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  1. Peter said this on the VI-Control thread: As an additional incentive, not only will the current Syntronik 2 MAX multis be unlocked for all participants once the group buy reaches 3,000+ participants but we just added over 100 NEW Syntronik 2 MAX multis which will also be unlocked at 3,000+ participants. So no need to worry about sourcing the older multis if we reach the goal. They will be included.
  2. I only made the point, because I am in the same boat as you, two free plus the buy-in and I only have 29. My fear was that I had doubled-up and it took me a bit to figure out that I indeed had chosen okay. I was not trying to be snarky. Well, maybe a bit.
  3. I think that should be 4 more freebies. It is at 26 freebies now, plus the two you already had, plus the one to get you into the GB. That is 29. Last I checked, 33-29=4.
  4. That is what I was afraid of.
  5. One thing I am not sure of, if the group buy does not reach the top, we may not get the multis even if we own all the synths. I already had two S2 synths before the group buy so I really only need four more synths to max out everything. But I don't think that guarantees me access to the multis.
  6. This is exactly my experience. All the V1 synths that I upgraded to V2 just downloaded and installed the V2 content. What I described above is what happened when I did a (unnecessary) "Reinstall Library" as suggested by "Release" after I had already installed the V2 content. The behaviour of the "Reinstall Library" actually seems like a bit of a bug to me.
  7. These look like the same drumkits that were offered by AnyDayLong about a year ago. He disappeared, and IIRC, it was over copyright issues.
  8. Doug Rintoul


    Modo Bass 2 SE only has four bass models. So even with SE you would still be missing four.
  9. Doug Rintoul


    The comparison chart for Modo Bass 2 state that CS has no fretless capability and a reduced number of patterns. Presumably if you bought at least SE, you could use the fretless capability with any standard bass including the original 14 bass models. But considering Syntronik 2 and the wave sets feature, that may not be the case.
  10. I did. I am not talking about the new Syntronik 2 synths; I am talking about the Syntronik 1 synths with the Syntronik 2 additions. I too had the 2 CS version and S1 Deluxe before the GB and had to do what you did for the new S2 synths that I got with the GB. But any S1 synth I already had installed did not need to download anything except the additional S2 content. Most of my S1 content download has expired so there is no way I can "reinstall" unless I pay the $10 fee to redownload all the S1 sounds. It does not make sense for IKM to required you to download additional S1 content that was expired to make S2 presets work. Edit: I did what you suggested for Syntronic 2 M-Poly, ie selected "Reinstall Library". What it did was download the S1 sounds again, which I had already downloaded and installed, as well as the S2 content. Not only that, it installed the sound content in a different location from the original location. The sound content for M-Poly was already in my SampleTank 3\Samples\ folder but but doing a reinstall installed the sound content in my Syntronik 2\Samples folder as well. It also installed the instrument files for S1 in Syntronik 2\Instruments\Factory. I already had them in SampleTank 3\InstrumentsFactory. So performing a "Reinstall Library" actually doubled the size sound content for M-Poly with duplicate files.
  11. Syntronik 2 synths are enhanced. There are additional version 2 presets that can make use of the new features in Syntronic 2 like wave sets. Most of the V2 updates for V1 synths have been less than 200MB for me for any V1 synth I already had installed.
  12. Doug Rintoul


    JT Music seems to be very bitter that he bought Modo Drums at a discount and then didn't get a free upgrade to the next version when it came out soon after. That has been his song since then whenever he talks about IKM. I think what he was actually saying in this rant was that when Modo Bass 2.0 comes out, users will have to pay $149 again for the upgrade. I think what he wants to see is a free upgrade to the 2.0 engine and then have a custom shop to be able to purchase the additional instruments added to 2.0.
  13. Doug Rintoul


    Will you drop it already? Nobody around here cares about you little rants. You have said your piece; got your message out; now move on.
  14. You should be able to find the file in the folder specified in the IK Product Manager Download Folder settings. Should not be hard to find at all unless it was not downloaded in the first place.
  15. It should already be downloaded!
  16. Do you have SYN2_Syner-V_Part_4.zip? It should be in your IKM Product Manager download folder. You can just double click on the zip file to see the contents. We can take this discussion offline too via DM so we do not fill up this topic with support help.
  17. It sounds like the sounds for Syner-V did not get installed correctly. The specific pak for the file above is contained in SYN2_Syner-V_Part_4.zip. Are you on a PC or a MAC?
  18. Would help if you posted what the erroe message was.
  19. Are you related to the Wicked Witch of the West by any chance?
  20. The problem is that iLok, eLicenser, and maybe Waves do not just use the hardwired NICs. I installed a VPN on my machine and suddenly my eLicenser plugins did not work because the VPN installed a virtual NIC. I have also installed PCI network adapters in the past and that messed up iLok. From my perspective, NICs are too volitile to be used to identify a machine.
  21. Another level hit! 24 for the price of 1 now. How can you say no?
  22. We all know Larry doesn't know how to speak his mind. He has a hard time letting his feelings out.
  23. 8 more to 21. We just might make it the extension. As if there was any doubt.
  24. I have these. They sound great! I am using a balanced signal path. Everything is clean as a whistle. I sure paid more than 70 bucks when I bought them three years ago. I don't regret it though. I am using them with a subwoofer because BASS.
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