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  1. Yeah that makes two of us . Lets hear it for the T's Kenny
  2. Ah Yes ! Creating my own alphabet naturally makes sense too me . The fact of the matter is I'm a Ken Do not a Ken Not Do type of guy . Kenny
  3. Poor Bapu ! he got edged out . Kenny
  4. P is for Phat Rock Guitar Solo Kenny
  5. My first computer was an Etch A Sketch . My next computer was a real Game Changer . It even came with it's own Tech Support . Kenny
  6. Not sure if this one has been posted or not Kenny
  7. My Limelight Has Been Restored Kenny
  8. Yep that's a Very good tan ...Bapu had a tan just like that when he was MC Bapu ... I got a nun w a gun pointed right at me trying to shake me down for child support so you know I'm sweating it out in my monkey suit .... Kenny
  9. I have been burned myself w different gear ....As far as IK goes ...I like having the sims in theory yet I went back to using my real amps a year and a half ago ... Kenny
  10. We have to fix that and put you back in rotation Kenny
  11. I used to go to the Fry's in Burbank ...that place was Crazy ..... Kenny
  12. Highly sophisticated well trained Fight Club . Kenny
  13. Oh Boy ! ...what a thread ..... T Racks throttles the extra headroom on my machines into the Red ...I play Blues ,Rock and Jazz ...I don't need to be louder than a Heavy Metal Band . Thankfully the Lurssen does not do that over here ... That KRV dude may be hitting the bong super hard if that is happening to him .... With IK I have taken a Rag Tag approach on buying their products ...If it goes on sale and if I think I want ( need ) it I will buy it ... Yeah I bought some Artist and Amp collections ...they are nice ...but as people say ..it don't win me any Jam points or better upgrade pricing ... I haven't done the group buys ,So when I want to buy something ...IK may think I'm gonna pay full price if its not on sale ... Forgetaboutit ...I was fresh off the boat 30 years ago . No Ken Do No Ken Do Kenny
  14. I sure miss Duke someday s ....Milo is kicking my butt. Kenny
  15. I can see that point of view for sure . Over here for me it is Guitars pedals and amps .... Kenny
  16. I hate to say it but most of the people I know on this forum are North of 55 and a little South of 70..So Whats the matter guys , the truth hurts ? 🤣 Kenny
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