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  1. This was like a truly magical time in my young life - discovering what great songs the AM radio was playing...rebelling against old folks, which I guess I am now 🙂 - still rebelling though, I just don't know against what anymore LOLOL.
  2. Love that guitar. And the vocal harmonies are really interesting. Great song.
  3. This song released in 1965 - here's my cover version. @kiwichrys from Bandlab on the high harmony. https://baselines.com/?p=5621
  4. Thanks a lot Freddy - appreciate the feedback. Steve
  5. Hey thanks Jim - appreciate the feedback. Steve
  6. I recently was turned on to the Analogues because of their White Album video on You Tube. Stellar, top notch.
  7. Great job. Good rhythm, tight. Love the song. Melodyne 5 is worth the upgrade.
  8. Thanks a bunch Jim! That is strange. It's the first time I linked through Drooble - they must do some sort of conversion. I uploaded a WAV. I usually link to my website, but I guess this link was in my cache at the time. Here is the link to the website version. https://baselines.com/?p=5613
  9. Thanks Mark for taking the time to listen and comment.
  10. Thanks for listening Paul - I checked out a few of your songs in the links. Really nice. I like the vocals, nice and clear.
  11. Thanks for listening Douglas - I alwas appreciate hearing from you.
  12. Thanks man - I really try to get as many of the parts as I can correct. I put a touch of Waves REEL ADT on the background vocals. You just have to be careful not to overuse that one, but for the Beatles vocals it sometimes helps.
  13. Hey thanks Andy! I really appreciate the feedback. I'm a Beatles fan from the beginning.
  14. Here's a cover of the great old Beatles song Girl, from Rubber Soul in 1965. https://drooble.com/song/2789182
  15. Great - I just sent you an invite. I put up all the BUSS outputs. I muted the MASTER and ALLVOX. ALLVOX gets fed VOX1 and VOX2. Thank a lot - can't wait to hear what you do.
  16. Hi David - yes, that is her singing. Steve
  17. Cool - if I put the tracks in a Bandlab project and send an invite, can you get them? Or is there a better way? Steve
  18. Thanks for the suggestion Gary - I'm gonna have to go back and listen again. When I mixed and Mastered, it looked good in Tonal Balance Control. But maybe it deserves another try! Appreciate all types of feedback, so keep it coming! If you are at all interesting in giving it a shot, I'm more than happy to share the tracks. 🙂 Steve
  19. Thanks for the comment Douglas. Kiwichrys is a great vocalist.
  20. Bandlabs @kiwichrys sings and @the_m_project on guitars. I play the other stuff and produced. https://baselines.com/?p=5609
  21. This is a song written by Cocobark on Bandlab - She sings and provided acoustic guitar and a beat. I added keys and bass and drums and produced. Check out Coco - she's cool and from Houston. https://baselines.com/?p=5606
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