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  1. Hey Dave , thanks for posting this video. After about 2 mins of listening while staring at a non moving picture I wound up listening to this while surfing around at some guitar sites . It was a good listen in that regard , Glad I went there . all the best , Kenny
  2. Have A Happy birthday Mesh and Daryl . all the best , From me and Duke .
  3. Every Guitar I have ever played usually came with a G string on it as standard equipment . Edible Undies cost extra lol Kenny
  4. Next time she gets on your case make yourself a smoothie and throw in some Edible G Strings .... They can be highly nutritious and flavorful depending on where or who you got them from . Kenny
  5. Thanks Larry , that's better deal for sure ...still my wallet doth protest lol Oh boy as much as I hate to admit it , sometimes you just got to sit it out . BTW there must be a typo in the add ..on the far left under the Live banner it says "Flash Sale 25% OFF Ableton Live 10 - until July 11th only!" if that happens to be the case at least I have hope ......yet , some how i think it's still a typo ....time to go reach for the wah wah pedal and plug it in ... as far as what everybody else is saying ,,Yes, I think Live is a nice playground ......but I also think they are pricing themselves pretty far out there . I mean when you can buy a $1000.00 DAW such as Samplitude Suite for less than what my upgrade from Live 9 intro to Standard cost on sale ... I say eff it for now ....I don't want to have + $400.00 into a DAW I use once in a while ...at least w Traction I got the whole Kabang for 52 bucks ... instead of paying $69 bucks to upgrade to 10 ......I got Waveform 10 ....for $52 bucks .... I know a good deal when I get one Kenny
  6. Dude! what happened to our house ? I don't know , Did the general contractor eat up all our brownies again ? Oh Yeah , Those brownies were good . Now If I can only keep up this pace . I may even earn those Angel Wings sooner rather than later Kenny
  7. Thanks Larry , Decent deal at $ 277 from $369 if I go from Live 9 Intro to Live 10 Standard....with that thought my wallet jumped up and said "Hey Dude Reality Check" ... Now I'm thinking about B'itch slapping my wallet and saying "come on bro "🤪 Kenny
  8. ^^^^^^^ What ^^^^^^^^ Hey Man you have to admit That falling upstairs thing was pretty Deep Yeah Man, This all sounds so familiar . Are we having a Deja vue ? No Man! the herbal enhancements have finally kicked in . Now Shut Up and Keep Playing the Song Kenny
  9. I would Love to tell you but then I would be putting out a spoiler 🤐 Best bet would be for you to catch the video if you want to find out 😉 Kenny
  10. Hi Guys , Here is a nice video about The Gibson Les Paul . I wound up catching this video from a post on another guitar forum . It turns out the OP was the fella who created the video . Kenny
  11. Happy Birthday Steve AKA "The Legendary Strummy ! " I heard a story about him once 😉 Strummy! was at the hospital having some" Enis w a P " tests done . Science has often compared his "Enis 's abilities to Einsteins Brain ( whew what a whopper ) While he was in the exam room recovering he mumbled through his oxygen mask " Nurse are my testicles black ? " The Nurse raises his gown , holds his "Enis " in one hand while she holds his testicles in the other . She leans in , takes a close look , and says "There is nothing wrong with them Sir " Strummy! gently takes off his oxygen mask , smiles at her and says very slowly in a appreciative tone of voice " Thanks for that , it was lovely but listen too me very very carefully ....Are my test results back ? " Kenny
  12. 🤣 As far as the gun thing goes, in my case it's not a big deal ...The Truth is , I used it for a few reasons .... Clint's frustration in the pic I posted is close to how I feel sometimes when it comes to dealing with multiple DAW's Over a period of time I went out and got 14 of what are considered to be within the top 20 DAW's that people still talk about and end up on The Music Radars yearly lists for PC & Mac Aside from trying to learn an extra 10 DAW's with out much success, I have gotten bombarded with a ton of upgrade deals I don't seem to have the money for ... I can tell you this , at first this was all sweet and innocent . But man let me tell you ...at the time I was OK w it, then after a while it became like having 14 different girl scout troops knocking on my door every day trying to sell me cookies. That's how it started , then all the companies started getting real aggressive by switching tactics on me . They stopped using the oh look how cute girl scout tactic , then they tried to strong arm me into spending my money .... Anyway , I blame CCLarry for that Last Part ..... I think he may be a double agent 🤣 just kidding Larry Kenny
