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  1. Yes, I've used step probabilities a little when programming hi-hat patterns, I think I'll investigate it a bit more... How is Matrix best put to use, if you're only doing studio work? I suppose it's a Live-style pattern trigger feature? I've never really investigated it...
  2. Sorry to bump, but the more I think about #2 above, the weirder I find it: Step sequences are by their nature meant for looping, but when you do that in Cakewalk, it is impossible to follow the playback position. 🤔 @Jesse Jost Any chance the step sequencer might get some more love soon?
  3. Unfortunately no (as others already said) and the step sequencer does also not follow playback position if you have extended your step sequencer clip using groove clip looping (CTRL+L). Step sequencers in general are probably most used for drum programming for electronic dance music and hiphop, but I recently got a great melodic sequence out of it for a techno track, with some great happy accidents when clicking and removing notes. It would benefit from some more polishing though...
  4. Thanks for your input @MusicMan11712 (aka Dr. Steve)! Haha, as you say, positioning isn't that straightforward to verify, with variables such as multiple monitors, screensets, lenses... 🤔 Maybe it's just something in my configuration? Oh, isn't there also a setting somewhere concerning what happens when you double-click a clip? That's also a variable, I suppose.
  5. I had forgot to install Melodyne since my last OS re-install, now it works. Thanks @David Baay and @scook! Just a thought: if no Melodyne is detected when trying to perform the MIDI extract, maybe Cakewalk should say so?
  6. Thanks a lot David Baay! So Melodyne is required for that to work? I will check it and report back.
  7. Hi all! Can anyone replicate these 2 step sequencer bugs? (Although I'm not sure #2 is technically a bug, but at least for me it doesn't behave as expected). Bug 1: Undocked Step Sequencer window status not remembered after closing window Create a blank project and create a step sequencer clip Double click the step sequencer clip and it should open docked Undock the step sequencer Close the undocked step sequencer window Double click the step sequencer clip again and it has forgotten it was undocked - it opens docked again Bug 2: Step sequencer playback marker cannot handle groove-clip looped step sequencer clips As I mentioned above, I'm not sure this is technically a bug, but at least for me it doesn't behave as expected. Extend a step sequencer clip several measures using groove-clip looping (CTRL + L and drag) Play the clip and watch the step sequencer window: the playback meter only works the first measure, then it's blank. I would expect it to loop and indicate current step as long as the clip has been looped. Note: The PRV seems to also not be able to display notes in groove-clip looped step sequencer clips. Only the notes in the first bar are shown. (I find it really useful that all note changes in the step sequencer are also immediately shown in the PRV – love it! I would just love them to be shown when looped as well. ) I am using Cakewalk 2019.07 Build 79. Thanks for a great product!
  8. Hi all! If I remember correctly, it should be possible to extract MIDI note information from an audio clip by just dragging it to a MIDI track? Since I reinstalled my studio PC, that no longer seems to work - when I release the mouse button, Cakewalk asks: ...but nothing happens when I click yes (I do see a quick progress bar flashing by though). Am I missing something? Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. @Alan Tubbs Might you yourself have any clout with regards to this, as you're a regular contributor to the magazine in question? And great job with all your reviews in SOS, by the way - the Cakewalk ones and all the others!
  10. That's also a nice option that I use regularly, but a Live-style CTRL+D duplication would be even faster. 😉
  11. Thanks for the great tip, Promidi! I know there is a MIDI CC standard, but the parameters a MIDI CC controls are often unique per project anyway, at least for me. Any given parameter on any given VST synth could be MIDI learned to (almost) any MIDI CC number, so pre-defining global parameter names is not really feasible. Assigning a name to an envelope would probably be most convenient when creating the envelope.
  12. I think implementing a duplicate ("CTRL + D") function would be awesome! If you're curious about why this is needed and wonder why it's faster than drag & drop, please see the demonstration of the Duplicate feature in Live below: Basic Editing in Ableton Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8DvIvoiMLI&t=10m28s
  13. @SynthManDan Really glad to hear it's solved and that Cakewalk is now stable! Maybe add "[SOLVED]" to thread title?
  14. When using many MIDI CC envelopes it can sometimes be difficult to tell them apart. It would be nice if custom names could be assigned to MIDI CC envelopes, see suggested screenshot #2. Thanks for a great product!
  15. Please check out Noel's reply now that you got the attention of the head honcho himself!
  16. Maybe try some other compressor? There are numerous nice free ones available nowadays, like TDR Kotelnikov, although I'm not sure which offer sidechaining possibilities.
  17. I have an MK1 S49 but I've barely used the KK plugin to be honest... What does it mean for me as a Cakewalk/Sonar user that the MK1 has MCU support? Will transport buttons work without any extra configuration when using the Komplete Kontrol plugin?
  18. I like the Skylight interface, but at the same time I think it might certainly be possible to streamline it a little, make it a little more space efficient. I would say that the switch to dark interfaces for creative software on the desktop was caused by – at least it correlates well with – the proliferation of bigger and bigger LCD/LED screens. I myself loathed dark interfaces and couldn't understand why people liked them... until I got to work with big flat-screens. Now, where did I put those shades...? 😎
  19. Thanks for the heads-up! Just one question about the release info: What does "asynchronous bounce" refer to? Compared to the recent fast bounce optimizations? That were introduced in 2019.03 but rolled back in the Mar 26 hotfix?)
  20. At least in good 'ol Sonar Platinum it most definitely also moves automation. Just as for Lynn, ripple edit was a key addition for my needs!
  21. I have never had sidechain crashes (in Sonar Platinum) during many years of use, so I can't help you out unfortunately. @Noel Borthwick - as we are discussing sidechaining: could you guys please consider implementing a simple dropdown for selecting a sidechain input on the instrument track itself? Like Logic has had for years and like Cubase 10 just implemented. Thanks & keep up the great work!
  22. You can also hold CTRL when double clicking a track name, to temporarily force opening a new VST/VSTi window even if you have recycling enabled. Handy!
  23. What!? No, you're kidding, I gotta check that out! Thanks scook! 😀 EDIT: While I'm using the keyboard shortcuts, I'm waiting for buttons and/or indicators to make it easier to see the current setting.
  24. Good ideas, all! While we are wishing - could we have button sfor "Enable/disable looping" and "Preview at host tempo"? I change these options A LOT and having them hidden in a menu is very slow...
  25. A more deeply integrated sampler, like the Sampler Track in Cubase, would be awesome! Have a look:
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