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  1. I'm just getting into Joe Robinson ! He is a new player for me to listen too . I like what I hear . thanks , Kenny
  2. This Poor Kitty is being punished for changing the TV channel from a championship game his owner had money on to Claw and Order. Kenny
  3. Those Lego's from Lego Pool look pretty good . It appears the artist who designed them took the necessary time to give them all different mouths and eyebrow expressions . Anyone notice the similarity between a one bar DAW step sequencer grid pattern and the Lego single row approach to inputting a pattern ? IMHO it seems to make a nice visual tool for a single row of inputting beats and being able to visually see the patterns ... Hmm I wonder what would happen if they gave The Lego Drummer a pattern matrix like we have in Cakewalk and Ableton ...πŸ˜‹ over and out for now , Kenny
  4. Tommy Emmanuel ! "Who needs Lego's " πŸ˜‰ Kenny
  5. Wanna find out ? Toss him the keys to your car and order a pizza πŸ˜‰. Kenny
  6. Yeah ! You are right . They sure taste nice ! Hello 911 what is your emergency ? I was out sun bathing next to the community pool where I live and my neighbors dog came over , stuck his cold wet nose into the back end crack of my guitar pick bikini and proceeded grab each and every one of the pics I was wearing and stole them from me ... 911 dispatcher : Are you hurt ? Of course I'm hurt . That dog did things to me nobody has ever done to me and he didn't even have the courtesy to bring me flowers or take me out to dinner and a movie ... 911 dispatcher : OMG ! I'm sending over a patrol car as fast as I can. Our patrol officers should be there in a few moments . Thank you I'll be out here next to the pool wearing a only a towel 911 dispatcher : Do you happen to know who owns the dog ? Yes I do ...he calls himself Kenny . He fancy's himself to be a really good guitar player , but from what I can tell he mostly stays home and practices 911 dispatcher : Are you talking about the Kenny that calls himself KennyWTeleJazz ? Yeah how did you know that's who I'm talking about ? 911 dispatcher : We have been trying to get that public nuisance and throw the book at him for years . He has always eluded us by staying one step ahead of our surveillance. ...would it be OK if I put you on hold for a moment? I need to talk to my supervisor ? Sure , just don't leave me on hold for too long ... 911 dispatcher : OK I have talked with my supervisor and now that we have all the pertinent information to help you . We will be sending over a full tactical SWAT Team to assist in riding you of your problem neighbor. Wow that sounds great . Can I ask you a question ? 911 dispatcher : Sure you can ask me anything you want . gulp ......Is there any chance when this whole ordeal is over ,gulp eyes darting left ...eyes darting right ...deep breath ....Can I keep the dog ? 😍 911 dispatcher : Oh My !😊 Kenny
  7. Your friend has a nice set up and he sounds pretty good . The pics of your blue guitar look nice . Too bad the new temp at your office got into a little trouble by stealing your lunch . When will they ever learn ? Kenny
  8. $29 entry price followed by the non monthly subscription plan. $29 entry price followed by a $329/month subscription plan . ^ ^ The Loop Stops Here ! Oh Yeah I'm sold ! That sounds like a good deal too me , Kenny
  9. πŸ˜… That's gonna be a tough sell brother . Even if the introduction price is only $ 29 Kenny
  10. There's no substitute for a good song recorded well featuring good playing . When you add a hook and a Chorus featuring a deep pocket , you have a song that triggers people to react on a deep emotional level . Kenny
  11. Non Cakewalk plugins ? for years it was probably The MPL -1 Pro or The Camel Crusher ... Then I learned " One plugin can be too many and a thousand plugins are never enough " When I want to improve my sound and tone I practice my Guitar a few hours more daily and I learn how to transcribe and play better music πŸ˜‰ Kenny
  12. I think it may be time to ask a multiple choice question ! A . How many plugins does Bapu ! really have ? B. How many foot ball fields full of people standing shoulder to shoulder would it take to visually represent and add up to the number of plugins Bapu ! has while everyone standing there only has one plugin ? C. If all the people standing shoulder to shoulder out on the fields with only one plugin decided to light a lighter at the same time and wave their arms , do you think they would generate enough light to be seen from the International Space Station in space ? D. Since I heard there is no such thing as a Coffee House musician or member with only one plugin . Is any of this even possible ? Kenny
  13. I just took a look at some of mine.... OH MY ! 😲 Yes my orbit and sense of humor is pretty much out thereπŸ‘½ ......I wouldn't have it any other way Kenny
  14. One shouldn't really laugh at the inadequacies of others. If your gonna post a cover tune . Please take the time to learn all the lyrics of the song . πŸ˜‹ Kenny
  15. I call forth the power of Mimi to play all us future law breakers a short and tasty guitar soloπŸ˜‹ Kenny
  16. Wow ! that's what I call a grassroots small community based Police Force . If they don't get you for littering they will get you for not asking them out to the Junior High School Prom . Great ! I think the one on the right likes me πŸ˜… Kenny
  17. Sounds Good ! The songs message is right on time . We need more of this if we want to break the effing hold . Kenny
  18. The only way I could be of service to her would be if I was the new athletic coach of her basket ball team. I would then crown her as the new team captain of "The Infamous CH All Stars " We then send our girl "Jiggles" out into the game and have her team mates constantly pass her the ball . Once she starts running the new plays I taught her , her unique pair of jiggling gelatinous knee knockers will be expertly put to use with devastating results .πŸ˜‰ Not only will "Jiggles " confuse all the opposing team players including the coach by having them think 3 basket balls are always coming at them when ever she dribbles the ball down the court to make a basket . πŸ˜… She will also have made it possible for our team "The Infamous CH All Stars " to effortlessly win this years State Championships .πŸ† Kenny
  19. A burning bush it was told me "it was a real bad idea to hire the New Biology Teacher" . In the past year every last one of her male students have lost most of their hair and they all need glasses . Kenny
  20. Either that or it could be a set of his and her Shot Gun Wedding Rings. Kenny
  21. Thanks ! Wait I spoke to soon .... It seems it's one step forward and then two steps back πŸ˜‰ Oh Kenny ! you poor lost soul , It's me ! your old friend " Pigtail Peggy " the freckled flat chested girl with the barbed wire braces you used to reluctantly sit next to and share your lunch with in preschool . I don't care how well you play "the guitar ". You should have been a lot nicer to me when you had the chance ... Kenny
  22. Woah ! all I have to do is learn how to play the guitar real good and I will meet beautiful women!!! who are gonna chase after me ? YAY ! there will be no more having to sit next to Pigtail Peggy with the barbed wire braces and sharing my lunch with her ever again Kenny
  23. This is the moment he suddenly realized he we be spending the whole rest of his life willingly chasing a set of boobs . Kenny
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