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  1. The 8dio Lyre is pretty good. I just checked and I paid $8 for it last November. That doesn't exactly encourage me to buy the others. For eight bucks, maybe.
  2. This is what the effects rack looks like in Syntronik and I have always loved that, even though I also own T-RackS and Amplitube. You only get four in the rack in Syntronik and there are 38 available. So mixbox is 8 in the rack and 70 processors. I LOVE the Syntronik rack and have always seen it as something very different from using T-RackS and AmpliTube. This is my very favorite offering from IK in a long time. Well done!
  3. That's my point. If you have the full Soundtoys set you can load them up separately or in the rack. But with the rack it is rack only. I own many Soundtoys plugins and I know what they are very well. But when I load the same plugin in the rack, it is different. According to @Matthew Sorrels tbere is a gear dropdown, etc. which I didn't see. No, I want the real deal. So I will either buy the full set or not. The full set costs me $160 during BF. Then I can load whatever I want to load only--or use the rack if I want. But honestly I don't know if I need them.
  4. But do you get the presets for the individual plugins with this? Maybe I did it wrong, but that was not my impression. Just the rack presets that combine groups of them. Anybody have just the rack now? If I'm wrong about this, I might consider this deal.
  5. I was thinking of getting this, but you can only load the plugs within the rack. I have let the BF deal on Soundtoys go by for many years, but I enjoyed playing with this and they may have sold me on the whole deal.
  6. You can reassign the keyswitches for articulations in MODO bass and save your new configuration as a preset. So if the EZBass keyswitch for "slap" is CO (or whatever), you would only have to change the MODO bass to match that. And so on for all the other articulations. Not all that hard and you'd only have to do it once. From then on you could theoretically output your EZBass stuff into MODO Bass and you'd get all the articulations. Theoretically. But I bet it would sound a bit different. But it's certainly worth trying.
  7. I guess I feel that the best, or at least easiest, way to use EZBass is to use their basses. For me, it's too much work to transfer over all the keyswitches to another VI. If you do that, it's not exactly EZ. EZBass does have a feature where you can export MIDI without the keyswitches/articulations but for me that wastes the potential of EZBass. So I've always planned to stock up on basses when the price was right. And getting a bit of MIDI is a nice plus. I like that they're doing that. I never bought a second EZKeys keyboard, so I don't know if they did that, but I don't think so. But the two sounds that come with EZBass are better than this one. Better Precision Basses out there, I think.
  8. Missed the mistake, so I guess I'll wait until BF and see what it is then. I guessed right about it being a Precision. It makes a lot of sense to include MIDI with each EZBass instrument. Do you think that the EZBass collection will also sell MIDI? If there's a genre like Reggae or Disco, you could play it with any of these basses. I have no doubt they will do all the most famous basses. I wonder if they will do an acoustic bass.
  9. Finally the new Travellers all work on my computer. Some didn't even load at all until I updated Falcon, but I still thought there was something not quite right. Everything works perfectly now, and the new ones travellers are among my favorite things about this.
  10. Mellow is probably my favorite product that ujam sells. I think that the ujam technology really shines in Mellow. One thing that inspired this video is that I have been saying for a while on this forum and on VI:Control, that the basses are my favorite things they sell. Also it was an excuse to become more expert in using EZBass.
  11. Thank you @abacab That's my favorite part too. It was simple. I just loaded both of them and selected both tracks. In Cubase, when you select more than one track, they both play. It just so happens that the keyswitches in Picked Acoustic only go so low. And if you pick lower notes, you can change bass patterns without affecting Picked Acoustic. Picked Acoustic is my favorite guitar VI anyway. 😄 I started out trying to make it work with ujam guitars, but it got too complicated when changing the bass part changed the guitar parts. I realized later on that it would have been easy to set up a split. Probably I should have matched Mellow with Silk.
  12. Did you get this one already, Larry? https://samplelibraryideas.com
  13. And I subscribed to you as well. I can't wait to watch your World Suite 2 video. You stream live. Wow. You are a very brave man. I'd be lost without all the editing I do. I'm sure I have lots of catastrophes ahead, but one does learn from every mistake. Thanks for your kind words.
  14. Thank you all for subscribing. Now I need to make a lot more videos. A few dozen more and it might add up to something. The problem is that I prefer to do deep dives over first looks. So they take too much time. But I learned a lot doing this one. A few tips: Remember to turn your lights on. 😄 Don't do a long video without turning on OBS. Maybe don't step on your expensive lav mic and obliterate it. 🤬
  15. Will you buy it, Larry? I might be satisfied with the MIDI. As the Vintage Bass that comes with EZBass is a Fender Jazz Bass (ujam's Royal) and, if you and I are right about this, the Classic Rock one will be a Precision (ujam's Rowdy), so they'll have two of the same instruments. Will EZBass come out with a Hofner Beatle Bass like ujam's Dandy? 😃 Now that I would buy.
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