  13. It is any type of gun you want it too be 😀 Are you Happy to see me ? Clint move over ..It is time for some Gun Toting Girl Power Kenny
  14. Honestly , I wont list all the DAW's I have currently or have used .. I will say when I was buying them and going through the honeymoon phase , I thought I was having a good time . Then I woke up one day and realized I was becoming a Jack Off All These DAW's and a Master of None ... Now I keep it simple ..Cakewalk , Reaper , Mixbus . Alright , all you extra DAW's , I want you all to line up over by the front gate single file . Get Off My Lawn Now. You are clogging up my workflow .I ain't got the time to read the manual . Kenny
  15. Oh Yeah, That's my kinda Hot Llama Mamma 🤣🤣🤣 Kenny
  16. Woah , that LLama is sort of cute in a weird sort of way I must confess , looking at it seems to be bringing out my Inner Kinky .... All it needs now to seal the deal is a good set of Knee Pads 🤣 Kenny
  17. Hey you sound good there Chuck . Yeah man I understand why you did all that .. The whole effing world is trying to tell me all the time what to play , who to play like and how to compress it ...LOL I say , Sometimes you just got to play the guitar balls to the walls after pulling your balls out and letting the world hear you still got a set ... I hope when you were done recording your guitar playing , you threw a large raw steak into your guitar case as a reward to your guitar for delivering all those fret board scorching guitar tones ... all the best, Kenny
  18. This tune came out nice Freddy , I enjoyed listening to the song ..I did have to repeat a section here and there to catch some of the lyrics . Yeah man concerning the songs message ...I'm right there .....ssshhhh don't tell any one ...lol Actually saw something that blew my head today ...I was in the gym working out and I saw an older fella working out near me ... I asked him how old he was and he told me he was 93 years old ...I was like WTF ...I thought he could have been 70 ...he got a kick out of my reaction ... Yeah I want to be more like him in 30 years .....if I can make it not what it is now for me , a crusty ole dried up and bitter about every thing that happens in my life including the state of my rented lawn version of kenny
  19. Wow that song came out very nice . This song reminds me of the type of music and songs I would listen to before I got ridiculously into the guitar player types of music I wound up alienating myself with . Yeah man , if I could sing half as good as you , I would put the guitar down and pen a Love Song .. Nice , very positive ... Kenny
  20. What a very nice thing to say Daryl ! thank you very much . Kenny
  21. Mi nombre es El Viejo Grande . Yo soy burro que se tira demasiado . Necesito tirarme un pedo ... Discúlpeme dónde está el baño ? signed , Pssssttt Este Loco
  22. 🤣 What a bunch of characters LOL ...is that you Craig on the far right ? It looks like you posted the only know group shot photo of The Bag Brothers Band in existence ... Yep , The members are all there and accounted for .. On the top row from the left to right we have ....Doggie Bag , Gig Bag , D***** Bag , Hefty Bag , Shopping Bag , Body Bag and Yor Ol Pal himself! Kenny
  23. Please accept my apologies for letting my thread tank while leaving a few song forum contributors out in the cold ... I have always tried to listen to someone else's tune first before I respond to posts left in my thread when I can ...this time around I just couldn't swing it . I have been swamped w all my health care responsibilities . better late than never ... I like Little Wing a lot ...Haven't played it in a few years SO I may be decide to record my version once I get the rust out . I generally like to play Little Wing as a solo unaccompanied guitar piece .. when I played out it was a crowd favorite Thank you for the song listen I'm glad you had an idea of what you were gonna hear ...I sure didn't know what I was gonna play or how it would come out sounding ....lol... Thank you for the kind word Leadfoot , sorry about your dad . I did give your song a few listens but I didn't get the chance to post . Very inventive lyrics w the songs message and the actual playing and song arrangement was Killer .... all the best, Kenny
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