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  1. EDIT: OK so I guess it's just too dumb a question......... Here I will show my lack of knowledge, but I don't mind. Never noticed that in the Console for the Echo Layla 3G, which I have had for many, many years is set like this: Core Sample Rate 48khz. This is user changeable. Above it is Sample Rate and it is 41.1khz which is locked I guess due to my recording preferences? I record, forever, at 44.1\24 as far back as Cakewalk 8 iirc. Don't have any issues (NOW) but I am wondering why this is so. I do use Fractal Audio guitar gear (which is locked at 48khz) but I use the analog outs, so sample rate is irrelevant. The manual tells me nothing. I am wondering if this detrimental and all along I never knew? I do have a Roland Octa-capture sitting in a closet? Can anyone, well I am sure you guys can tell me why this is? Thanks
  2. Well David, you nailed my issue. It was the levels on the Echo Layla 3G. But I don't usually keep the windows interface for the Echo open , but I must have or I have a ghost.. So not sure what happen, but the levels for the main outs on the Echo were ridiculously low. Another mystery. Thanks so much David!
  3. OK. I'll see what I can track down today. Was pretty tired last night when this happened. Will check suggestions.............I will report back.
  4. First, let me say this may be hardware but wanted to ask here if this sounds familiar to anyone. So I was working on a project. some midi and some audio. All was fine for an hour. Then when I loaded another project I noticed the volume had dropped hugely. Tried other projects, some all midi, some all audio. Same thing. Meanwhile mic and my Strat were super loud as always. I was wondering if an audio interface could die like that? I have studio monitors, good ones , but also 2 yamaha DXR10's with separate volume controls in the mixer. I thought maybe I hit some weird key combo and did something to CWbyBL. Is that possible? Of course the volume drop is everything going thru the Echo Layla 3G. Just was wondering if any of this sounds familiar. Very strange . Playing straight audio thru the mixer and speakers (which includes the Echo) is really loud and normal. To do this I have to select the Echo outputs (win 10). So it is extremely confusing. The only MAJOR sound loss is using CW???? I will try my Octacapture tomorrow morning, too much time for tonight. But wave\mp3 files play fine thru the system using the Echo? I did NOT change any prefs either. So that is why I am grasping at some keyboard shortcut I hit or something. I know, weird post.................I'll post back tomorrow after I try the roland Audio interface Thanks EDIT: I downloaded a midi player app and played some midi only files from my projects. They played fine and very loud. MP3 files play fine and very loud. Only CWbyBL has this issue...as fr as I can tell anyway.....................
  5. Latency really isn't an issue for me because I monitor thru a mixer. Only my vocals and all guitars are audio, rest are VSTS. Midi is big for me, as mentioned already.Since no one seems to have the Presonus 2626 I think this weekend I will do the wise thing and give my Octacapture a a good run thru. Mine is used only in the sense that I bought it. Only use was to make sure it worked. Otherwise it sat in the box in my A\C studio at home. The Echo Layla 3G works fine with the PCI e adapter but I want the slot back for other reasons. The octacapture is certainly much more flexible than the Echo. Both drivers are somewhat old though. But both work fine with Win 10. Echo says use their W8.1 drivers and Roland has Win 10 drivers.
  6. I also have set up the alert from Sweetwater. But today I will try out my Roland Octacapture just to see how it performs.................... I have decided that I definitely want the Layla 3G out of the picture.
  7. I am really liking what aI read about the PreSonus Quantum 2626 26x26 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface.$599 is a in my arena. Jim R. had nie things to say about it also. I have goten use to the rackmount Echo lalyla 3G form. Fits nicely in with warm audio Mic pre. Also like this Gigabyte GC-Titan Ridge (Titan Ridge Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Card Component) $98. or $59 for a lesser Gigabyte model. Not available yet at Sweetwater where I can buy with nio interest, Hmmm!
  8. Thanks Alan and Bob - appreciate the input. I do us an M.2 2280 NVME drive for samples-super fast. Part of the reason I posted this was to see about freeing up the other m.2 slot. I need to get rid of the pci E adapter card for the echo Layla 3G PCI card to do that. Hence my inquiry's. The audient line I looked at did NOT have midi. I need midi big time. I know there are ways around this. I have a multitude of Midi devices, boxes, adapters, etc, etc. I should probably sell 3/4's of them. But I like everything all in one. I am not a well off person so I probablty should give the Roland Octacapture a shot for real. Never really did, Bought it as a backup.
  9. Hello Robert, Ausu says my MB is TB3 ready with 5 pin connector. Asus Prime Z370-A
  10. I have a newer MB Asus Prime Z-370 A with a couple of C slots. My PC build is new-I always build my own. I opted for the 8 gen 8700, works great for my needs. Geforce 1060 8GB, 32gb corsair ram, etc, etc, M.2 NVME for samples and Samsung SSD 850 for OS. Audio I still use reg HD, but newest specs-SATA6?? I am thinking about a thunderbolt 3 add on, MB is setup for it. Thanks
  11. Thanks. I do have an adapter card. Just wondering because the Echo drivers are certainly not updated.
  12. I have used Asus MB's for decades. Presently, Z-370 Prime A. As far as Wifi, just turn it off in the MB setup-simple. Asus is my go to for MB's. just my opinion of course.
