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  1. I've seen even lower on 2 TB SSDs on occasion. It'll be a while before I need another SSD, but I do believe it will be a 2 TB. With these kinds of prices it just makes sense. We only have a finite number of SATA ports, and less if you use M.2 NVMe.
  2. There are actually two versions of this: SEQUI2R EX ($99) and SEQUIR2R SYNTH ($79) SEQUI2R EX includes four expansions all of which are included in this deal. So even though this offer doesn't include the Synth version, including the four expansions makes it similar to other Audifier offers like the Riffendium series. A lot of content here, from vintage analog synths to bells, chimes, zithers, guitars, mandolins, etc. I have everything they make except for this series, and I admit I have hardly used all of them to their utmost, because they are such deep instruments. Watching the walkthroughs is like falling into a deep hole of possibilities. Anybody have this? Sigh...
  3. Agree 100%. I play Strum GS-2 often for fun and for inspiration but I have never put it in a track.
  4. I've owned this for a long time plus all of the expansions and like it a lot. In fact, I own almost everything this company has brought out. But I would say a few things. I wouldn't worry about the "sale." AAS is on sale for 50% off almost six months of the year. Maybe not all of the products in the store, but at least some instruments are on sale. So the "list price" of AAS instruments and expansions are only used by people who are in a hurry or haven't yet figured this out. All AAS instruments are modeled. Which is to say that, unlike pretty much all the dozens of guitar virtual guitar instruments, it doesn't use real recordings (samples) of guitars. While that isn't an issue with many of their instruments, there are some who feel that Strum GS-2 doesn't sound realistic to them. This is something you'll have to decide for yourself. You don't have to rely on demos. You can test out whether you'll like it (and all their instruments) by downloading their free Swatches player here. You'll see that this is an instrument that is fun to play. I own a lot of guitar virtual instruments. As a guitar player for decades, in my opinion, the most authentic sounding ones are made by Orange Tree Samples and Ample Sound. The best picking ones are from ujam, Realitone, Native instruments, and in HALion--and this one. There are many instruments that will let you set up a realistic picking pattern, but these instruments let you change chords on the fly in the middle of measures the way a guitarist does. I used to think Strum GS-2 was the best at doing this until some other instruments came along . AAS also offers a lot of expansions, that are inexpensive and provide you with all kinds of guitar styles. There are often crazy sales on AAS expansions from online sellers like Time+Space. There is also a cheaper version called "Strum Session" which sells in a bundle. As this bundle is often given away free, you can also get it very inexpensively on KVR and other forums. In fact, I bet there is somebody here who would give you their copy of "Strum Session" because they don't need it. But if you are ready to buy GS-2, you can make your mind up easily from downloading Swatches.
  5. Thonks for listing this @cclarry
  6. Thanks @Fleer Interestingly he doesn't mention his involvement with Syntronik in his bio, which was based on his samples of his synth collection. https://www.musictech.net/features/erik-norlander-interview/
  7. Zo, I wasn't aware that IK hired people from the outside. Unless of course, the relab guy joined their team. Do you know any more about things like that? Aside from Miroslav I know little about the people behind the IK instruments and effects.
  8. I never had 1, so I can't comment. I do think that the reverbs that come with T-RackS are extremely under-rated. They were my go-tos, particularly their Hall and Room, before I got Pro-R and Spaces II. But they still have their uses. And I have no doubt this one is really good too, but the price does not stand up to the other reverbs that are available. This is an interesting time for reverbs. It seems very likely we will soon see sets of three coming out from both NI and Arturia.
  9. Pass. It's likely to be included in T-RackS 6 or Total Studio 3. Anyway I am fine with Spaces II, which cost less than this during the BF sale.
  10. Here's more info, including a little on the difference between Monofilter Elements (which sells for $49) and the full Monofilter ($119) Monofilter Elements from NUGEN Audio is a bass management plug-in that can provide sharpness and definition to the bass frequencies of a mix. With the non-directional nature of low frequencies, and through inappropriate processing, bass parts can lack clarity and focus. To that end, the software allows for balancing low frequencies with minimum effort, allowing the bass to sound louder, more focused, and better-defined. The plug-in has less functionality compared to the company's Monofilter, but with user friendly controls, bass energy can be quickly anchored while retaining the character of the original sound. Additionally, the software provides good playback performance on systems with separate low-frequency handling, such as club PAs, live rigs, hi-fi and 2.1 gaming systems. Align and balance low frequencies with minimum effort Eliminate weak, hollow bass A|B feature for comparing tweaks easily Linear phase high pass filter Fix samples or restore old recordings Unlimited undo/redo
  11. I'm so disappointed. I was hoping for speakers. 😭
  12. Not yet. I am seriously thinking about it, but it is $349 for me and that is a LOT of money, particularly after my big-time spendage over the holidays. In addition to my concerns about money, I am also thinking about all the time I will put into exploring the presets in depth instead of making music or doing other creative work. But GAS might get me, as it so often does.
  13. I wrote AudioDeluxe and they confirmed that the upgrade pricing is only available directly through UVI. ☹️
  14. What else would you put on your $275 Output speaker stands?
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