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  1. Aomei Backupper used here for all drives, using the clone option. J
  2. 1) yes its better to add effects etc in Cakewalk at the mixing stage. 2) no, you only need to « attach » Cakewalk if you want to record the concert via USB. My band goes through the MTK (16 tracks) to get the balance correct then via its main outs into a stereo 2x500w power amp. J
  3. R.i.p. Thanks for that steady beat Charlie, J
  4. An on line translator ? Not bad, but certain words, well, no (i live in France) ! J
  5. you’ve prolly tried all this but : Can you try it on a different pc or laptop ? In a different USB socket ? i see you’re on the latest W10 update 21H1 - do the Presonus drivers actually support it ? Good luck ! J
  6. This i’ve never liked headless guitars, the wood pattern is ok, put that on a LP or a Strat/Tele and you’ve got my interest. YMMV J
  7. There are cheaper versions here in Europe…… as prolly in the US However, The most expensive set is 252 € - so, you’ve got a bargin ! Taxes on cd’s are horrendous here v USA. Same on guitars. Like you, its a no go for me. Isn’t it a Pity? But you can download the mp3’s for only 13 € from Amazon France. 😜😂😜😂. I’ll get my hat ……. J
  8. 2nd gen 18i20 here, now purring along on the beta site drivers after a few BSOD with the Bad Pool Calling message leading to he usb driver from Focusrite in WhoCrashed. One thing to note, do NOT install both USB and Thunderbolt drivers, only the one or the other. I suspect installing both leads to BSOD, but i’ve no input from Focusrite on this. J
  9. Really (not) funny. YMMV J
  10. I never use 32 bit plugs, and this since quite a few years. Some vst’s automatically install 32bit plugs (Melda for ex) but you don’t have to scan them. I have two paths that the CbB plugin manager scans : one for 64bit vst2’s and one for 64bit vst3’s. Simplicity is the key word. To be perfectly clear : In the CbB plugin manager you should see a LABS entry. If you do, so far so good. When i want to use a LABS sound set, first i insert the plugin via the Synth rack, (midi and audio tracks), then i choose the sound set i want to use and load it from within the LABS plugin GUI (i have 7 of them they all work, just checked this method). J Edit : just a quick thought - if you have reinstalled everything a few times are you sure you uninstalled correctly, ie you only have one instance of the LABS dll installed ? If you have two or more, you may be using that dll which does not know where your piano patch is or if you do only have one instance, its referencing an older deleted set up ?
  11. Personally i only have the Soundcraft Asio drivers installed. At some point something you installed may have also installed the Asio4All wrapper. You do not need it for the Soundcraft unit. Your call, but i would get rid of it. J
  12. Try re downloading it. Make sure the download goes in the drectory you specified in Settings.
  13. They are a little fiddly to set up sometimes. Only use the Asio drivers, whilst they are rock solid, its an idea to re-install them only after a major W10 update. i have a Cakewalk 16 track template set up with EACH input AND output assigned to a specific channel eg : track 9 will have as input (click on the input downward arrow to select) “Left Soundcraft USB Audio Asio Analogue 9” and as output (click on the output downward arrow) set to “Left Soundcraft USB Audio Asio Analogue 9.”. Note 1 : if you don’t set the output to a specific channel it will default to master = slider 1. Note 2 : as another eg, to set up Cakewalk track 10 for both input and output select “Right …….. Analogue 9” - Left is for the odd numbered track numbers, Right for the even numbered tracks. Do NOT chose Stereo ……. ! Once you have assigned an input and output to each track in Cakewalk, save and name as a template. If you don’t you’ll have to go through the above set up again. Its a hassle, i know …….. Once you’ve armed your template in Cakewalk, on the MTK 22 set up each channel you’re going to use as follows : push down the (grey) button MST to send the signal to the onboard master slider. Set your pan, effects’ EQ and gain levels. For recording make sure the small USB switch to the right and underneath of each (purple) input gain knob is NOT pressed down. (For playback make sure each button IS pressed down. If they are not in the down position for layback you’ll not have sound - this setting sends each track from Cakewalk through the desk and out into your amplified speakers so make sure for each track you recorded said button is down). The MTK is not a control surface. When you change the volume by moving a slider, that action will not be echoed in Cakewalk. Use the Cakewalk sliders for that. when i record our group (7 drum mics, bass & 2 guitars DI’d, 3 vocal mics) my i5 laptop plus the MTK can handle an hour or more long set without sweating. Hope the above helps, the manual sets it out pretty well. J
  14. If you’ve only downloaded one set of sounds, then you’ll only see one sound set in the plugin. The way it works is this : using the Spitfire downloader select then install other Labs sound sets on your PC. Once the downloading and installing process have both finished the new sound sets will show up in the plugin. The same downloader will work with other Spitfire products as well. J
  15. Never heard of this guy, is he trying to be a comedian or just plain trying ? J ps : i wouldn’t be seen dead in such a tie …..’
  16. I have 2 scan paths - one for vst 64 bit plugs and the standard vst3 folder as mentioned above. To use a labs instrument, you must first insert the Labs dll as a vsti, in other words via the synth rack. Then WITHIN said plugin you select the labs instrument i want to use. I have 7 instruments and they all show up in the one plugin. You can only use one instrument at a time. J
  17. What sad news indeed. RIP Dusty Hill. J
  18. Yes, they were aware and have fixed it. i have successfully updated now. J
  19. For those (like me) that use the Izotope Product Portal to update their various products ........ don't bother opening it up and updating to v 1.4.2. Apparently there is a permissions issue with the said installer and it will only install/update itself in Windows safe mode ! Which basically renders it unusable. I was advised by their chat line to wait for a further update to the Portal software. Cheers, J Fixed now
  20. Yes i get it But i still don’t like it ! And yes, The Boys are most definitely back here 🎸🎸🎸 J
  21. As we can now update CbB in the programme itself, i have no need for Bandlab. So i uninstalled it. Otn a collab i prefer OMF files. YMMV. J
  22. The other guitarist in our band and i have the same set up - Bugera 55 Infinium Combis and A Peavey 112 each. in order to hear each other in places where we don’t need to mic the guitars to the pa, we run two lines out from our multi pedals (ME 80 for him and GT 100 for me) one into our Bugera (valve power) and the another line out into the other person’s Peavey. Works great and balances the sound. If going through the pa then we both DI into it. J
  23. I have used AOMEI and it works perfectly. No data loss at all. MBR2GPT will however erase your disk data. J
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