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  1. Yep that's exactly what happened . I lost it all . Oh well that's what I get for trying to find the perfect match . Kenny
  2. Say isn't that the guitar player that plays with The "Substi-tooths" ? I have heard him sound better . In this Video his tone lacks bite . Kenny
  3. Oh Yeah ! 3 :55 on .... this is certainly guitar abuse . Kenny
  4. Destruction is every bit as important in the creative process as is the incubation of a creative idea that is seeking creative expression .🤗 I heard that stuff from a guy named Kenfucius
  5. I must have a vitamin v deficiency because that pic is turning me on. 😋 Kenny
  6. Ooops I guess I messed up thinking you were my long lost son . Sorry bout that . Having cleared that one up, I will need to find my long lost son so I can leave him the greater bulk of my $ Estate .🤑🤑🤑 Kenny
  7. Luke ! Come to Papa Darth Vader ! I am your Father! Turd Fuzz! I am your Mother ! Kenny! are you really my Father ? Yikes! things here appear to be a parody and a dysfunctional assault on the traditional time honored family values . In any event Happy Fathers Day all . Kenny
  8. He's gonna do that for The Parade .🥳 Kenny
  9. You know your hanging around with a real hard core fishing dude when you go to his house , it's in the middle of the desert , he has a Bass Boat in his drive way, and there ain't a lick of water to be found for 150 miles . The Poor Fish don't stand a chance anymore ... Kenny
  10. He plays pretty good ! We should take up a collection and get him one of these . 🤣 Dingo Star ! In for The Win ! You Won Steve ! now you can now toss all those extra toilet paper rolls you had stockpiled up away ... First Prize for the month of June 2021 on the internetz is A Deluxe Bidet 🤣 I remember Pet Rocks ...they were happening in the 80's right ? anyway judging by the looks on their faces they just saw this pet video Kenny
  11. If you got one to share lets see em ...here's 2 I found Kenny
  12. The lead vocalist never got to number 3 because the Guitar Players Guitar took him out for trying to Bogart all The Beer . Kenny
  13. Good Luck with your completed project . Hope it goes places for you . Kenny
  14. That guy from down under has some nice looking Cakewalk videos . If I had the coin I would go out and buy the correct lighting to be able to make visually pleasing home studio music videos and tutorials . Kenny
  15. Hearing you say that gives me great comfort , Now I can Rest in Peace. Kenny
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