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  1. I'm thinking once you get past the shiny and new I probably have plenty of equivalents.
  2. The best part is requires real Kontakt and no need for K7 and you avoid Native Asshat.
  3. I'm thinking of deleting all of it except for their 385mb bombastic orchestra. Amazed how good it is in an era of bloated software.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/@SAMTIME He makes fun of a lot of tech.
  5. Living in the desert where it's always at least 110+. People say it's a dry heat. Like oh that's much more tolerable. I'd say after 13 years of it - no it's not. Then there are the out of staters who think it's macho hoping to post a selfie of them hiking in 110+ where it's elevated and very close to burning up in the atmosphere either die or have to get rescued by copter. There is something called the stupid fine which is costly for being stupid. Still amazed the amount of road construction this time of year and a house in the neighborhood is having a new roof put on.
  6. Driving one thru New Mexico to Tuscon, AZ would be an expensive suicide.
  7. So if you have Essentials is it really worth installing this? Ignore that it is free and we like to hoard.
  8. I wonder which one will show up first? The PA voucher or this one?
  9. Isn't that a NI library. I'm thinking of deleting that free stuff even though it taking up HDD space.
  10. Or do they? Sure they want to make money but I don't think the spreadsheet is the top priority. Just look at their licensing and how many paid upgrades there have been since it came out. Small developers can do things the big ones can't.
  11. Give it some time. They may possibly revert. There is no shortage of DAWs.
  12. I'm the opposite on this. Most of the software I have requires online activation anyway so I've gotten use to it. While thy don't get high marks for customer loyalty but then again maybe they with Jam Points that can be used on hardware (try that NI) I've had support respond within 24 hours. We have Pete who responds on many forums. They are just another developer where there is rarely a middle when it comes to users. It's either love or hate. My biggest complaint is their software is bloated. It seems IK is very good at sample modeling yet they don't go in this direction enough. I love MODO Bass and it's under 1TB. Look at Toontrack and UJAM, their libraries are not small. Their licensing is more than fair. Few remember that it didn't take IK long to ditch iLok.
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