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  1. i saw video unavailable support hawkwind back in the day 🙄
  2. oh, not like all those compatible lists that don't include cakewalk? oh no! asio4all arg arg arg (so it seems to be at least class compliant)
  3. seems that their marketing people don't speak to their tech people https://www.ikmultimedia.com/faq/?id=1076
  4. Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song
  5. Pacific Range - High Upon The Mountain
  6. Sly And The Family Stone "I Want To Take You Higher"
  7. Roy Harper - Tom Tiddler's Ground
  8. Tom Jones & Mousse T - Sexbomb haha
  9. Arizona Amp and Alternator -Blue Blue Marble Girl ·
  10. the internet says it's pc compatible dunno about cakewalk specifically did you try any other audio software?
  11. PTN format is from Project5 (RIP) and other than the bakers i believe that's the only way to make your own? (cmiiw)
  12. cass mccombs - name written in water -
  13. Billy Bragg - Full English Brexit
  14. Beatnik Filmstars : Apathetic English Swine
  15. quite a weird mix, the whole bummed lp
  16. can you re-install/rollback to the older version?
  17. The Streets - Brexit at Tiffany's ft. Jazz Morley
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