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  1. I'm currently working on the most comprehensive and complete video on Cakewalk by Bandlab's workflow issues. Still editing everything but it's coming along.
  2. I'm working on a Youtube video right now that showcases every workflow issue with Cakewalk and detailed explanations on what can be improved.
  3. Yeah. I use Ableton Live and Cakewalk frequently. Love both and find great use in both. There's about 40 things I absolutely hate about both...
  4. I'm literally working on a highly detailed video that showcases all the areas in which Cakewalk's workflow can be improved. I wish I could finish it a little sooner but I have a day job so I don't have as much time as I'd like to devote to it, but it should be ready by the middle of this week.
  5. With the new vector-based UI, does this mean vertical zoom could show more tracks without scrolling? I've always envied how Logic, PT, Cubase, Studio One and all the other major DAWs could vertical zoom so much you could literally see 100+ tracks without scrolling. This would really help with people who do film scoring where they're working with templates of 200+ tracks or more.
  6. Thanks, Neil. Issue was completely resolved in this latest release (2022.02 build 029)!
  7. So sorry about that! I'll be sure to test out the newest one! Thanks for the quick response!
  8. However, my prior complaint stands. This new Early Release messes up Auto-tune Pro, causing a distortion effect on stereo tracks. I just rolled back to the current release and the problem is gone. So this is indeed a bug in this Early Release.
  9. *sigh* My God I'm having a lot of problems I really don't have time for. OK, so I uninstalled Cakewalk by Bandlab and now I can't re-install it, because my Bandlab Assistant under Cakewalk keeps saying "Update" and not "Install". But I uninstalled Cakewalk. So I click "Update" and it just sits there forever at "Downloading (0/0)". Is anybody else experiencing this issue? It seems that Bandlab Assistant still thinks Cakewalk by Bandlab is installed on my computer when it isn't. I restarted my computer and I'm running into the same issue. I uninstalled and then re-installed Bandlab Assistant. Same issue. I can't possibly be the only one having this issue.
  10. Is anybody else's Bandlab Assistant screwing up? Is it down or something? I uninstalled Cakewalk to re-install the current release (sorry but this Early Release ain't it) but now it's not letting me install Cakewalk at all. It's stuck at 0/0 Downloading.
  11. Show-stopping bug, here. Auto-tune Pro on a Stereo track does not work properly anymore. It creates a weird chorus effect or it distorts the sound entirely.
  12. I do want to be clear I still think Cakewalk is awesome and I love it. Trust me, I have FAR more scathing things to say on the Ableton forum, and they never listen to me...
  13. Still my favorite DAW but at this point I've just resigned to the fact this will always be a buggy and crash-prone DAW. Pro tip: ALWAYS have auto-save ON, saving at least every 2 minutes. It crashes, far, far more often than any other DAW I use. Ableton for instance, it's like night and day as far as stability. Cakewalk crashes at least once or twice every time I use it. Something as simple as moving or transposing an audio clip can cause it to randomly hang or crash for no apparent reason. It's never really the same predictable thing (transposing audio makes it crash A LOT). It's just a capricious, rickety, buggy program and always will be. I would imagine it's probably built on a lot of bad and buggy code and it would take way too much time to rewrite a lot of it. It's still a very good program, but people just have to know that going in. ALWAYS have Auto-save on. Although to be fair Cakewalk will sometimes crash while trying to Auto-save, which at our studio we call "Cakewalk tripping and falling again". That said, I know and appreciate the fact the Bakers are trying very hard to make the program more stable.
  14. BIG TIP: When using Opus, make sure to choose as your MIDI Input MIDI Ch. 1 of the MIDI controller. Leaving it at MIDI Omni will cause your MIDI to triple-record.
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