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  1. In order to make project clean and easy to understand, it is necessary to mark each track: like this: All I want is it can automatically display the text from the articulation maps. and It would be better if it could be exported and imported together with the audio track.
  2. I would like to request an enhancement to Cakewalk by Bandlab please. Specifically, the ability to be able to assign keyboard shortcuts for the "Minimize Strip" and "Restore Strip Size" features for a track, to avoid needing to mouse click on the small buttons (see screenshot below). I asked if this was possible in the forum (https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/54233-is-there-a-keyboard-shortcut-for-minimizing-and-restoring-the-height-of-a-track-strip) but no-one has suggested to me that it is possible. After some Googling I found that @synkrotron asked about this in 2019 also (https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/1401-keyboard-shortcut-for-minimise-strip-and-restore-strip-size/), so it sounds like it has been desired by users for some time. The following features that ARE keyboard accessible cannot be used as workarounds: Auto Track Zoom (only allows one track at a time to be in expanded state, and I may wish multiple to be expanded) CTRL-SHIFT-Up/Down (incrementally changes the height of a track, and if used to "minimize" a track, its desirable expanded height is forgotten, and you must then incrementally increase it back to the desired height The "Minimize Strip" and "Restore Strip Size" buttons are perfect for my needs because, in one operation, they can collapse a track to its minimum height, or resize it back to its optimum, previously set size. Having the ability to do this via the keyboard would be a huge benefit to efficiency of workflow. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Would it be possible to add a mono inputs only option in Audio devices preferences? It is very rare when you actually need to use a stereo input and they only clutter the list of available inputs and that sometimes leads to mistakes.
  4. I often export audio in mp3 and every time I have to change settings in the MP3 Export options box. It would be nice to have Cakewalk remember the last settings.
  5. I would like to have access to add plug-ins to the input channel strips. Allowing the use of VST’s similar to outboard hardware.
  6. There is already a Solo button in the VSTi window header. Please also add the Mute button, which would do a lot for those who need to momentarily mute a VSTi, without having to go to track view and search for the right track, among maybe many many tracks, to find the right track to mute. Thank you! Example (I added a mute button in Photoshop, just to see what it could look like):
  7. Hi: I'm a long time Cakewalk user. In the past I used to have a multi port MIDI interface (now obsolete) and connect all my synths there. Now I don't have that MIDI interface anymore and, as most modern synths have USB MIDI, I connect all my synths directly to the computer. The problem is that not always want to use all my synth, sometimes I just turn on a single one and Cakewalk just mess all MIDI port selection on the MIDI tracks. The MIDI data (notes, etc) is sent to the wrong synths. I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track every time. Even if I turn on all my synths, sometimes Cakewalk change the order of MIDI ports and again I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track. Same happens when sending MIDI clock to my drum machine, after opening a saved project the MIDI ports are in a different order and the MIDI clock is sent to a different port so my drum machine doesn't start. Also if I have set an instrument definition for a MIDI port, I lost that assignment... So, please make Cakewalk remember the MIDI port settings. If I have a MIDI track and the MIDI port output is set to a MIDI port named SynthX (all my MIDI ports have the name of the synth), next time I open the project that track should be assigned to the MIDI port SynthX, and if that MIDI port is not available (not connected), should be routed to a dummy MIDI port, not to other MIDI port, if I want to route that MIDI data to another MIDI port I will do it myself manually (letting Cakewalk choose a random MIDI port doesn't help). Thank you!
  8. A small list of a few User Interface updates that I think would be very convenient\useful... 1. "Grey Out" midi faders and pan controls that have "Disabled Control" enabled... Kind of the same as when you archive a track, the M S R buttons are greyed out... Or even put the value in parentheses (101)... Many times I will disable these controls if I'm adjusting them in an another place, be it a plugin or on a synth... If you move them they "auto-enable" and will send the midi data to the plugin or keyboard... I may not always remember what the parameter was set at... If the controls are "greyed out" visually it would serves as a reminder, don't adjust me... 😃 ... Perhaps some of these may have been requested before... 2. Ability to "Re-Order" the instruments in the Synth Rack... 3. Ability to move\relocate the flyout QuadCurve EQ... 4. Track Properties Tab , Inspector, Description... A visually indication if a note has been added to a track in this area, the button a different color... 5. Tempo Tab in Inspector... A visually indication if there are tempo changes in the project, the button a different color...
