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  1. One of the hardest things I think I ever learned was to just show up ( as prepared as possible ) and just let the chips fall where they may ... Kenny
  2. Is there any thing cooler than John Wayne holding a Tele ? hhmmm maybe this one could be . Kenny
  3. Hey Craig ! , Hows my wife and your Kids doing ? Kenny
  4. Yeah ! that whole process must of been Freaky ...lets see if she shows up as a witness in the Harvey W trial .... Either way , when I saw that first video it reminded me of how loose things were in the early 80's as far as what would happen in the dark semi hidden corners of clubs and party's....in a way those were the days.....at least for my generation .... Kenny
  5. Interesting thread gent's ...lot's of useful info ....I'm just learning my way around a regular guitar pedal style looper .... all the best , Kenny
  6. Hey Starise ! 🤣🤣🤣 you gave me a triple belly laugh with your post ..... I know neither of us swing that way but it was a funny thought with Valentines Day coming up next week ..... Strummy ! I thought you got banned for saying Pee nyist with a silent T ...... Kenny
  7. in my prior post I explained how when I open an empty project in Cakewalk I will get a master bus added. When I right click to open a midi file I wont get the master buss ....in the case of the pic you mentioned I had opened up an Art Tatum midi file of a transcription of the song called Caravan , then I added a piano VST to hear the midi file ( hard left of pic ) hence the reason for the 2 different pics w an explanation tailored specifically to the OP's original question / thread Other than that , things look that way because I have a Focusrite 2i4 ..... what you see are my sound cards outputs showing up in the console view ...My card has two stereo sets of outputs . left set is outputs 1 & 2 right set is 3 & 4 ... Things may look totally different depending on the card someone else is using ... Ether way regardless , adding a Master Bus or any type of Bus in Cakewalk is super easy .. I don't consider any of this to be an issue .... hope this helps clarify things for you , Kenny
  8. I closed my eyes and she really does sound like Mary Pooppins Kenny
  9. Hello Coffee House members , I stumbled on this video this morning . I found everything he mentioned not only to be applicable for getting live music gigs and keeping them . IMHO , his info also correlates pretty well as a guideline for helping us home studio musicians maintain successful online collabs ... Kenny
  10. HHhhmmm , good question ...some of the women here are more manly than I am ...I may have to try Camas lol Good answer Craig..Hey ! where do I sent the check lol Exhibit A , as we can all plainly see , I got me a mug that only my dog could love . Kenny PS a shout out to the guy who coined this phrase Unbelievable simply unbelievable ... LOL ,,,,,
  11. When you have a specific dietary need you must let your owner know ! Kenny
  12. When I was young and skinny I had no problem seeing them , all it took was a little crank of the head looking down south and there were the boys ... Now that I'm older and chubbier I need a selfie stick w a mirror on the end of it to cop a look ...lol oh man getting older and chubby can be cruel Kenny
  13. When in doubt try to remember this , A BIG satisfying lunch consisting of becan and more becan is always a good hearty nutritious meal ... Kenny
  14. You think you got it bad my furry friend ? ..Where have you been ? The me too movement has recently de nutted a lot of perfectly virile men and left them nut less wonders .. In peanut terms we are talking about having the shell with out the nut Kenny
  15. When I lived in LA I used to love watching him play ( on TV ) I was pretty sorry to see he passed away . I consider him to be on the level of a Hendrix or any super creative musician I have ever admired .. Heck even some of the most Iconic Musicians that ever walked this planet have been taken out by air travel . I mean what can I say ? Death is not always a pretty thing , Yet it is a very creative thing if you think about it ..There are so many ways to go .... When somebody like Kolbe dies it is always a shock . Part of humanity is to not want to think about how mortal we truly are no matter what our station in life may be .. It just goes to show me , no matter who I am and what dreams I would like to accomplish in this life , I 'm still gonna find out for myself some time in the future what it will be like to have shed my mortal coil . RIP Kolbe and all who perished in the helicopter crash You did leave a lot of Love and inspired many people while you were here . Kenny
  16. Mr Peanuts last few moments in life just before he got creamed . Kenny
  17. Hi David ! I know you mentioned you have also studied with Barry ... I like to think that Barry would be happy for the both of us since we are still doing music and keeping his memory alive . ( I wish I could get back in the shape musically I was in when I studied w him ) Thank you for the bump Kenny
  18. I'm absolutely shell shocked . Kenny
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