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  1. Enabling Zero Controllers When Play Stops in preferences may help.
  2. scook

    Input Echo Latency

    The plug-in delay compensation used by the project is the maximum delay needed for any track or bus in the project to keep everything in sync. Bypassing the effects on any track or bus may not affect PDC if the delay needed to keep it in sync is less than or equal to the delay needed to keep any other track or bus in sync. For live tracks take a look at the PDC button in the mix module.
  3. CbB does not include Rapture. Here are the plug-ins bundled with CbB. If Rapture is installed and is running properly in Platinum then it should run properly in CbB. Does it run properly as a stand alone synth or in Platinum?
  4. Not directly, it is a hardware synth. The audio card needs to have some way to route the audio out back to the inputs (maybe "What you Hear" setting). While the GS Wavetable synth is convenient for playing MIDI for best results in CbB use TTS-1.
  5. If you do not have hardware synths attached to CbB, consider disabling the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth in preferences. With no MIDI output devices enabled in preferences, opening a MIDI file in CbB automatically adds and configures TTS-1 to play the file.
  6. The soft synth must be added to the project before it shows up in track drop downs. See this post
  7. Is it really the sound card generating the sound or the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth? If it is the sound card, what card is it? If using the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth consider adding the TTS-1 soft synth and an audio track to the project. Set the MIDI output to TTS-1 and the audio input to TTS-1.
  8. I believe BA is reading HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Installers\EE137A4A-E652-4652-9283-0DB37EC8849D from the registry to determine the status of CbB. When I remove this entry and start up BA I see the Update button instead of Open. A clean reinstall includes removing registry keys. The clean instructions for the last version of SONAR are published here. CbB works the same way except CbB should be uninstalled using BA, The registry entries are: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core (note: the BA entry is one level up in Installers so I am not sure a clean install will to BA whether Cakewalk is installed or not) The %appdata%\Cakewalk folder to delete is "Cakewalk Core" The content folder is "C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core"
  9. right click+drag to lasso clips with the smart tool
  10. After selecting notes, try CTRL+right click
  11. What happens if you try the Uninstall option on the Cakewalk menu in BandLab Assistant.
  12. Yes, the registry fix I linked above eliminates the need for elevated rights to run Pentagon.
  13. Chances are you are running SONAR as administrator and NOT running CbB as administrator. Here is a fix to the registry eliminating the need to run as administrator to load Pentagon.
  14. The DPC Latency Checker does not report accurate information in Win8 and newer. LatencyMon supports Win10.
  15. One more thing, CbB requires an internet connection to activate. Activation is performed during install using BandLab Assistant.
  16. Manufacturer support for SONAR 8.5 was discontinued a little after the release of SONAR X2 in 2012. This forum is one place where you may get questions related to SONAR answered. Install 64bit SONAR 8.5 before installing CbB to take advantage of the plug-ins bundled with SONAR. With SONAR installed CbB is added as an upgrade. Both SONAR and CbB will be available on the PC. If you used 32bit SONAR, consider installing it too. It will ease the transition to 64bit. CbB is a 64bit programs and runs best on Windows 10. Projects created in SONAR will open in CbB and vice versa. There are some things to consider. If a project uses 32bit DX plug-ins and the plug-ins were not ported to 64bit, CbB will not be able to load the plug-ins. Project created in CbB using patch points and aux tracks cannot be opened in SONAR 8.5.
  17. There is only one scanner used by both programs. That said there are some features that have been added to the scanner and CbB that X1 does not support. There is not enough detail in the OP to comment on whether this is a preference setting, scanner or plug-in issue.
  18. Yes. even if you retained the installers, it is easiest to let BandLab Assistant do the initial installation and activation. It is possible to retain installers but it is not as easy as it was prior to 2018-11. Here is an explanation of the current CbB update process. I too keep hot copies of prior versions. Started doing this when SONAR Platinum was released. In fact, I wrote a simple front end to let me switch between versions called Cakewalk Launchpad. The tool is available on my Google page. It has a few more features than starting the various version of SONAR/CbB. All the details are in the documentation. The only time a copy of a prior versions program folder may not be enough is when a problem is introduced in the shared programs. This rarely happens. Still it is possible. One could create copies of the "Shared Utilities" folder but unlike the CbB program folders, it is not possible to run multiple version of the "Shared Utilities" live. All version of CbB use the same registry entries that point to a single instance of "Shared Utilities." It is possible to swap out the entire "Shared Utilities" folder or individual programs in the folder. In the very rare instances when "Shared Utilities" is broken, I usually re-install. If I failed to retain the installed, I would use a backup.
  19. Yes, CbB automatically loads TTS-1 and performs the necessary setup to play a MIDI file using TTS-1 if there are no MIDI output devices selected in preferences. If there is a MIDI output device selected, CbB simply opens the MIDI file and does not load TTS-1.
  20. While waiting for the buttons, keep in mind the functions may be bound to keyboard shortcuts in preferences.
  21. In order to make an existing audio+MIDI track pair into an instrument track when the MIDI track has a drum map: remove the drum map, typically by pointing the MIDI track to the synth make the instrument track open the MIDI tab for the instrument track in the Inspector (in the video below, I had to change focus from and back to the instrument track to repaint the inspector) re-add the drum map
  22. Manual scan is fine. It is the rescan options that slow the scan down. The rescan options should be enabled only when trying to solve specific scanning problem and then immediately turned off.
  23. Both "rescan" options in preferences should be turned off. Not just the rescan for existing plug-ins. The image in the link shows the default scan options. Are yours different? If so, how? Does the scan toast actually show the plug-ins begin scanned? That is not normal. With the rescan options turned off, plug-ins should be scanned once.
  24. Just checked using CbB 2019-01 ( Don't have a problem switching between the default "Sort By" and custom layouts I created for FX and synths in the browser or FX Racks.
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