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  1. http://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013364/Setting-up-a-Drum-Map-for-Addictive-Drums-2-in-SONAR The paths in the article are for "SONAR X3 Producer" Replace "SONAR X3 Producer" with "Cakewalk Core"
  2. imgur.com works every time. Were the images on that site?
  3. If it worked in SONAR, it should work in CbB. I do not have the device but may be able to help with a little more info. Which version of SONAR does it work with? Can you describe how you are adding the plug-in to the project and how the instrument assignment is made?
  4. Email service from the legacy site is off. Attempts to change anything regarding your user account fails because the confirming email is not sent out. To change any information on your account contact support directly.
  5. scook


    Yeah, more details would help. Depending on the product and OS, it may require running as supervisor. There is limited support for old Cakewalk products via support@cakewalk.com. Do NOT use the links in the old Cakewalk website for support. They do not work.
  6. If other drum synth makers would follow Fxpansion (BFD2 and 3) and Cakewalk (Session Drummer2 and 3) implementing the appropriate VST2 opcode, the kit pieces would show up in the notes pane without any action on the users part. That said, I have no problem using drum maps. There were a few essential bug fixes made post-X3. Creating new maps is still a typing exercise. There is a tool to convert .ins formatted text files to basic drum maps which speeds things up a bit.
  7. There is no mention of an audio track. A soft synth requires either an instrument track or at least one MIDI track and one audio track to play MIDI back as Audio. The Insert Soft Synth Option dialog may be setup to add just a MIDI track.
  8. The default location is C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Plugins The file for the Sonitus Compressor is called fxCompressorDX.ini
  9. Depends on how it was saved. There are two preset managers available to the Sonitus Compressor. The one circled in red stores presets to the registry. The one circled in green stores to disk.
  10. The only way with SI-Drums is either run multiple instances of the synth or mute and bounce each instrument to its own lane or track. If you prefer to put all the MIDI data in one track - a drum map can drive multiple synths so, it is possible to have a single MIDI track routed by instrument to its own instance of SI-Drums.
  11. In the past rather than delete feature requests, the user would simple add [Implemented] to the subject. In this case, the OP was a question about the current implementation of CbB with an implied feature request. Rather than delete the thread, it may help others if the subject was restored and the the thread either left here marked implemented or moved to the CbB Q&A section marked answered.
  12. Some get the blast of noise, some get no sound from the presets using the Valleys Simulator in 64bit Pentagon I.
  13. Here is the fix for the registry to allow Pentagon I to load without running the DAW as administrator
  14. I guess it depends on the definition of a virtual controller. The title of its help page is "Virtual Controller/Keyboard" The Virtual Controller/Keyboard MIDI output may be recorded.
  15. By default in folders below "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins\Session Drummer 3\Contents\Programs" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cakewalk\Vstplugins\Session Drummer 3\Contents\Programs"
  16. Pentagon I is a DX plug-in. P5 is a 32bit DAW so the Pentagon I it sees is 32bit. Install a 64bit version of Pentagon I to use it in CbB. Pentagon I is not part of CbB or SONAR Platinum so, use an advanced install of an older 64bit version of SONAR to get the plug-in.
  17. There are no shortcuts to add plug-ins to a project but there are several ways to alter velocity in MIDI clips including a couple that may be bound to keyboard shortcuts such as CAL scripts (there are several velocity related scripts bundled with CbB), Find/Change and Scale Velocity.
  18. An instrument track is easily split to audio+MIDI and the Add Track dialog called by "Insert instrument" has options to select a synth (D in the image below), add separate audio and MIDI tracks in a folder (I, J and K in the image below) just like the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog called by the other methods for inserting synths. The insert soft synth options dialog does have a few options not available on the Add Tracks dialog: Toggles for "Enable Synth Output," "Recall Assignable Controls," opening the "Synth Properties Page" and "Synth Rack View" A drop down for selecting the track to display automation
  19. CbB has a virtual MIDI controller It is also possible to directly enter MIDI data in the Piano Roll View, Staff View and Step Sequencer View. Instrument and MIDI tracks in the track view also have an inline Piano Roll View.
  20. All three track types are in the menu. "Insert Instrument" was added around Feb. 2016.
  21. The "X" in Windows decorations closes the UI but does not shut down BA. This is common for programs that run in the background like BA that have user interfaces. Check out the other programs in the notification area.
  22. Merged OP with a second thread on a similar subject by the same user Both the start screen and BA are chrome based apps
  23. This is how chrome based apps work. Signing out does not shut down the program. To shut down BA use the Quit bottom on the same screen as the sign out button.
  24. Get the latest version of BA using the direct download link https://www.bandlab.com/download/assistant/windows
  25. The suggestion to use an external virtual keyboard and MIDI cable was for driving the Matrix view. It could work as a virtual controller for soft synth like SI-Electric-Piano but the built-in virtual controller in CbB works too. Unfortunately, the built-in controller does not work with the Matrix view. As a rule, the keyboards on synths like SI-Electric Piano are intended to audition the synth. It is not possible to record MIDI data from the SI-Electric Piano using its keyboard but it is possible to record the synths audio. To do so instrument tracks must be split into their audio and MIDI tracks.
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