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  1. I've seen, there is already a Touch Portal preset for Reaper DAW in the download area Cheers
  2. Hi, ... and what about 'Steam Deck'?
  3. Alternatively there is a pure software solution between android and pc called: Touch Panel, also from Elgato https://www.touch-portal.com/ Cheers
  4. Hi and Hello, what about contolling all our shortcuts and functions of cakewalk with a 'Stream Deck' from Elgato? https://www.thomann.de/gb/elgato_stream_deck_xl.htm?ref=intl&shp=eyJjb3VudHJ5IjoiZ2IiLCJjdXJyZW5jeSI6NCwibGFuZ3VhZ2UiOiJlbiJ9
  5. Juhu 😄 Thx for reply, wouldn't it take more than 5 minutes for a CbBL-programmer to generate an editable public file accessible for a dummy OP like me? I mean, it's just a list of all commands inside the DAW- not more not less, there's no mystery about it
  6. Hi and Hello, Any idea where to find all these 458 commands together in one (root)file (regedit or somewhat) ACT option-windows offers to use. This fly-out list seems to contain all CbBL-commands existing right now. I also haven't found any hint in ACT-files like "genericpluginparams.xml" 36 CMDs relate to ACT 163 CMDs relate to "Menu-groups" 259 CMDs Nice to meet you 🕵️‍♂️
  7. Always strange but funny: Highligt a track directly in Consoleview, scrollbar moves with left and right keyboard-arrows Highligt a track in Trackpane (while having Cosoleview open) scrollbar moves with up and down keyboard-arrows... As you pointed out, solo or mute a track (with Cakewalk Generic Surface) doesn't scroll to the specific track here on my system not either...
  8. 🤡 Hi and Hello 🗨️ what kind of a device is your "control surface" or do you mean Cakewalks on board "generic control surface"?
  9. I quit piddling around with screensets. Loading takes too long for me and remembering what is for what makes me nervous. Now I get used to these Lenses. Anyway, there are shortcuts for the use of screensets...
  10. Focus moves with left and right keyboard-arrows when console-view window (floating mode) is active, but if focus is set by shortcut "Put focus in Track pane/ Bus pane" it moves by arrowkey up and down... because the cursor remains in the track pane (track or bus) in console-view it is highlighted but not really active - only after mouse-click into the highlighted field Switching the focus between track and bus in console-view only works with floating windows here.... realize the difference - one is focused (passive) and one is focused (active) with little withe angles
  11. ❓ You mean these two shortcuts, right? - Put focus in Track pane --- SHIFT+UP ARROW - Put focus in Bus pane --- SHIFT+DOWN ARROW But it didn't do the trick for me
  12. Hi and Hello 😷 do you know any trick to switch the *Priority" between Tracks and Busses without Mouse-activity in the console-view. Keyboard arrows left or right do move the active hightlight, but I haven't found a way to switch from tracks to busses... As you can see in the following picture, it is possible to switch in ACT window.... ACT Window in Cakewalk in this dropdown list (in ACT option window) are all available CbBL-commands specified... (might be hundreds) Previous Group or Next Group are assignable MIDI-remote commands. Nice to meet you 😁
  13. Oh - cool! That's a bit easier instead clicking on the tiny double arrow. Thx 😁
  14. Hmm, (from my point of view) there is no other option than that... the Quad Curve-EQ is always dedicated to one track.
  15. When EQ is highlighted in Inspector - instead clicking this little dubble-arrow called zoom-window
  16. Hi and Hello, What about a Quad Curve EQ Shortcut inside Inspector to bring the flyout window in front and back again? This shoudn't be to complicated... Cheers
  17. 😄 another weird idea, ha ha... I don't know, if this is technically possible? But to control two or more Synths in Synthrack with the same MIDI Control SetUp would be cool for me
  18. Hi and Hello, is there any chance to stop or interrupt the incomming MIDI-Remote signals (temporally) for a specific plugin or synth inside the synthrack or elsewhere? As you can see, in my setup, Beatstep Pro as my MIDI-(Remote) Controller is disabled (any Channel is checked) in MIDI Input Preset (Inspector) but my Synth in the Synthrack still receives MIDI-remote signals on MIDI Cha 3 😬 It confuses me, because in the preset only CME VX (on MIDI Cha 1) is set active... Probably MIDI-Remote/MIDI Learn (in Synthrack) has it's own separate live and has nothing to do with MIDI Input presets in the inspector 😪 and probably this is a 'normal' MIDI-protocol limitation (in all DAWs) So it seems, MIDI-remote signals don't differ about what Plugin or Softsynth is active right now. Do I send (for e.g.) CC 104 on MIDI Channel 3, every virtual Plugin/Softsynthparameter which is assigned to this data value will be affected - unfortunatelly not the highlihted or active one...
  19. A few years ago, I started to save softsynth adjustments as VST-save (*.fxp --> VST2) in every project for every track and instrument, also Pro Channel EQ adjustments (*.pcp) to prevent from horror scenario...
  20. Okay, thx - did it your way and it works fine now! 😁
  21. That works: mklink /J d:/XXX "C:\Users\uweni\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\ProChannel Presets" but this doesn't: mklink /J "D:\Cakewalk CbBL\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\XXX" "C:\Users\uweni\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\ProChannel Presets" ... looks like you can't create a new folder (XXX) in a structure of already existing folders (?)
  22. ... another term for mklink seems to be: "symlink" thx for your advice - maybe this could be a solution 🙄
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