the subject of several threads in the old forum and a few in this one too. Meng has stated CbB will always be free. There may be paid add-ons at some point but so far none have been released. Here is a quote from one of the recent discussions on this subject
  3. Email support@cakewalk.com or create a ticket at https://help.bandlab.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. CHORDS.CWC is created by the Chord Properties dialog when changes are saved. The file is not in the CbB installers.
  5. I was hoping someone with experience with this feature would reply. I do not use the staff view for much but from messing with it today, it appears the Chord Properties dialog writes to %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\CHORDS.CWC. If this file exists, CbB uses it instead of the default chords.liw in the same folder. Remove or rename CHORDS.CWC and CbB reverts to using chords.liw. If the liw files (there are two: chords.liw and chordsnew.liw which appear to be identical) are missing from the folder - hold the SHIFT key, right-click the CbB icon and Open the program to restore the missing files. This works for any of the files installed by CbB that may be missing from your user directory.
  6. The surround panner replaces the stereo panner whenever a track output/send is routed to a surround bus. Remove the surround bus and the panner returns to stereo.
  7. Things have changed a little bit since this thread Here is a better description of what happens now
  8. Might help to know which DAW version too
  9. scook

    Popping sounds

  10. BandLab Assistant downloads, activates and updates Cakewalk by BandLab. The installation details are here. Even if your friend secured the Cakewalk installer by some other means, if activation is failing, the source of the installer would not matter. Maybe they need to temporarily turn off their virus scanner and make sure their firewall is not interfering with the software.
  11. There is no reason to choose. Leave SONAR installed and install CbB using BandLab Assistant. CbB installs next to 64bit SONAR allowing access to both DAWs. In fact, this is BandLab's recommendation for SONAR users. Everything bundled with 64bit SONAR Professional will be available in CbB. Most of the differences are bug fixes and updates since SONAR development stopped in 2017. Those changes are detailed here. One of the plug-in differences between SONAR Professional and CbB is the fly-out feature in the Quad Curve EQ. Here is an image of the fly out from http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=ProChannel.06.html Some of the other things missing from SONAR Professional included with CbB are the Drum Replacer, VocalSync, plug-in load balancing, theme editor, MIDI Transform tool, several PC modules, zplane élastique audio stretching and pitch shifting.
  12. Either the device does not have an ASIO driver or the ASIO driver is not installed.
  13. The ASIO specification requires the host to use one I/O driver at a time. If the microphone has an ASIO driver and the driver is installed, in order to use the microphone in ASIO driver mode, all audio input and outputs in preferences must be deselected before the microphone may be selected in preferences. Once selected in preferences, the device will appear in audio input and output drop downs. To use the Realtek chip for output and the microphone for input requires a different driver mode or ASIO4All which aggregates WDM drivers and presents them to the DAW as a single ASIO driver.
  14. A directory junction should work. It would be easy enough to test. The program folder is so small (<160MB), I leave old versions in "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk" and run them directly out of the program version folder. No need to mess with a directory junction. Keep in mind all versions of CbB use the same "Shared Utilities" folder.
  15. Almost anything may be added to the Utilities menu. CbB will pass audio clips to any program that accepts an audio file as an argument on its command line. Setting the "Type" in ToolEditor to WaveEditor is what tells CbB to send the clip to the other program.
  16. In the ToolsEditor Use the Edit drop down to select the item to delete Click the Delete button at the bottom of the tool If running the ToolEditor from the inside the DAW, changes will not show up until the DAW is restarted.
  17. After downloading the zip, unzip the file, the program anywhere you wish and run it. If running the ToolEditor from the inside the DAW (not a requirement), changes will not show up until the DAW is restarted.
  18. Usually the cause is a bad entry in the registry "Type" field. The type should be WaveEditor, all one word, no spaces. One way to avoid problems when adding to the Tools section of the Utility menu is use the Tool Editor that I wrote some time ago. It is available on my Google page. The readme pdf includes an example of how to setup SF11.
  19. Pretty sure the EQ was an in-house development along with most of the other modules. Softube added the Saturation knob and offered a collection of paid modules. While the Softube bundle is no longer sold, the PC modules are still included with the individual plug-ins that were part of the bundle. Overloud developed the tape and console modules. The PX-64 and VX-64 foreshadowed the original PC. Both are multi-function plug-ins in which the individual "modules" could be arranged in any order. The original PC had dedicated effect slots just like these plug-ins. This is why the PC76 U-Type Channel Compressor and PC4K S-Type Bus Compressor modules cannot be loaded into the same PC. These were developed for the original X1 PC which had one compressor slot. While the one slot for each effect type restriction was removed with the introduction of the modular PC in X1 Producer Expanded these modules were never updated to the new design. There are quite a few threads about the PC modules in the old forum.
  20. CbB is only available as a download using BA. There is no direct download of CbB. There is no need to uninstall anything. The link I provided above is for the latest version of BA.
  21. As a rule, BA must be current in order to update CbB. The solution I provided is for problems updating BA. If the problem is updating CbB, there is no solution other than persistence and possibly a better internet connection.
  22. Grab a fresh copy of BA here (direct download of BA from https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk)
  23. Track Manager dialog The keyboard shortcut for the dialog is H
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