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  1. This has been an issue as long as I can recall. If you export your mix at the point where audio/midi starts, it's never clean...there's alway some kind of glitch/crackle/dropped note etc. Many folks just work around it. i.e have the track start later down the timeline , say bar 5 ..and when making the export selection have it start a 16th early thus avoiding any glitchy-ness. I don't use other DAWs but I have had my ProTools and Logic using friends tell me this isn't an issue for them, it just bounces out as expected..no glitches Can this be fixed? So we can start the counce at any point in the track without glitches. Some sort of pre-roll buffer ?
  2. CosmicDolphin

    First Few m/s never render cleanly on Export

    This seems to have helped thanks, the current project isn't exhibiting the same symptoms. I will test it going forward as I'm making new tracks every few days
  3. CosmicDolphin

    Project names /workflow question

    Easy Start Track...Name Track....Work To Deadline ( i.e. 1 week )...Finish it...Move On To The Next No folder full of ideas...just finished tracks
  4. CosmicDolphin

    First Few m/s never render cleanly on Export

    I have found every project has done it for as long as I can remember..at least to Pro Audio 9 ... have 900+ plugins
  5. CosmicDolphin

    2019.07 Feedback

    I don't mind the new behaviour, My idea woud be to have the ESC key as a universal deselect shortcut - I don't think it's used for anything else and is easy to find without releasing the mouse for righties.
  6. CosmicDolphin

    Best New Processor

    Thinking about my next build, this i5 2500 has done me proud for 7yrs+ but one of the two motherboard dimm sockets has stopped working so time to start putting my list together for the next machine. I am interested to know especially from anyone on the Dev side of Bandlab which type of type of processor features are best suited to CBB Is it better to go for more cores ? Or less cores with a faster base clock speed ? How important are the number of threads ? I can get a 12 thread hex core Ryzen for about the same price as a 6 core 6 thread Intel..so which is CBB optimised best for ? Do modern intergrated graphics like the Intel 630 do a good job Are CPU turbo speeds important or will I be needing to switch that feature off ? I will be looking for the best bang per buck , I never buy high end processors. I don't record a lot but I do use a lot of VI's to make tracks for TV so my preference is to run at an ASIO buffer size of 256 so everything still feels fairly snappy. A top end i5 or one of the new Ryzen 5 3600x perhaps. CBB is the main use case for my machine, I don't game or video edit. Just normal browsing, and making music. Thanks
  7. CosmicDolphin

    Tracking with Melodyne

    Okay I see now. To be honest I've never found myself wanting to drop a new section in once my vocal is comped. I do all the tracking and comping and then essentitally it's' 'locked' really at that stage ( like it would be if you were mixing somebody else's vocals). It depends what you mean by 'doesn't work well with Meldoyne ' ..sometimes it's better just to tell Melodyne to remove any edits on certain words or phrases for sure. I haven't really experienced a situation where Melodyne has made me want to re-sing anything that I was already happy to have comped though. I can understand what's happening , the region FX audio takes precedence over the track audio so you wouldn't hear the new recording. You would either need to render the FX region and then edit out the old part , drop the new one in and then enable the region FX on the newly recorded part. Or what I woud do is work around it by recording it to a new track with a new Melodyne, and put all my vocal FX on their own buss and process them that way. I get the feeling it's not designed to work the way you want it to and it's expected that Melodyne would be the final thing you do.
  8. CosmicDolphin

    Duplicate clips on grid.

    I always use CTRL + L and drag the loop out
  9. CosmicDolphin

    Tracking with Melodyne

    Why would you record with Melodyne it's a post production tool not an effect
  10. CosmicDolphin

    Anyone Have to Put Limits on Track Numbers?

    That's because a lot of folks only had mono back in the day
  11. CosmicDolphin

    Anyone Have to Put Limits on Track Numbers?

    With a LOT of bouncing
  12. CosmicDolphin

    Anyone Have to Put Limits on Track Numbers?

