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  1. She had to switch over to playing the guitar years ago because her days of playing the mouth organ were numbered . Her knees couldn't take it no more 🀨 Kenny
  2. Judging by the looks of her😘, she just got promoted from being a cute lead singer to being my #1 Muse .....hey Kenny don't mess this one up ! you hear me ? Kenny
  3. Typical , you don't call , you don't write , and you don't send me no flowers ... After all these years of waiting to hear from you my son , you have finally said the nicest thing you have ever said to me ... Back in the day we didn't have Maury to do a DNA test so all I can tell you is there was another Mule kicking in my stall 9 months before you were born . Kenny
  4. Hey Ma you feel like playing along ? Kenny
  5. Well I'll say one thing for sure . You saved me from the high powered tractor beam of The Hallmark Channel that was trying to intoxicate me with their sanitized unrealistic story's that feature The cutest passive aggressive women in the world that will never talk to me in real life ...lol Your soundtrack had a more realistic Christmas Vibe going for it than the Santa Movie I got playing in the other room that Milo seems to be watching ... Those Elves sure sound like they took some bodies Christmas gift of a Super Charger and reallocated the NOS system for their entertainment and for the greater good of the Elves moral . It sounds like they got the Air to Fuel mixture dialed in at : 55 ..Sounds real throaty was a dab of axle grease... cool thing going there with a dash of crazy Kenny
  6. Steve ! I enjoyed your video on a couple of levels .. Watching you perform on a few instruments made me feel comfortable as if I was there looking over your shoulder ... Your whole set up and having the various recording of tracks made me feel good about what I do over here .Just like in your video I'm banging away on a few instruments my self and I keep forgetting I can do that .... Love your voice as you sing and I wish I could be as easy going as you were in the video ....You are telling your EX to go take a chomp and to get lost and yet the tone of your voice is so composed , even keeled and pleasant to listen to . Comes off hypnotic in a way ... The song itself was a good telling of a universal story that happens to most of us . ..all the other stuff makes it even better. all the best, Kenny
  7. I also listened on head phones . A lot of details going on during each section . I dug the songs concept and how the vocals and music conveyed the songs essence and message ..There was an element of I know I can do better in my life if only I could get a glimpse of the future ...That idea in itself is one just about every person alive may hold at on time or another ... Yes , considering the state of affairs currently going on in this world Your song offers the ultimate escape from the shackles of 2020. If only for a brief moment as the song plays. Cool Music Lynn ! all the best , Kenny
  8. Hi garybrun ! I'm glad you Loved it ...means a lot to me Hi Vitarion , I'm glad you liked it to . Musically each of the song sections is meant to capture Milo's attitude as we go on a long walk ... Hi Mark Skinner , Thanks for the congrats on my new friend . Him and I seem to be Velcro-ed together ... Yep the Washburn / Tele combo seems to be smooth as a Pit Bull with twice the bite ...lol Hi Lynn, I'm glad you felt it ended way too soon . I listen to some of my music from the past and I say to myself Hey Kenny when is the guitar solo gonna end ....πŸ˜„ it has been nice rapping with you , Kenny
  9. kennywtelejazz

    Milo !

    Milo is the name of my new dog, so I decided to name a tune after him πŸ˜€ On this song I play a Full Hollow Body Jazz Guitar a Washburn J4 ...and a Telelcaster ....All guitar synth parts were played on my Jazz Box ... Also this is a Twanger Central performance so the basic BT is not mine .....the stuff I added is pretty cool .. I hope somebody like the playing . Kenny
  10. Yes I did come up w the slogan and placed it on SOMEBODY ELSE'S picture 🀣 Seeing it in this thread brought up some monthly mental and biological Man A Pause Issues for me ...it's all good now ... Kenny
  11. How do you like the meme I created ? I like how you put it on your site and took all traces of me out of it . Kenny
  12. I got that pic of the studio from the hardware synth thread ...Craigb was the fella that posted it . It seems the girl w the beard made him forget he posted it 🀣 Milo is just hanging out trying to comprehend the concept of A Bird in the Beard is Worth 2 in the Bush ....I'm not sure if will ever get that concept but he has gotten pretty good at setting up Amp Sims , making Coffee and sweeping the floor . It's all good ! A little birdie from the North Pole told me you worked your way off Santa's naughty list from last year to being on the Nice list this year ... Congrats ...Craigb ! Here's Your early Christmas Reward ! Kenny
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