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  1. Two interesting things: One - Native Instruments seems to have thrown their focus into media composers with this new instance of Komplete, with this, as well as Straylight, Pharlight, and Mysteria. You can even argue that a first tier violin and a soundscape piano like Noire are not really products aimed at the EDM crowd. Even Mallet Flux. Two - It's really wild that Orchestral Tools is teaming up with them to make this right when they are ditching Kontakt for Sine. Why isn't this a Sine project? This may have sealed the deal for me about buying Komplete 13. But I'm still hoping for a new Discovery Series library.
  2. I was making fun of myself. People who follow my posts know that I put up way too much information in them. All kinds of stuff you could go to the actual site and learn if you are interested. Which most are not. 😃 But knowing all these changes to the newest version of Kontakt is about as irrelevant to this group as I can imagine, for example this biggie: ADDED KSP: New constant for handling release velocity ($EVENT_PAR_REL_VELOCITY) A real game-changer. It's impossible for me to think of anything I personally could care less about, so why did I share it with my friends on this group? So yes, I win the prize. A special prize for me. 😄
  3. Husker may have got there first, but I provided more pointless details that nobody cares about. 😃
  4. 6.3.0 - 2020-07-07 GUI Performance and UX improvements FIXED With certain libraries Kontakt would cause the DAW timeline marker to stutter and lag IMPROVED Performance of libraries with heavy user interfaces IMPROVED Rendering improvements when changing a UI control IMPROVED Instruments from non-activated libraries now display and store the library information after Demo Timeout IMPROVED Loading non-Player content in Player now informs the user that full KONTAKT is required after Demo Timeout ADDED KSP: New constant for handling release velocity ($EVENT_PAR_REL_VELOCITY) ADDED KSP: New constant for hiding the value display of ui_table ($HIDE_PART_VALUE) ADDED New script in Factory Content to transpose across multiple instruments in a multi (Multi channel MIDI Transpose) ADDED New script in Factory Content to map velocity across multiple instruments in a multi (Multi channel MIDI Velocity) FIXED When a UI control would be in MIDI learn mode and the script generated a MIDI event, the learn state would pick up the internal MIDI event FIXED Collection of minor cosmetic GUI errors
  5. $74.99 (normally $99) Get it HERE Enter the discount code: VTQ25 The offer will expire on July 20th, 2020. FULL KONTAKT REQUIRED Vocal Tools Quartet is special edition bundle of the four-part (S A T B) Vocal Tools solo voice series. The VTQ bundle is enhanced with Bela D Media’s newest GUI and a stream-lined V script. The price point is obtainable for those who do not wish to invest in the full series. The only reduction of sampled data is the removal of Latin style vocal elements. VTQ includes all standard sung elements such as AHH, TOO, VEE and many more derived from the chromatic recorded phrases. Real-time sequencing and instant call-back of self created vocal movements 2 storage locations 12 steps per self created phrase Copy and store vocal movements GUI controllable attack and release per vocal element GUI controllable vocal EQ GUI controllable Impulse Response church reverb GUI controllable user added EFX slot Mod controllable vocal air and darkness There are also Vocal Tools Audition instruments that only cost $9.99. You can try any of the 4 solo vocal libraries. If you like it you can upgrade to the full library for the price difference. There is only a single playable phrase per audition instrument.
  6. I didn't. https://cinesamples.com/productGroup/freebies?fbclid=IwAR2mcEcO81fvr5-5B-x-n6zIyziQk-1mu3vP8KezKD-lhPxOyFpW91MBgHQ
  7. I think I'll be going with this for $3.08. Unless I find something cheaper. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/68-Sample-Packs/5917-Sample-Diggers-Label-Sampler I have an older version of Reason and have nostalgic affection for these instruments. It's likely I'll go for the upgrade to Reason 12 when it comes out.
  8. Here's my ROLI video. Is there a more appropriate place on the Cakewalk forums for me to be posting these? Nobody knows Tiger there... Let me know what you think of my bombastic Tiger the Frog theme. 😃 Also had fun with the Animator patch from the Free Orchestra at the end.
  9. Please keep posting what you're going to buy to get this... 😃
  10. Or the Col Sanders articulation.
  11. It's out today. $149 until July 13th, when it will be $199. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/cinematic/stradivari-violin/?content=5425
  12. No, I haven’t tried that. Maybe someday.
  13. Is Transfuser 2 the same one as is in the full AIR bundle? The current bundle at APD is the best one they've ever offered. It has all the usual suspects in the AIR bundle, plus Loom II, Boom and Vacuum Classic.
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