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  1. Thanks ! Yess i know this. I have a fixation about the ||: and :|| symbols …….. sad! I’ve put in a feature request - i think in track view it would be more economic to use such a feature. cheers and thakns to everyone who replied, J
  2. Thanks Mr Jones, but not what i’m asking. I want Cakewalk to be able to repeat a measure over and over again, as many times as specified. Imagine the synths of On the Run, (DSOTM) its the same motive played 99 times. You want to drag that for 99 measures ? I don’t. But no problem, I now know its not currently possible. And i’ve made a feature request. Thanks for your input !! Best, J
  3. Yes i realise that now. Have you ever had an idea you can’t let go of ? Damn you got me, I’m a tree hugger, so yes conservation is all. Plus the fact of having not to do repetitious actions.…. Each to their own ? J
  4. What i would like is the facility to duplicate a measure (1 bar) as many times as i want, as per the ||: and :|| symbols in notation software with the option to specify how many times to repeat. Thanks, Jerry
  5. Thanks both. what i want is to emulate the ||: :|| multiplied by x times. I could duplicate it x times as a clip, but thats not what i want. Jerry
  6. Hello, In the old forum there were posts about how to repeat a measure/bar for x number of times before going on to the rest of the song. (There is nowt in the manual that I could find.) Since the old forum, duplicate clips has been implemented but that's not what I want to do. Imagine you have a bar that you want to repeat 20 times before going on with the rest of the project. In Guitar Pro, for example, you add the the following signs ||: :|| and in the accompanying menu box you specify the number of times to repeat said bar. OK, I understand that's in notation software, perhaps not in a DAW. The project I want to do this in has many tracks (audio and midi) but at the point where I want to insert this one bar (repeated 20 times) no other track is playing. My question is : can I do this in Cakewalk or is it more a feature request ? Cheers, Jerry
  7. I had a Firestudio, it showed the same classification. So does Focusrite now. Once you get used to it its not a work stopping issue at all. I worked that way for many years. that being said, the new features will be welcomed ! J
  8. I don:t know if you've read the recent release notes but you no longer need BA to update Cakewalk. You can do it from the Help menu in Cakewalk. So it is fixed. J
  9. Or you could try bouncing the track, see if that works. Personally i don’t use the Export function, never have. Only Bounce. J
  10. If you have W10 pro, just disable the update service. Not too sure about home, i don’t have it
  11. This. However, I always re-install my audio drivers (Focusrite - PC and Soundcraft - laptop) after a major W10 update. I just find its good practice and it hasn't let me down yet. J
  12. I have a Boss Gt100, which has its own ASIO driver. Which is great for Boss Tone Studio, but not for DAW use. To record off the Boss i have a line out to one of the instrument in sockets of my Focusrite 18I20. Its perfect. J
  13. But, its up to the plug in developers to update their offerings. Driver developers also. And often they do, albeit with some delay. But for those that don’t, how long does it take you to reinstall things on a modern PC ? Imagine if we were on Mac’s and were told not to update to an OS by vst creators (which is the case with certain ones at the moment). As a matter of fact and to avoid any possible issues i always re-install my Focusrite drivers every autumn and spring, when the two major W10 updates fall. Its very simple, not an issue as far as i’m concerned. Same for my live rig (laptop) with the Soundcraft drivers. Whilst its very easy to blame Wondows, and yes there are certain issues, there are workarounds as above that are simple and easy to apply. My 2 euro cents YMMV J
  14. And no other DAW has such issues ? I used to really love this forum, but recently......... am i the only one without major issues ? J
  15. We used to sing this in ktv’s in china a few years ago. The guy made a fortune with this track. Another song that was a great hit in ktv’s was by the Chopstick Brothers - Little Apple. You can skip to 1m20 when the song actually starts. Fun times !!! Jerry
  16. Then lets agree to disagree. J
  17. Yep. Just purchased Mixbus 32c. Price on the website was 70 usd. Price at checkout was 84 usd including French tax. J
  18. Hmm, no. I buy from a US site they identify which country i live in from my IP address and lo and behold. VAT a la française.. I guess i could use a VPN ........... J
  19. No. Whats sad is you speculate and complain .... but don’t report. You’ve sort of shot yourself in the foot there matey ! J
  20. Yes its a pain here in France. I’ve bought a few things from the US (X-Plane software, sheet music books, a coffee mug for the missus) and each time, if the shipping company was Fed-Ex a month or so after receiving the item a tax bill turns up for the TVA (value added tax). To the extent of being ridiculous on the coffee cup. Personally, I now limit my buying to items from a company in one of the European countries, you pay tax at point of purchase at the importing country’s rate. That is if i buy from Thomann (based in Germany) something for xyz Euros, then they’ll add on French TVA and invoice me. They then pass on the tax to France. I hope....... But you still get better deals from the US of A. I’ve never tried e-Bay. J
  21. For something as complete as Cakewalk AND free - thats asking too much ? It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. YMMV
  22. And then there’s this, one of the first songs learned in first group : And of course this :
  23. The MTK series have different drivers which haven’t let me down over the past 3 years. I do however re-install after each major W10 update. personally i recommend the MKT 22. But as ever, YMMV Jerry
  24. I have the Soundcraft MTK 22 which we use for live and studio work. Its great with rock solid drivers. allows me to record a one hour set with 16 tracks onto an Asus laptop with no hiccups. Its mid price. Great piece of kit. Jerry
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