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  1. I apoligize but I do not remember how I solved this. I am pretty sure it was Celemony support. I also believe Nitish's post will work also. I believe this is about what support told me also. It is great advice and worth copy\paste and save. I will try to retrace exactly what I did if it would help. I'll look thru my emails because I did receive great support from Celemony on this.
  2. OK-It has been a long time since I even looked at the playlist. But I do not remember a "lyrics View"? Where can I find info about the "lyric view" in playlist? Thanks - I did search for it but came up empty.
  3. Have to say that Convology XT reverb is pretty nice. I have reverberate but I like the simplicity of the Convology reverb. So Thank You K.K. Yao-.......................................
  4. Hey Chris, Appreciate the input. Going to check if GC's (3) near me carry it. The keys are very important to me also. Not so much the size but the feel. Thanks FRank
  5. So I am looking for a small (25 keys perfect for me) but solid midi keyboard with at least semi weighted keys, which this one is. Honestly the main function is for me to record bass lines and create and enhance midi drums. I can fool around "slowly" with piano parts so that would also be a plus. Don't really need to control CWBL but wouldn't mind learning the basics. Anyone familiar with this unit or have a better option. This $249 I can grab for a bit less. Thanks
  6. EDIT: So I finally was able to install editor 4.2 update over the other and now all is well. Have not tried to unstall again. But I cannot activate it but I have reached out to Celomony I cannot do this. I get a user acccount control error saying an administartor has stopped me from running the installer....although I am UNINSTALLING? Win 10.....UAC is off and always has been. I am the admin. Wish I could post the error dialog box. Here is the dialog box info. I have tried right clicking and get the repair or remove. I choose remove. Nope. I choose repair nope. all back to the same error. Guess I should try safe mode but I do not get this at all. I wanted to do a clean install of my Melodyne 4.2 editor. These are the words in the red title bar of the box User account control This app has been blocked for your protection. Then in the bottom of the dialog box it says: An Administrator has blocked you from running this app. For more info contact the administrator (I am the fricken admin ) C\Windows\installer\bb7200b.msi Publisher unknown File origin: hard drive on this computer Program location: update 1.02 Celemony Software GmbH English (United States) C\windows\installer\bb7200.msi Thanks
  7. Hmmm. I am looking at the complete table that moves up and down. I also play guitar and standing requires the table to be pretty high. Need to do more research. Thanks
  8. Hi Not sure here this belongs. Move it it needs to be moved. I was wondering if anyone is using some type of varidesk product or alternative for your daw setup. I have regular desktop setup-but would love to stand up when needed. They are not cheap so I wanted to check. Thanks folks
  9. Sure! Happy To! Great idea Steve..............BTW, I didn't get it right but they are their but NOT in the sample content. My bad.
  10. EDIT: So I found out you have to use their virtualSynth? That's no good for me. I was going to demo it for 15 days for $15, you get a usb pedal with the demo. Oh well. I like the playlist in CW but sometimes seeing the Words and Setlist would be nice. Thats what I was looking for. So I guess I am going to start to play out a bit, it's been many years. Just myself and a laptop. typical one man guitar thing. I have a zillion sequences already built up over decades. And that's OK because I don't like much of what I hear these days. I know I can use the playlist in CW, but showplay looks pretty cool. Anyone? Thanks
  11. You know Scook. Not sure about anyone else, but with you here to help makes it so much smoother for folks like me. Also, gotta give a shout out to Cactus....really helpful guy! Thanks Man
  12. So, I wanted to take a look at the loops in big fish audio. I never installed them, well until today anyway. So they were exe's so I let it roll, no custom option. Installed to the ever popular appdata\user\roaming etc, etc and then to Sonar Plat folder. I still have it installed but use CW BL. I want them on my sample drive. since they are just samples, can I just drag them to the sample drive? Thanks
  13. Don't remember the reason exactly; but I do remember long ago adding to the initialization file WarnSilentBuses=0. Do this in prefs\File\Initialization file. option is WarnSilentBuses Value is 0. then click on Set. This gets rid of the message
  14. I am on 1809. I have updates set to wait for me (pause updates) The only issue I ever see is Chrome just freezes sometimes, otherwise all is good especially with CWbB-no issues. I also have a myriad of apps on my desktop PC (my DAW) Always have. I do think I just don't go as deep as most others do. 30-40 tracks usually with a zillion VSTS. Should I be on a newer build of Win 10 Pro? This is what it states in win update page on my PC: Updates Available. Last Checked yesterday. Has the Alert Upside down yellow triangle with exclamation point inside it. Intel - System - 4/11/2018 12:00:00 AM - 1815.12.0.2021 STATUS: Pending Thanks
  15. EDIT: So I changed it in registry and all is well......JUst thoughtb there might have been another way. So, since I started using ONLY CWbyBL I have had to reset some paths etc. So is the register the only way to change the path of the pro channel presets folder? If so, Ok then!
  16. All midi except for vocals and guitars. Mostly good Old Rock, R&B, Blues and originals. Been doing this forever. CWbyBL is perfect for this. I have no issues and I do use tons of VSTS... Should add that I had no issues with any version of Sonar and CW and I have owned them all.
  17. Ripple Edit has been a godsend to me also....................
  18. Just wanted to try something but not imperative. What I needed was for CWbyBL to NOT have focus for XX? amount of time.T hanks Scook
  19. Hi Any way to disable key bindings? Don't want to delete them all, just want to know if they can be disabled Until I choose to enable? Thanks
  20. So we used to be able to go to app data etc, etc and save the "exe" locally. That seems to not be the case anymore. Anyone? Thanks
  21. Many of us (myself included) build our own. But if you cannot do that Jim R. is respected and well known. His stuff is top notch. I base that on decades of forums and years of statements from those who have purchased from him.
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