  13. PreSonus Studio 1810c USB-C Audio Interface #399 They have a $499 one also but this seems fine. drivers are my main concern. So, I was looking at these. Features and price are the main reasons. I am only in a home studio. Wondering about the drives. Presently, I still use my Echo Layla 3G (with a PCI express adapter card. Echo is PCI only and my new PC does not have any. It does work OK, but just thinking about upgrading but not sure if this would be an upgrade? Would also be nice to free up the pci express slot for an M.2 nvme or something like that. Also, I do have a warm Audio Mic Pre that I love. $$$ is important, so cannot go RME, etc. $500 tops. Thanks
  14. Hello Lombardi I appreciate the reply. I have found the issue and it is quite, dumb, but also I do not understand it.I use a midiverb 3 for FX(monitoring only) so when I record a vocal I can hear it as dry or wet as I like. I made a little trs snake with 2 3ft cables. Did that ages ago. I do NOT use the Aux 2 buss for anything, never have. So when I put it all together again I plugged in both sends of both aux busses 1&2. and then to the returns of the midiverb. Never had Aux 2 returns on the board plugged in. So I just took the cable for buss 2 out of the midverb and out of the mackie send 2 (nothing ever was in returns 2. Just aux send 2. That was the issue? That is why one channel was super quiet, distorted somewhat and sounded like pure reverb. So what I do not understand is "why"? The midiverb is just ins and out of the fx loop on the mackie. Why the heck would aux 2 send plugged into the midiverb channel 2 make this happen. Unless using both inputs on the midiverb makes it Stereo? Weird. I have used these mackie boards for a long time as stated. Guess before I made the trs snake but realized(duh) that the send 2 plugged in screwed things up. The studio had been setup i the spare bedroom for 10 years up until me tearing it down 5 weeks ago. Maybe I knew more about tha mackie back then and just plain forgot. I am old as dirt. I do havce to read up again because I have the mains connected to my studio monitors (Mackie HR624 mkII') which I love. Even a a new spare in case. I run the xlr outs or control room outs to my 2 Yamaha DXR10's when I want to go nuts in the small room. Need to tweak my setup for a better split. I use midi for everything except all guitars and all vocals. I have tons of VSTS. Thanks again. I would be curious how you have things setup. I can control the volume thru the monitors of the guitars and vocals but the main 11&12 (main playback) have everything going thru them? The Echo Layla has plenty of ins and outs so I need to revisit that also.
  15. So, 40 views but no replies. In all honesty I understand. Kind of like you need to be here (my studio) to troubleshoot it-I guess. Oh well, it was a long shot cry for help. No biggie.
  16. So I have used mackie 12 channel compact mixers for decades with Cakewalk, Sonar and now CWbyBL. They have no recording function. Just playback of what I need to hear. As stated previously I tore down my little home studio and redid things. The mixer sits on a rolling rack and never was moved. I did disconnect all cabling. It remained unplugged for 4 or 5 weeks. so got things going again but step by step. Only the mains to my studio monitors and playback from CWBL are wired up so far. Low and behold I only have one channel. I have switched cables 4X, swapped inputs, etc to determine monitors were ok. Onee channel sound like a distant "reverby" weirdness, very low volume. At first I thought it might be the echo Layla 3G due to the piggyback pci to pci express adapter. Nope. I played media player with mp3's thru the mixer\echo\monitors and the same thing happens. Also the mackie has xlr outs on back, trs out on top. A control room(monitor) outs and and alt out. They all exhibit the same thing.Left channel. no fx send or returns are hooked up. I cannot believe that just sitting there the mackie lost a channel. The 4 busses are supposedly separate but they all exhibit this. Truly strange. oh, almost forgot. My beyer 770 pros do the exact same thing when plugged in the headphone jack of the mackie. There is ONE common denominator only - the main mix voulume pot. Of course, it's sealed so I cannot try and clean it. It is common to all the busses. Just figured I would post this just to see if it rings a bell with anyone. Thanks
  17. Well in all honesty-My home studio had to be ripped apart because something was causing me to cough violently - very strange. Actually damaged left lung lining according to emergency room-that's how violent the coughing was. Scrubbed the room, walls, etc, for days. Ripped out the old carpet, Just getting it back together. No where else to set everything up. Missed it big time. Should be good to go hopefully. Been in here all day -no issues.
  18. Thanks for the reply also Gswitz! Appreciated
  19. Hey Scook Been a while. So it was the old scroll lock key. Could have sworn I tried that immediately. Oh well. Thanks as Always my friend! Frank
  20. So, playing thru a project it stops at the end of the monitor edge and no longer scrolls? Weird. Hoper I am describing this properly. Thanks in advance-it is a pia atm. Should mention the project (all audio) continues to playback fine, just does not progress.
  21. OK. So in the time line in a midi file I have these small white (white for me anyway) numbers displaying position. But they get in my way for the way I work. I have tried. I kn ow it's an idiots question but how do I remove them? Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes not. Thanks
  22. I apoligize but I do not remember how I solved this. I am pretty sure it was Celemony support. I also believe Nitish's post will work also. I believe this is about what support told me also. It is great advice and worth copy\paste and save. I will try to retrace exactly what I did if it would help. I'll look thru my emails because I did receive great support from Celemony on this.
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