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  1. I am a few days in to Premiere. One thing that really helped was installing the sideshow fx profiles. That way I started out with all the keyboard shortcuts pre-mapped to buttons. So if I want to do something, all I have to do is find the button. And I've watched a ton of Premiere Pro tutorials on the Adobe site to learn the workflow. I have a lot to learn. To me, this is so much better than Vegas or any other editing program I've used. I feel exactly the way I did when I got Omnisphere. Why the hell didn't I get this long ago? I'm just getting started, but it is sooooo powerful. So far it hasn't crashed. I'm sure it often will. Cubase crashes. Photoshop crashes. It happens. Vegas crashes too much for me. And then there's the plugins. It's like getting full Kontakt. Once you have it you can go on the web and find all this amazing free transitions and effects Better than things I paid big bucks to buy from NewBlue. (All my NewBlue plugins work though) It's the same. Everybody wants to give you freebies, so you will discover their companies and buy stuff. I can't wait for Black Friday! There are plugin packages I have looked at for a long time. Now I'm going to get some of them. @cclarry What are the rules here? Do you want me to share deals and sales on Premiere Plugins? 😃
  2. Thanks, Larry. I don't think I ever would have found out about this. Very cool. I'm one of those people who actually buys Synthwave presets from Arturia and others and VIs like ujam's VICE. So... up my alley for sure.
  3. I highly recommend the Indie Fingers and Repetitive Bass series, which work so well together. For lovers of world music, South has percussion you won't really find anywhere else.
  4. I'm on Vegas Pro 16. You know one of my computers very well, because you built it! I'm currently running Vegas Pro on that computer and another very powerful one (my previous music/video computer) rs now with the same exact problems. I've had the same problems with six computers over the years, including only very powerful gaming laptop. My YouTube videos are very heavy on visual FX. So getting more plugins is a big deal to me. I am always shopping for stuff, and when I find something I love, it is made for Premiere. It is impossible to make them using Vegas Pro. So I do very brief chapters at a time. Sometimes a chapter is only one clip and the editing mainly involves finding the best part and adding some alpha to it. Working this way, it crashes very little and I get work done. But eventually I have to bring everything together. My latest video is a half hour. At this point it crashes very quickly. As I put in a new chapter I try to save immediately before it crashes and then I close it. Sometimes it crashes within ten seconds. One thing I've learned from many posts about how to keep Vegas from crashing is that you should never drag anything onto the timeline., So what I have to do is output each chapter into a final file and then import that file into my full file. Losing quality of course. So all Vegas has to do is hold a number of finished video files with associated audio together in a line. I don't think this is a lot to ask a video editor to do, but it can't do that. Maybe it is simply not able to handle a very long video. My last video has horrible sound. This had nothing to do with the recording, which was fine. The default setting is that Vegas puts EQ, Compression, and Gate on each new audio track. There's probably an easy way to shut this off, but I have always handled it by remembering to turn it off. But if you forget and a track gets double--processed (because I'm coping for Vegas crashing) it can be disastrous. This time I forgot and there was some double processing which made my voice sound flanged,all thanks to Vegas. I compounded this error by changing the names of the tracks, which made it impossible to get back to the source material without starting from zero and re-editing stuff that took days to do. So I just put it up and feel awful about it. Weeks on a video and it sounds like crap thanks to Vegas. I was coming up with some idea of how to stop this problem for the next video, but I'm done. I am sure there are some great Vegas features I use all the time that Premiere Pro won't have, but I'll just have to cope. If it will be possible to make one of my videos on a single timeline it would be like going to heaven.
