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  1. Is this the last freebie for the year?
  2. I wish my pocket was largo too.
  3. Just got NEO for $36. The 10% didn't work for me.
  4. If y'all want to put it to work, here are a lot of the old Wurlitzer Band Organ Music Rolls converted to MIDI (just rename the .m25 extension to .mid): https://midimusic.github.io/wurlitzer/archive/index.html
  5. It's not a patch. They're both individual instruments. But if it were a "patch", is the other way around. This is from SOS: "The Carnival is very much a ‘sister’ instrument to Carousel; whereas Carousel is the larger, more bombastic type of organ, The Carnival presents two smaller-scale barrel organs, simply named Big and Small, each accessible from the one–page GUI."
  6. Must've been their best seller to have so many licenses to give away... 🤩
  7. Now, since y'all got, I can't wait to hear your Bifoon and Viool instrumentations... 😆🤣
  8. I usually don't bother that much with APD "sales", but this time I got the Virtuoso Ensembles and Cyclone Retwisted. 😀
  9. Simple Samples Audio also have a free piano. https://www.simplesamplesaudio.com/collections/instruments/products/prayer-piano
  10. I wonder if it's just the Ethnic Symphony pack. That's kind of expected as certain "exotic" instruments are tuned differently.
  11. Anybody got this? Looks like a decent amount of sounds for €29.
  12. Now you've made me curious and I'll probably take a look at their cinematic freebies. Tempo changes are common in classical music and a lot of film composers implement it.
  13. I haven't looked at those. Are they any good?
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