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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I usually take the tempo right from the record, but this time the basics were all done by the time I got involved. Steve
  2. This is a cover of a Harrison song from 1987. @mojoespage from Bandlab did most of it. I added piano and he asked me to sing, believe it or not. https://baselines.com/?p=5785
  3. I saw a Casio keyboard today that had USB and Bluetooth out but I saw no MIDI in/out. Does that work with Cakewalk? It must, but do I need a USB to MIDI adapter? I have an RME Babyface Pro as a USB interface device. Will cakewalk recognize this device if I just plug it into a USB port on my computer? Thanks in advance! Steve
  4. SORRY!!! I answered my own question. For those that are as much of a dummy as me, here is the solution: I had guitar rig 5 on the buss. There was one device inside there (called 'Jump') that had a hidden panel with a stereo button in it. I set it to stereo and the problem is gone. Duh!
  5. Hi - for a while now I've been having an issue with this, wondering whether any of you nice folks have any input. I have a two tracks (either mono or stereo), and I route them to the same buss. If I pan one left and one right, it seems to have no effect on the new buss. If I listen to just the first track and pan it left, I hear it as a mono track in the send. If I pan it to the right it disappears. The same thing happens to the second track. If I leave them in the middle or pan them left, I hear them both, but no panning is reflected in the buss. If I reassign them to the master buss, they work fine and I can pan them individually any way I want. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  6. That's pretty good, thanks for the link. I understand most of that stuff, but picked up a few tricks. I'd really love to see a video for setting up multiple MIDI instruments the correct way - channels always screw me up.
  7. Slightly off topic, but I read this interesting article a while back about 440hz vs 432hz as standard. https://baselines.com/?p=5725
  8. Thanks Lynn! One thing that I was happy I could duplicate was McCartney's double stops (Root and 5th) in the bass during the verses. I don't think you'll find that in any of the pop songs of the time.
  9. You are absolutely right my friend! I had to fight with the singer when he gave me his vocal track. It was actually the second track he sent. The first one was drowning! I took the second one and put it through RX to strip off some more of the vocals which degraded it a little further. I gave up and used the one I got. After asking once, if I don't get a dry track, I realize I am fighting a losing battle and move on!
  10. Hi all, this is a cover of the song All I've Gotta Do by the Beatles. Doug Cross does the main vocal. https://baselines.com/?p=5764
  11. Thank you for posting - very interesting. I hope we see more of these.
  12. Here's a new release, an instrumental. You can read more about it at the link provided. https://baselines.com/?p=5730
  13. Here is the next release from Without Focus. Produced at Baselines Designs studio. https://baselines.com/?p=5717 Thanks for listening.
  14. Thanks Douglas I don't think I compressed it a lot. That vocal was hard for me to mix in because some of it was already processed. On a side note, I put vox through Nectar 3 which I love, but I always have to back of the compression for the assistant settings it comes up with. I'll go back and give it another listen, maybe I missed something. I love the suggestions I get with this forum. Always make me think!
  15. Hi Gary - yes it is true. These tracks were recorded remotely in different settings with different equipment. The lead vocal required different processing, as it already seemed to have some effects on it by the time I got to it. Steve
  16. Here's a new track produced at Baselines Designs. A great old classic from when I was coming 'of age'. Ok, yeah, old. ....still kicking though. Vocals performed by the Treblettes, from down under. https://baselines.com/?p=5670
  17. Thanks a lot Mark! Fortunately this vocal was with my tiny range 🙂
  18. Thank you for the kind words Freddy. I used the THU American Classics pack with the Compressed Arpeggio settings. I also put it through the room reverb R4 (From izotope) Large Hall, Fat Vintage Hall setting. Steve
  19. Hi Tom - thank you for all your comments! Steve
  20. Thank you! And you are correct. Whenever I sing I have a tendency to disguise it with other vocals because I don't have a lot of confidence in my voice. I fixed it up now based on your suggestion, and I also boosted the slap bass part a bit.
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