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  1. There is a 64bit version of Limiter 6
  2. There is nothing to move. There are some theme editor feature request threads in the Feedback Loop area. If you have a new feature request, create a new thread in Feedback Loop. Creating a single thread containing all the feature requests related to the theme editor is not how this forum works.
  3. Is the iLok License Manager installed and running?
  4. This is one of the earlier reports of the "Slide Over Old to Make Room" bug. The videos posted by the OP are still available. Not sure when the problem first appeared but the bug has been on file some time. My guess is the option worked before the X-series but has been mangling projects for years for those who continue to use the option. Fortunately we now have Ripple Edit.
  5. The tests may be performed on the exported audio files.
  6. If Drag and Drop - What to do with existing material is set to "Slide Over Old to Make Room" this is the cause of the problem. Do not use this option...ever. Set this to one of the other options and use Ripple Edit when "slide over" is needed.
  7. Perform a full install of 64bit Platinum if it is not already installed. Cakewalk Command Center is the easiest way to install and activate Platinum. Install AD2 using the XLN Installer. Install Melodyne from your Celemony account Download BandLab Assistant and install CbB. The instructions are here At this point all of the plug-ins in Platinum will be available in CbB.
  8. This is one way but the safest is a custom project template folder location. The installers write to the default location, a custom project template folder is not touched by the installer.
  9. Of course, Cakewalk and its VST scanner has nothing to do with Studio One and vice versa XLN issues with Windows updates are well known and covered in the XLN support link provided above. Like @abacab, I experienced no plug-in issues updating to 1809 in March.
  10. maybe this is the issue http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3195458
  11. Yes and they still show UAD plug-ins in two different paths
  12. If this is the case, then why did the images in this post show 2 different paths containing UAD plug-ins?
  13. Yeah, I failed to link the XLN support page about authorization https://www.xlnaudio.com/support/my-product-is-suddenly-not-authorized-wrong-computer-id-or-this-instrument-is-in-trial-mode. This is a common problem for XLN software. There have been cases in the past when plug-ins do not scan properly and instruments show up as effects. In this case, I would not try to force the plug-ins to synths because there a re likely other problems with the registry entries. That is why I suggested running a reset.
  14. Very unusual for the VST registry entries to change without some user action. A windows update would not alter this part of the registry. May want to run a VST reset from preferences. A VST reset clears the VST Inventory in the registry and re-scans all the plug-ins. Also may be a good time to make sure the re-scan options on the same page are turned off.
  15. For AD2 the templates already exist https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013364/Setting-up-a-Drum-Map-for-Addictive-Drums-2-in-SONAR but it is good practice to perform the exercise without the benefit of pre-made templates.
  16. Add a MIDI track and manually assign the output to the synth then re-save the template
  17. No need to search, just click enter after pasting the string.
  18. Try lowering the Beats value in the Loop Construction View
  19. appdata is a hidden folder try entering %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps in Windows Explorer
  20. yes, check out the video and link in this post
  21. Yes, loops available in BandLab Assistant may be used in Cakewalk by BandLab. Once a loop is downloaded, they are stored in folders in your Documents\BandLab which may be loaded into CbB either using drag and drop from BA or the folder itself.
  22. There have been quite a few bug fixes to the plug-ins bundled with SONAR 8.5. The fixes were included in the paid upgrades to SONAR 8.5. Support for SONAR 8.5 was dropped around 2013. Unless BandLab starts releasing more of the old Cakewalk products, it may be difficult to secure updates to the content bundled SONAR 8.5.
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