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  1. Is there a built in plug in for Cakewalk for Mastering? If not, any recommendation are much appreciated. Thanks
  2. I have some mixes that I created that I had the Vintage VC-64 Plug in. I believe it was in Sonar 6. It no longer comes up now when I open the songs in the latest version I have of Bandlab. Is there a way to get it back? I used it on the master channel and did master mixes with it. without it my mixes sound very weak. Or is there a new and better plug in already available that I can use on the master channel? Thanks
  3. I recorded a song yesterday at 84 bpm. I just sound too slow. I have only recorded a basic keyboard part, and a short intro into the 3 minute song, along with bass, acoustic guitar, and a lead vocal. I think I realize now it is dragging. I'd like to increase it to 100 bpm. I watch some videos online and it says to just change the tempo which is what I did, but it doesn't work. I am about to just go ahead and re-record everything at 100 bpm. I'm I missing something that can save me time? Thanks
  4. Thank you for the detailed instructions. It is pretty far over my head, but I know I can figure it out. The track template sound most useful. I have a lot of songs to work on. I start to play around with it. Thank you again!
  5. Yes in the track pane. Sorry I feel like an idiot. I have been trying to watch youtube videos to learn. I just recorded a midi piano midi channel one. it worked. But, now I'd like to try some strings. Looks like I now have to add a new midi track and set it for midi channel two right? So duplicated a midi track, and I got strings to come through channel 2, but as I play the string it is layered with the piano sound. I saw something about turning of echo in one of the videos, but I don't see echo in band lad version. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the information! I believe I downloaded and installed this about a week ago, I just now went to use it and found it under insert drums. I also found Addictive Keys under soft Synth. Is Addictive drums better than session drummer? And is Addictive Keys better than Cakewalk TTS1? I have several songs to record. I am trying to set up a usable template with everything I need. I am having a lot of problems with Cakewalk TTS1. I'd like to use different sounds on different tracks, but can't figure out how to route it correctly. If I record a piano let's say on midi channel 1, and then try strings on Channel 2 it changes the sound of the piano to strings. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thank You, would I have all of those listed by just installing Bandlad?
  8. I had Sonar Platinum before the Bandlab switch over. I seem to remember that there was addictive drums included. I don't see it in the bandlab software. Is it still included?
  9. Thanks Mark, I have never done that before. I will try to figure it out. I have two tracks. One is piano, the other a short string section. When I record one, two it also on the audio track. I will see if I can figure out freeze. Thanks for your patience with me. I owned and ran a 24-track two-inch tape studio for 30 years. Not up on the digital that great yet.
  10. I am just getting back into using Sonar. I know a fair amount, but I am a little lost on how to bounce a cakewalk TTS track to an audio track. I think I have setup the TTS-1 correctly, recorded a track, and I see where it is being bounced right below when in the preview mode. I push the little play button and it generates an audio wave file on that audio track. I learned that if I hit the record button it actually records the wave file. Great! But, I inserted another midi track, and I recorded a string part on it. I can't figure out how to generate the wave file on one of the other available cakewalk audio tracks for the strings. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
  11. I seem to reminder some feature that allowed me to automatically duck empty parts of a track to silence. For instance in a vocal where in between sections of the vocal you can hear faint carry over from the head phones. I have been doing it manually by going through each track and trimming every clip and every track to get really clean tracks. I tried Remove Silence under Process audio but it didn't work. Any suggestion most welcome, and thank you so much for your help!
  12. Thanks I'll try to find it. Where do I look for a (sustain) event? I think I found it in the Layers below. but can't seem to figure out how to add the 0. OK, I found how to add the 0. I clicked in the layer to add it where I didn't want it and took it out from the point. I started to populate some sustain by clicking at the highest point in the layer, It worked at first, but when I went back in to add a few more places the same procedure of clicking at the top or at 0 did nothing. I must be an idiot. Your advice is most welcome. Thank you
  13. I am laying down a Yamaha keyboard into Bandlab. It was working fine and for the most part always has, but today I laid down a track, and then went to punch in to fix an area from about the middle of the song to the end using auto punch in. It punched in fine, but it is playing back with SUSTAIN. Therefore even if I hit short chopping chords they keep ringing out. And when playing regular chords that I an holding they sustain into the next chord. Any help is appreciated. Thank You
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