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  1. I never go anywhere else on the Cakewalk site. This is the forum I go to and these are the friends I post for. I've talked to Larry about this and he is much more about friendship than deals. He posts the deals to help his friends. He cares about the people here. I do too. Why would I post for people I don't know? I bet a lot of people are just like me and only come here. People are constantly posting informational stuff here like Kontakt updates and software updates. It's not deals--it's just information that's useful to our community. We want our friends to know. For some reason, it is different when I post the same kind of thing. The passing of Cory is a huge deal for this community. Historic. We make our decisions on what a good deal is through the generosity of people like Cory and Simeon. The idea that a good deal is the lowest price is ridiculous. A good deal is for the best software at the right price. Please let's all end the drama and continue to remember this sensitive beautiful man who helped us all so much. R.I.P. Cory.
  2. Cory was a fragile, sensitive soul. And things came along that hurt him and made things worse. I have no idea about what situation he's talking about, but this is worth listening to if you cared about him.
  3. So incredibly sad. Many people who have watched his videos know that he has had a long struggle with mental illness. He will be missed.
  4. To my way of thinking, Percussion Factory is a brilliant user interface for a Euclidean drum sequencer. One of the best I've seen, along with the iOS Patterning app. As such, its greatest strength is for making extremely unusual polyrhythms. It also has a lot more instruments than this. The focus of Session Percussionist is not polyrhythms but realism, as it is with the Session Guitars. The trade-off is that you get less choices with all the Session series. You kind of have to work with what's there. But it sounds the most real for me. It comes down to what you value most for your music. What are you looking for? I've learned that I can make my music work with what I can get out of the Session series, particularly when I combine them. But I also could see getting Percussion Factory someday at the right price, because I like Euclidean, and it is ideal for world music. There are a ton of Euclidean sequencers out there from various companies, from free to $150. Falcon has three of them. It's a bare-boned feature in Beatbox Anthology. Output's Movement. But the user interface on Percussion Factory is so clear and easy to use. But the truth is, most of the time my percussion tracks are very simple, with no more than three instruments.
  5. I'd be surprised if it wasn't excluded. Maybe 50% off in the summer...
  6. Oh man, this does sooo much more than Shimmer Shake Strike 2. I'm glad I didn't upgrade to the new version. That would have cost me $70! If there is a $25 voucher for NI this year, then the price for this is basically $75 and then you can sell it for $40 or $50 when Komplete 15 comes out. I'm working on a piece right now and I'm not happy with what I'm getting from SSS or Skaka. Among other things, they just have sounds in the high frequency range. This has cajons, congas, djembes, etc. If you want low end in your percussion track, you need another instrument. And this has some slick methods for combining them. For finding alternate patterns it has some nice algorithmic features, similar to EZBass. I should also say that this was created by drumasonic, which made my beloved Session Guitarist series.
  7. They had the origins bundle 6-10 for $49 earlier this year. I was tempted, but I already have two of them. At this price I would bite. I bought a lot of these for over $50. I think 1-5 went for sale for $10 during the pandemic.
  8. Write Tracy Collins, Bapu. He is a good guy and I'm sure he would give you a $49 price to get it. It's really worth getting.
  9. Now they tell me! 🤬 After I spent $2069!!!
  10. I just heard back. They will provide you with a code for the discount still. Now I have to decide how much I want/need a viola.
  11. Has the deal ended on the discount on the viola for owners of the violin and/or cello?
  12. Yes, in my experience, AAS updates Swatches whenever they release a new sound pack.
  13. After all the updates, IMHO it's one of the best deals in music software. But only if you put the time in to watch the videos and really learn it. It's also available on the iPad.
  14. I’m loving my new plugin that calls me every time there’s a new Soundpaint instrument. Woke my wife and I up at 3am last night—-but it’s great, I found out before Larry.
  15. https://projectsam.com/series/swing-series SWING $230 ($329) SWING MORE! $307 ($439) I love these two libraries. They have saved me many a time--strangely enough I have used the non-standard stuff, like the Jazz Manouche guitars and the harmonica (used on my piece "The Cowboy Way," for those who have heard it.) I'm working on something now that uses a lot of Indiginus instruments, so this sale has made me want to check out the Mandolin, Banjo, Ukelele, etc. ProjectSAM always has a unique take on things. While there are some nice solo instruments in these two libraries, there have been many brought out since this. I think it still excels at sections. There are very interesting ways that they do them. And this is NOT a horn library, but an everything you need to make jazz and big bandscores: piano, drums, basses, vibraphone and so much more. Symphobia fans will see some nice multis. I recommend checking these out. Make sure you see the instruments that are included. As I think it's still on the old interface, if they ever update it like they've done so many other their other libraries 😃 you'd get it free.
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