    3 yrs ! ..Can we listen to this Magnum opus ?
  13. CosmicDolphin

    Anyone Have to Put Limits on Track Numbers?

    If you read SOS mag and look at any session screenshots you will often see 100+ tracks But often it's stuff layered , like 5 snares or 4 kicks ..25 b/g vox ..I think a lot of modern pop music is actually quite sparse in terms of parts but densely layered and lots of scatterings of one-shot ear candy type stuff. I also think it depends what sort of music you are making. I just checked the piece I completed yesterday and it's 28 tracks - that's an instrumental that will hopefully get used on a TV show I have had other similar tracks used in. It gets fairly full in the last section as that's the way they like them structured but you often find the less dense Alt mixes get used instead of the full thing. Whilst I would never limit myself I am also running an almost 10yr old PC so I can't go crazy anyway. Which probably helps !
  14. CosmicDolphin

    Would Anyone Like to See a Speaker Config Option?

    Easier than pressing a physical button ? I don't think so but YMMV What happens when you are 'outside' of Cakewalk ? i.e. playing a reference track via Youtube or media player..hardware solution is far more elegant IMHO
  15. CosmicDolphin

    Visual Clip Gain

    It's nothing to do with making the Waveform easier to see. Detailed editing of clip gain is much more intuitive if you can see how loud or quiet that part is visually to other parts of the take / track. I am talking here about stuff like a single vocal track that has been chopped up into phrases, then words and then down to syllables for production purposes ..timing - tuning and level edits at the micro level.
  16. CosmicDolphin

    Would Anyone Like to See a Speaker Config Option?

    What ? People really do that ? Jeez..that sounds like a major PITA I just have a switchbox..back in the 90s all the speakers were passive so it was just a box from Tandy ( Radio Shack ) that connected 3 switchable pairs of speakers and then went to the amp. Now everything is powered so I have combo big volume controller with switchable speakers A/B/C..they are all level matched to keep it consistent, one is a mono Avantone but the switchbox has a dedicated mono feed so it's simple to use.
  17. CosmicDolphin

    Per VSTi Setting

    Not all VSTi's behave in the expected way and I think it would be helpful if some of the settings could actually be set per instrument instead of globally For example Some Kontakt instruments need to the Zero Controllers on Stop to be unticked otherwise they won't play some VSTi's don't seem to freeze/bounce unless fast bounce is disabled Some don't react well to midi data like sustain pedals etc ( they just keep playing even after a note off ) If it was possible to have more individual control and also have CBB remember those choices each time it would be useful
  18. CosmicDolphin

    Export By Track Folder

    In addition to my request for Nested Folders can I also ask that we have the ability to Export By Folder In the world of making music for TV & Film Libraries more and more of them are wanting stems. The easiest way to organise stems is by Folder ( not busses ) so the ability to Export them would be a huge time saver
  19. CosmicDolphin

    slow down/speed up tape stop effect.

    I have watched tutorials where they use Logic and it's just built in..draw a line of automation and it's done ..would love this option in CBB,
  20. CosmicDolphin

    Export By Track Folder

    Organise my main folders but deal with what would be sub folders manually.
  21. CosmicDolphin

    Export By Track Folder

    Could be a workaround for some folks I guess, unfortunately it wouldn't really work for me that well. There are times that stray guitar or whatever actually sounds better when it's sent to another instrument's buss..like yesterday I rerouted and piano in a section of a pop track to the buss that was actually meant for the brass. Many times I get near the end of a mix in an EDM track and if my kick needs to pop more I'll just route it direct to the hardware out and it sounds perfect. The folder method is just the job if only they can add sub-folders like many other DAWs
  22. CosmicDolphin

    How Do You Master an Album?

    Well you just master the album
  23. CosmicDolphin

    Anyone using more than one DAW?

    My favourite Sequencer...not really a DAW in my book !
  24. CosmicDolphin

    Tab in dock where you can put lyrics or other notes

    I have asked elsewhere but the option to make the font bigger in the notes section would be helpful without having to bring it into Focus