  5. I don't know exactly how long I've worked with Vegas, but I'm guessing about 18 years. And it has always crashed. (If there is somebody here who uses Vegas every day and finds it stable, I'd like to hear about it.) In the beginning I thought it was my computer, but over the years my computer power and RAM has skyrocketed. Shouldn't 64 GB be enough? Rightly or wrongly, I just can't go on with it. I have to at least try something new and hope for the best. It is well worth the money to me to find out. I got a good deal on Premiere through my wife's work and I went for it. I have a few weeks to cancel, but I can't imagine why I would. Yesterday I watched tutorials all day and I think Premiere is superior in a lot of ways. There are some things I like better about Vegas, but I will just have to get used to the new interface. Premiere is a lot more like Vegas than Hitfilm is, so it's not too bad. Plus there are all these plugins, including free stuff, that are available for Premiere that don't work on Vegas. I look forward to that. A lot of times when people advertise "works with all editing programs" you look and there are a lot of logos there, but no Vegas. There are exceptions, all green screen stuff works, but not everything. For example, now and then I subscribe to Viddyoze, which I use in my YouTube videos. None of their alpha channel stuff works with Vegas. I have spent hours trying to convert files and have had a lot of correspondence with them. So this is something I pay for and can't use. There are other things I have had trouble with Vegas. The videos from my video capture program don't work in Vegas. I have to load them in Hitfilm and output them. So I'm going to see if they work in Premiere. It has very nice synergy with Photoshop, a program I'm well-versed in. A lot of concepts I grasp instantly. You can even bring in Photoshop docs with layers! Finally, I'm getting icons from sideshowfx for both my regular and XL Streamdecks. A few minutes of setup and I'll have pages and pages of icons ready to go. I won't be digging through the manual. https://www.sideshowfx.net/products Sideshow doesn't yet see a market in making them for Vegas. Magix.... don't get me started about that company. I'll be a broken record. There are a lot of players out there that I'm not crazy about, but Engine! Wow that is in a class by itself. And what have they done to Acid? I believe that they buy something like Vegas that has a user base. That's what they buy. And they have us and they don't care about us. They don't try to earn our continued loyalty by fixing bugs and adding features. The new features are just add-ons from other companies, and mostly in their suite. I am getting off that train and I'm not going back.
  6. Good point. I'm going to upgrade to 13 when the spring/summer sale hits. I think a voucher comes with that. It's possible--but not certain--that this will be on sale on Black Friday. I waited for BF to get Picked Acoustic--but it wasn't included. I don't know how old a release has to be before NI includes it in their sales, and policies can chang.
  7. I should also point out that you can play a bass part on a bass or on your guitar or any instrument, put it in EZBass and you'll have a bass part, which you can further edit.
  8. I have been playing guitar for 50 years, but I love the Session Guitarists and a lot of guitar VIs. While I can still play, I can't play as well as I used to, and I never was that great about playing in steady rhythm. The last time they did one of these there was a $49 upgrade. But I guess this is a new product and you get no special points for owning all the other Session Guitarists. This seems to me to be the most sophisticated one in the series to date. I would expect that there will be upgrades in the others to catch up to these new features. The combination of this and Electric Sunburst with EZBass and the is unbelievable. I can't wait to experiment.
  9. Final Cut Express was the first editing software I ever owned. My first short was done on a big old Avid, but on my second I worked with a professional editor and he used Final Cut. That's how I learned. But my current Mac is ancient and I very rarely use it. The irony is that when I discovered Vegas I liked it much better. 😀
  10. My last video was my last straw with Vegas Pro. I've been using it for over a decade, but I am sick and tired of its bugs and constant crashes. I know I am not the only one because Google searches tell me there ar ecountless people out there with the same problems. I was fine with the Vegas Pro problems in the past because I only made videos occasionally. But now I am in production 365 days a year editing my YouTube videos and it is unbearable. It is also slowing my output. Today I will download DaVinci Resolve and the demo of Premiere Pro and start checking them out. I don't mind paying the money for Premiere Pro. I just want the one that is absolutely the most rock solid. I'm sure they both have the features I need. I have a feeling that Adobe is the safest bet, but I know there are a lot of DaVinci fans out there. Thank you, everybody! Reid PS It will be such a relief to unsubscribe from Magix and all their Vegas Pro deal emails.
  11. Like my previous video comparing EZBass to the ujam basses, I've done a video comparing two different pieces of software to each other. It's mainly aimed at people who don't have any orchestral libraries and want to learn how they are different. Even if you aren't interested in the topic (it's a long video) please watch the first minute or so, as I think it's kind of fun. If that minute entertains you, but if you don't want to watch the rest it would be a big favor if you just let the rest of it run. 🙏 Turn off the sound! This is my worst audio track anyway! Thank you all for your support!
  12. Since I got Opacity II, I always suspected I would get Opacity if it went on sale. They can put me on the list for Opacity III if the $$ is right. This is going to be an expensive month. How will I pay for it all? Did you know that the very best way to buy Opacity is through my affiliate link? It sounds a lot better if you do that. At least to me it does. 😃 https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2/ref/144/
  13. I would need a full walkthrough video on this before I plonk down my 2 euros. What's the user interface look like? Variety of Heys? Round robins? Velocity levels? This would be a good thing for Boz Digital to try. Go great with their claps and stomps.
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