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  1. I know Larry has done all these, but there are so many and it's hard to keep track of them. They are going to be gone soon, some after today. Beatmaker Hype $19 at ujam Affiliate Link Beatmaker Void $19 at AudioDeluxe Beatmaker Vice $19 at Plugin Boutique Affiliate Link Virtual Drummer Solid 2 $29 at Time+Space Finisher Neo $29 at JRRShop And of course, STRIIIINGS is available at a pre-release price of €/$99 until December 6th. After that, STRIIIINGS sells for an intro price of €/$119 until December 16th. So you will have a chance to demo it, but it will cost you an extra 20 euros. Regular pricing of €/$169 starts on December 17th. And that, in addition to the 50% off deals on the site, is BLAAAACK FRIIIIDAY at ujam. So far.
  2. That's also one of the big deals of the season. Amadeus is so under-appreciated. I use it all the time.
  3. Someday I will own everything D16 makes without paying for everything. I really love their stuff, but it's hard to buy it when they keep giving it away. 😀
  4. Reid Rosefelt

    UJam Hype

    Got it! I'm still missing a few of the Beatmakers.
  5. Apparently you are supposed to pronounce this not "strings," but... "striiiiiiiiiiings." Just listen to this guy. This demo is the first one to actually show you what it is. I bet it will go very well with BRAAAASS and WOOOODS. 🙂
  6. Also, a guy on VI:Control did a post last year talking about what a deal Virtuoso Ensembles was at $69: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/this-is-an-amazing-deal-kh-virtuoso-ensembles.87661/
  7. IMO, it's better sounding than Session Strings Pro--Hunter is known for his strings. Second you get all these other instruments and 50 multis. For me, who isn't trained, and don't really understand things like the note ranges of instruments, it is an amazing gift for sketching. It's more than sketching, it helps me figure out how to orchestrate a piece by playing it. On the other hand, Session Strings Pro is under-rated in terms of sound and has some really fun auto-play features. For a background strings it has some features like the new ujam STRIIIINGS, although not as many of them. It's made to be easy for people who don't know about strings. Amadeus is in a field by itself. It gives you the most instruments at the lowest price. Lots of libraries that costs many hundreds more don't give you the instruments there. But there are some snobby types who don't like the sound. It's a matter of taste, Cory Pelizzari has done a great video on it. I have often used it in tracks. The interface was programmed by Tracy Collins of Indiginus, so it is one of the best orchestral interfaces outside of Cinematic Studio Strings. And finally it has a one-person-orchestra feature similar to the Indiginus's legendary Solid State Symphony, which is a gas to play. Solid State Symphony is still $59 and this is basically the same thing made by the same guy, and the whole Amadeus is now $99! If you are a serious composer who knows all the instruments but only has $99, it is the only choice IMO. The Orchestra has these arps. This makes it very fun and inspiring. The one thing I would caution you is that the arps lean mostly to the "epic" type styles. it's a decent orchestra, but a lot of stuff is missing compared to something like Amadeus. But they keep adding to it, with strings and brass, and I'm sure, Woodwinds. But there are still a lot of solo instruments missing. Amadeus is amazing in terms of what it includes--it will have 2 or 3 different examples of a solo instrument, then a small ensemble of 3 and then a large ensemble. And it is very consistent. If it exists in an orchestra, then Amadeus has it, with a lot of articulations. None of the other major "sketching" libraries can say the same. I'm thinking about making a video about "one-person Orchestra" libraries. That would be fun to do.
  8. https://www.pgmusic.com/bbwin.packages.htm Tbere's also a new Xtra Styles PAK - Number 10. And three's something new called MultiStyles PAK 1, that comes with the update. Discounts for upgrades are good until the end of the December.
  9. I wrote about this already in VI: Control, but for me, Kirk Hunter's Virtuoso Ensembles is one of the very best deals to come out of this Black Friday season, right up there with the $2.99 SONiVOX singles. Atsia Percussion for $2.99? Insane. It usually sells for a lot of money in Hunter's store and then every now and then it is discounted for about $80. This has happened a few times, and that's what I paid for it. In the current APD deal it is $29.99, which I believe is the lowest ever. The lowest by a lot. Of course, back when I bought it, it was a Kontakt Player instrument and now it needs Full Kontakt. For me, it may be the best "Sketching Library" out there. The gimmick is it allows you to place four orchestral instruments on the keyboard--like all the strings or brass or woods. So that is fun, but it also comes with multis that combine strings and brass, etc. On top of that, it has a piano, choir, and a pretty decent junior percussion section. And it doesn't stint on the articulations either. You can see the specs here: https://www.kirkhunterstudios.com/products/virtuoso-ensembles-kontakt-retail/ And it sounds pretty damned good. It's very light, perfect for a laptop. It doesn't get mentioned often when people talk about sketching libraries, but the fact is you can sketch a lot better with this than you can with others, and I like some of the sounds enough to have used them in pieces too. This Reuben video shows what I'm talking about. This is a LOT for $29.99, even if orchestral isn't your thing.
  10. I've got a lot of space for internal drives inside my computer. And PCie cards to add 4 or 8 SATA ports are pretty cheap, so I've always gone with 1TB drives. It was by far the most inexpensive way to go--and I would rather have a drive with 1TB fail than a big one. But.... considering how big libraries are these days... maybe 2TB is the new 1TB. 😃
  11. I've always found the APD shop to be a little bit difficult to navigate. The dropdown menu to see what developers they have is fiddly. I've decided to put links to the best deals on APD right now on my Tiger the Frog post on VI:Control. The link to the spot in the post where I'm doing it is HERE I'm not interested in deal that are the same as the ones that are up on the sites nowadays. Impact Soundworks, Soundiron, and Sample Magic are examples of companies with better deals on APD. So... do you have any favorites? Thanks! Reid
  12. This year is the first time I've seen 2TB SSDs at the same price of buying two 1TB SSDs. Or even lower. Crucial MX500 2TB 189.99 Samsung 860 EVO 2TB $199.99 WD Blue 2TB SSD $179.99 (Affiliate Links)
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