  9. Hello anyone, i think it would be nice to get an internal Resample Pitch Algorithm as additional Mode between Radius and Elastique. Creating "classic fast Pitch Vocals" or "doubled downpitched Hi Hat Patterns" can be easily created with it and the Option to use it directly from Cip-Inspector would be comfortable :) I hope you like this idea :) best regards
  10. As a keyboard player I record all of my keyboard tracks to Midi Tracks... I use to record them to Audio Tracks back in the day of tape recorders... Then I bought a Yamaha SY85 (93), A computer (95) and a DAW, Cakewalk Pro Audio 7 (98) and I have recorded my Keyboards to Midi ever since... I have some projects that have 30 or more Midi Tracks and not a single Audio Clip, go to the Audio Folder and it is empty... Also have some that have all Audio Tracks and no Midi Tracks (Guitar songs...)... On my computer I have more Midi Outputs than I have Audio Outputs... I can send an Audio Track to "any" Output, to 5 or 6 Outputs or more, to a Stereo Bus, to even more Buses, to an Aux Track, to a side chain of a plug-in, I can create a "New" Bus... But I can only send a Midi Track to "One" single Output or Soft Synth... If I want to send the same track to another source, be it a Midi Effect, a Soft Synth, another Keyboard (I have more than one...) I have to duplicate the track... And then maybe even duplicate it again and again if I an doing a large string arrangement... It would be so nice to be able to send a Midi Track to a Midi FX on an Aux Track, or just an Aux Track or to another Midi Output or two with a little "Send" knob... Apparently Cubase has this feature, I don't know, I don't use Cubase... I have Cubase, it came with my Yamaha Motif XF ten years ago... I installed it, use it for about half of a song project and then uninstalled it... Did not like it... I love Cakewalk, been using it for about 25 years, Pro Audio 7, about the time Noel joined the Cakewalk team... It would be great if the Bakers could add Midi Sends and Midi Aux Tracks to CflatB... Midi Tracks deserve the same respect that Audio Tracks get...
  11. When you bypass a plugin using the (host) bypass top left button, the plugin is not bypassed in the channel strip and vice versa. Furthermore when the plugin is bypassed in the host it shows orange whereas in the channel strip orange means active which is confusing.
  12. Title says it all. It seems quite counter-productive that you can replace synths from a menu option but there's no option or workflow for doing so in the FX Rack. You have several ways of adding effects into the rack but the only way to replace an effect already in it is deleting the effect that's there and putting the new one in.
  13. When the nesting folders feature was released, I had suggested that we have this option in the "Console View", I was told it had the "Track Manager", where I could hide the tracks I wasn't working on. I know that the "Track Manager" is an interesting feature, however, my suggestion was to have something more accessible so that I didn't have to always use shortcuts and select "Ok" for the action to be executed. I was testing another DAW, and I saw in it the idea that I had suggested, I thought it would be interesting to share it here so that you can see and maybe implement the idea in the Cakewalk, it would make the workflow a lot easier. 2022-06-28 19-23-55_Trim.mp4 See that on the left side of Ardor's "Console View", you have the option to "Show/Hide Strips" and at the bottom of "Show/Hide Group", without having to access the option through shortcuts, such as the "Track Manager ". It would be interesting if this idea were implemented in Cakewalk!
  14. Hi, it would be perfect if: 1. there would be a visual differentiation of Offset and Envelope modes by color of UI - faders or faders tracks, current differentiation by + signs is easy to overlook. 2. there would be an option to choose default mode - Offset or Envelope Thank you
  15. Hello, I would like to ask for a UX improvement> Would it be possible to add a BUS Area just in the level of user interface in Console View? Nowadays we see in Console View three areas: Tracks, Buses and HW outputs. Would it be possible to add multiple areas for buses? This would make possible to 'group' buses in the level of UI. One then would have the possibbility to segment his buses, sometimes I have a lot of buses in my projects, and to keep the overview clean and then to scroll from there to there is a bit confusing. Technically on the internall processing level nothing would be changed. The buses themselves would behave and function the same way they do now. On the level of UI four changes would be implemented: 1. An item in the right click menu in the buses area would be added: 'Add Buses Group'. 2. After clicking that item a new empty area would be added between clicked bus area and HW outputs area or following Bus area if any present. (This area would behave the same way we are used to. Right click -> Add Stereo Bus... etc...) 3. An item in the bus right click menu: Move this bus to a Bus Area> (similar to Move to Folder menu in the track right click menu) 4. An item in the right click menu in the buses area would be added: Remove this Buses area. It would be enabled only if no track would be present in that area and this would not be the last and only bus area. It would make the usage of Cakewalk even more versatile. Thank you for your opinions.
