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  1. Addiction has the dubious distinction of being my first buyers regret synth even though I only threw 10 bucks at it. If only I had listened to my dear ol' dad and invested that $10 in pork belly futures. I be rich, rich, rich today.
  2. Too bad. I needed Terrie to complete my collection. $28 is still more that 50% off regular price but I think I will wait.
  3. They never were offered for free. I cross-graded Phoenix-Mirage when it was released, but had to pay $5/ea for the cross-grade. I didn't bother with Terracotta. I was actually surprised that Artic Strings-Mirage was free for Kontakt users. However I am not sure I like the Mirage interface over the Kontakt interface.
  4. I have all four, but I want to buy them all again just to get in on the "no brainer good deal".
  5. (Hope I don't get ninja'd on this one) Get ASCEND for $74.50 (reg. $149), for the first time ever, during our Summer Sale. Plus, get an additional 10% off your order when you buy three or more products (Mosaic Pluck not included). All offers end June 30. https://heavyocity.com/product/ascend
  7. And if you live in Canada like I do, you get to pay the same price in Canadian $s. So I can get it for $51.45 (with tax) which works out to about $43 USD.
  8. I am in too! Been a long time since I seen the sights of jolly ol' England.
  9. Ya, I know I could have just gone to the web site to check it out; the name just hit my funny bone. I think it would have made more sense to call it "Billy Decker's Bus Glue" though.
  10. I wanna know, what is a "Bus Glue Billy Decker". Do I want/need one? My GAS wants to know. Sounds like someone just threw a bunch of words together.
  11. T&S have allow me to swap in the past as well. Too bad I already have everything Ethera. On the other hand, I am not unhappy I have everything Ethera.
  12. Right. That is what I actually did. Didn't realize that there were two different downloaders. I did not have to give up any information. You can also download the new Conduct installer from here https://continuata.com/download-app, without having to create an account or sign in. You can then paste the code and download your library. Not sure what all the library-login stuff is about.
  13. Via a single key you paste into Zero-G/T&S's downloader Conduct. IIRC you can also get direct links to the downloads and thus bypass the downloader. Just in case you were thinking of selling them, the files are watermarked.
  14. What is my wife going to think if she sees I have downloaded a file called Fetish.zip on my computer and installed a program called Fetish_5.0?
  15. Me three. Fortunately I have enough toys to keep me busy for the time being. Could be why T&S added the bonuses to the pot.
  16. Ya, it looks like it. Posted rate for CAD to USD is .83. When I purchased with Paypal, the rate I got as .795. So my $98 should have cost me $118 using the posted rate. It actually cost me $123 from T&S. It would have cost me $129.50 directly from NI. So if you can, I guess it is better to buy from a third party in USD.
  17. WUP sucks big time for MAC users, not so much for Windows users. I would never paid for WUP and probably never will unless there is a show stopper bug or a must have feature upgrade. Unfortunately for MAC users, almost every time there is an OS upgrade, there has to be an upgrade for apps and plugins. Apple also really wants you to keep up to date with your OS and generally does not support software on older OSs. Just try getting GarageBand or XCode for Catalina if you don't already have it installed. The recent Moog give away was only available for Big Sur. I have a perfectly good Mac Mini on which Apple only officially supports Catalina. It can run Big Sur just fine but Apple decided to not release Big Sur for it. Bottom line is if I were completely in the Apple ecosystem, I would avoid Waves like the plague. As a primarily Windows user, I could care less about WUP and Wave plugins can be a good deal.
  18. You never get the posted rate exchange rate when you purchase online. What would it actually cost you if you purchased the upgrade at $199 USD with a credit card or paypal and factored in bank fees, etc?
  19. Forgive my ignorance, but I never knew there were so many styles of house. Shows my age I guess.
  20. Both. But they go hand in hand. At least My terminal GAS is driven by the "good deal".
  21. For those jokes that go right over your head.
  22. Yup. FWP. As noted before, you do get a drive out of the deal as well.
  23. Umm, Not Ultimate, but Unique.
  24. I think that is the way most companies work. I am not from the UK so no VAT for me, but here in Canada, the "free shipping for orders over $50" is always before tax. As someone mentioned earlier, if you don't want the drive, just the serial like you would get from NI, T&S will refund the shipping. If they do that, is it then cheaper than NI?
  25. Just coming back here one more time to apologize for kicking up a shit storm. I truly appreciate the community on this forum compared to other forums which shall remain nameless, and I am sorry that my contribution made it a little less civilized. I should have realized that trying to change anyone's opinion is a futile endeavor and that my comments would only lead to people getting pissed off at me. Life's too short to waste so much energy on something I really don't care a lot about.
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