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  1. I seem to be having a problem with the SAMPLE RATE and the BUFFER SIZE. All of a sudden I will start to get noise, and I see that the SAMPLE RATE and BUFFER SIZE have changed. I can sometimes adjust it back to where it was, but a lot of times it ends up with my computer crashing with the blue screen of death. I believe the project sample rate is set to 48khz, and buffer is 1024. Things go bad when it switches by itself to another setting i.e. 256 buffer, and the sample rate changes to something else. I am using a Presonus Firestudio Tube. it using a universal control to set the sample rate and the buffer size. I don't know, maybe my presonus is going bad or maybe just me. If anyone can give me input on this it is much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Sorry my friend. I don't know why that body of text came back up. I had to delete it now to write the post I wanted. Thank you for your help. I now need to see if I can find out about the sample rate and buffer changes problem I am having.
  3. I a using a presonus Firestudio Tube. It has a universal control where I can set the Sample Rate, and the Buffer Size. I have been having problems with my Cakewalk projects. The universal control is set to 1024 , and the buffer was either 48 or 44.1 not sure which it was, but I will go to play, and I get a bunch of noise. I noticed that the Buffer size has changed by itself to a much lower number like 256 buffer size, and maybe 96.0 KHZ. Any ideas are much appreciated. It doesn't happen all of the time. It does enough to be a problem especially if I leave the computer for a while and come back Thank you
  4. I had paid for Cakewalk, and updates for years. Spent a lot of money on it. I love the software. The last update I did with Cakewalk was supposed to be all updates free there on out. I was most disappointed when they sold to Bandlab as I had never heard of it. I must admit since Bandlab has taken over I think it has been great. I don't know how they do it for free and even keep updating the software. I really appreciate it.
  5. Thank you all for your input. I was able to figure out the problem. I was exporting over 12 hours for a 5-minunte song. I don't know why the timeline went out that far. I was able to select everything from the end of the song to the end of the timeline. Then it exported correctly.
  6. You are right. I found out that instead of 5 minutes it is exporting 12:25 minutes. I am trying to figure out how extra time got on this 5-minute song. Do you know of a way to delete everything after the song. There isn't anything there, but when I say select all it goes out
  7. Thank you for your response. I am not sure what I can do. It's only a 5-minute song. I am just trying to export the tracks into a stereo mix. Is there a setting or someway to defeat this. I've exported this file project before, and never had a problem. Granted I have added some tracks. Apx. 68 tracks total.
  8. Thank you for that information. I will be using it. Very helpful!
  9. thank you for that information. Very simple and easy to understand. I will definitely be using it.
  10. I am exporting as I always do to a wav file. But, for some reason it is taking for ever and the file is huge. Instead of a .wav extension it says .v64 extension. I've been working with Cakewalk for years, and I have never seen this. I assume something crazy with my computer. Any input is much appreciated. Thank You
  11. Is there a way to redraw the wave files on the timeline. I have been crashing lately, and even though I had saved the project, when it crashes the clips I had been working on come up with a single line when I reopen the project. I did find out that I can change the gain and the the wave form is redrawn, but sometimes I had used Melodyne and then I have to remove it first, do the change in gain, and then have to redo Melodyne which is pain. Just wondering if anyone knows a way to get those waveforms redrawn without changing the level. Thank You!
  12. I have a Mackie Control surface that is no longer working Cakewalk. I am familiar with how it sets up etc. I've always gotten it to work in the past. I think I know how to set it up as I have done so many times in the past. Is it possible the new versions of cakewalk have a problem with the Mackie control surface setup? I doubt it but, this is an old unit maybe like 12 years old. Maybe not supported anymore? I use the Presonus Firestudio external sound card midi in and out to go to the Mackie Control. Both of these units are old, but they always worked before. Maybe I just forgot how to set it up? Here is my setup: Mackie Control midi output to the Presonus Firestudio midi in, and then the Firestudio midi out back to the Mackie control surface midi in. When I go into the prefaces it is showing the Mackie Control XT-1, in port Tube Midi, out port Tube midi. But, wen I put up control surface it just says CONNECTING. Any suggestion please are much appreciated. UPDATE: I was able to get it to connect, but now instead of seeing the 1st track it is starting with the 17th track. The 1st two banks of tracks 1 through 16 are not available. I must still have something wrong. However, I can switch banks and see all tracks from 17 on up. Any suggestions on this is also appreciated. Thank You!
  13. Thanks so much for the information. I guess I can upgrade again. I really liked the feature of multi track in one window. I don't see a path to upgrade from Studio 5. The upgrade option is from Studios 4 for $150. Do you know what it cost to upgrade to Studio 5 from Editor 5?
  14. I upgraded to Melodyne 5 Editor. While I was in the trial version I was able to click on several tracks and they would all appear at the same time. Which was most useful as I could see a lead vocal, the 3rd harmony track, and the 5th harmony track all at the same time in the same window. It was also useful if I had a vocal double as I could make the notes come together to the same exact pitch. After I upgraded and ended the trail person, I can't find a way to bring up multiple tracks in the same window. I don't know if I'm not doing something wrong now or if this feature of seeing multiple tracks was only available in Studio. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
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