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  1. If they were scanner prior to running as administrator, the plug-ins may be in the excluded list. Try a manual scan with "Rescan Failed Plugins" enabled. After running the manual scan make sure to uncheck the rescan option.
  2. Old IKM software may need the DAW run as administrator when using Vista and newer.
  3. Wonder if ExtraPluginBufs would help. Read about this AUD.ini parameter here.
  4. OK, I remember this plug-in now (after dealing with its installer again). The reason the process provided in the previous thread does not work for your case is the previous example was taking data from the controller through the MIDI Shape Shifter into the synth input. What you need to do is send the controller directly to the synth and have a separate connection from the MIDI Shape Shifter for remote control. To so this: Insert MIDI Shape Shifter as an instrument track Add a MIDI track with its input set to MIDI Shape Shifter, output to a virtual MIDI cable (LoopBe1 and LoopMIDI are free) and input echo on Insert a synth with its input to the controller (not MIDI Shape Shifter) Now remote control should work. Remote control is an old method of connecting control data to automation parameters and has its limits. ACT was introduced years ago to for binding control data to plug-in parameters. I have not messed with ACT.
  5. Yes drawing velocity and controllers happens in the controller pane. Here is an example drawing velocity using the smart tool. There is a "Show/Hide Controller Pane" setting on the PRV View menu. The controller pane may be resized by dragging the sash between the notes and controller panes.
  6. There is a link to the online help in the Cakewalk by BandLab menu at the top of the forum. The PITA right now is search. The old website only searches the old Gibson/Cakewalk help pages. Often this is enough and can be refined to SONAR Platinum/Professional/Artist resulting in the most recent SONAR page. Substituting Cakewalk for SONAR in the url often gets the right CbB page. Between that and clicking the context help in the software, most pages are easy to find. Then there are the "new features" in SONAR. Those can take some time to find in the Cakewalk help.
  7. ATM, the main BandLab page is a social media site with an integrated Chrome-based DAW called BandLab. Only in the last couple of BA and CbB releases has data exchange between the DAWs been possible. We will have to see what happens as the process matures.
  8. I miss brundlefly. Learned a lot from his posts. I hope to learn more from the new improved model. Still believe in RTFM and will continue to provide links in replies. Saves on typing and hopefully provides a starting point for learning about CbB. Anxiously awaiting the addition of search for CbB documentation.
  9. "Downloads " points to your Documents\BandLab folder where sounds are download from BA and data exchange happens between BandLab and CbB. "System Folder" points to %appdata%\bandlab-assistant\Downloads where BA downloads itself and CbB updates.
  10. AFAIK, all Cakewalk products may still be installed and activated, including products released after SONAR 8.5. Do you know differently?
  11. Chances are you do not own any software you purchased. Most software companies sell licenses to use their software. They do not sell their software outright. BandLab purchased IP from Gibson. That IP included the code for SONAR and other Cakewalk products. BandLab developed a new product based on that code and provide licenses to use that software free of change.
  12. The activation scheme is similar to last version of SONAR without the ability to activate offline. The thread containing Noel's quote posted above is still active.
  13. It is not a conspiracy theory when one misquotes another users and then uses the misquote out of context.
  14. Referring to the software in general as "leased" (or rented) is misleading as most users do not understand IT terminology (especially without providing the context in which the term was used) and would think the lease is a contract involving the exchange of money for goods and services. In this case lease refers to the time a token is valid for an authentication process. IOW, it is a technical term with a specific context and using the term outside of that context to describe the software is incorrect.
  15. If no one provides a solution, I'll try to make some time later to take a look at this. In the mean time, for auto-panning take a look at Sonitus Surround.
  16. Documentation usually takes a little longer to update
  17. or click on What's New? in the CbB help menu
  18. I appreciate Azslow's effort but as an aging Tcler, it would get a lot more use by if it used a Tcl engine instead of Lua. Don't have anything against Lua, I know it is an extremely popular scripting language just have my own preferences. Now if Variorum want's a challenge, create an MFX wrapper for Tcl. One that takes advantage of the TK graphical toolkit.
  19. Cakewalk will break up MIDI data entered in the PRV based on the space between notes. I have no idea where the clip was copied or how the tracks in the project are setup. There are a variety of video tutorials on basic operations. Most of them are for older Cakewalk products but a lot information still applies. Some tutorials on an older Cakewalk product targeted for beginners are here Here are more tutorials feature a product more like current Cakewalk product. Some users have created their own tutorials and there are quite a few on Youtube. Cakewalk has quite a learning curve and it may take some time and a little study to get up to speed.
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