  16. HI, this is my feature suggestion: please could you add simple Wet / Dry knob into a FX Chain ? I hope this is self-explanatory, if anyone would need further discussion, I'm open. Thank you a lot in advance.
  17. Hellow, this would be nice to have> when I hit H key, track manager opens and it is organized the way the tracks and track folders are organized in track view, including the open / closed state. It would be nice if the same would go in the opsite way. When I open / close some track folders in the track manager and close it, the tracks would be organized accordingly in the track view. Thank you
  18. When working in a big project we can't see all tracks all the time because some tracks just have to out of view when we scroll. But we need to see them for timing purposes. Track folders have an overview feature but they don't have capability to be visible as a reference all the time. If we could see a timeline aligned overview as a reference at the top as an "Project Overview Track", it would be helpful.
  19. After applying "Stretch to Tempo" to an audio from the Groove Clip section, in some audios we hear stutter after lowering the tempo. This happens because Groove Clip function is using one specific algorithm which is not work perfectly for all audio files. If we could change rendering algorithm from the Groove Clip menu, we find the better one for that audio file and have no trouble anymore. At the end the menu will look like this: The discussion made previously in this thread:
  20. New Project File Window needs to be renewed. It needs two things, 1 - Resizable List Menu 2 - Subfolder Support Now we can't access subfolders in the Project Templates directory from the menu. And the Template List on the menu is too small. We can't change it's size.
  21. Could you make available accepting "comma" as decimal point too, for the manually entered numbers, please? BR, Ferenc
  22. I don't know if it already exists, but with the new wave of AI tools in audio I could imagine that the following would be a next logical option for a DAW which might not be so difficult to achieve (AFAIK mainly feeding enough source material in such tool to let it recognise patterns like they do with AI photo software): A tempo recognition option that scans the audio, and that identifies the main tempo as well as tempo changes of the main song as well as tempo/rhythm detection of solos. The latter especially, since there can be many time variations in solos Than the option to quantize (in particular handy for an instrument solo or voice line) according to what the quantize tool suggests based on music style, or any value between a hard quantize and human feel whereby all (unexpected) tempos of the notes are quantized in a way the musician intended with just one push of a button
  23. This is something that is possible to do in REAPER: On CbB, all you have is changing a DSP option in a external options file and that may not even do anything. While I can dial lower latencies with REAPER with WASAPI shared, on CbB, I seem to be stuck in 400ms with no provisions of changing it.
  24. I routinely keep nearly all tracks frozen in order to keep my steam-powered PC happy. Sometimes, I need to unfreeze everything in order to make some structural change (e.g., the guitar solo isn't long enough, need to add more repetitions of the backing tracks). Then I need to freeze everything again, particularly if I need to record some more and need to be able to run at low latency. It'd be really handy if I could select multiple tracks and choose "Freeze" or "Unfreeze" to do all of them at once. Not in parallel simultaneously (though I wouldn't say no if that were possible), but sequentially without my further intervention. Bulk Unfreeze isn't critical, given how fast that is. Though it'd still be nice not to have to click each track one at a time. But Freeze can easily take a minute or two per track, and it'd be great if I could wander off and do something else, rather than sit at the DAW waiting for each track to render so I can start up the next. Tedious.
  25. When you are working on a project with several changes of musical key (such as C to E-minor) it would be great if multiple sets of "snap to scale" settings could be saved in the project. When you are working on such a project, moving around from section to section, when there is a change of key, you have to go into each track in the PRV and set/reset the musical key you want in the Snap to Scale for each track. This is quite laborious! Perhaps such a feature could be incorporated in the Arranger model.
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