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  1. I'm sure they are reading all the threads. I've thought about it a lot, and I think they are taking the idea of the Omnisphere ecosystem a step forward. So you have an OmniPlayer that has the filters, arps, effects and the system of combining sounds and making multis. All that stuff. But it's a shell, either with no sounds, or a selection, like Kontakt. And you can buy libraries for it, like Omnisphere, Trilian, Keyscape, and a bunch of other ones they will come out with today. And third-party people can make libraries too. The big thing about this is that if they add features to the main player, it instantly adds them to all the libraries.
  2. They haven’t said that one of the new products won’t be guitars.
  3. Troelspiel. I don't see how 127 samples for every note and for every articulation makes sense if you are running a business. You're going to do that with all the instruments in an orchestra? What would that cost? So I'm thinking that there are actually less than 127 layers. The 127 layers are created by sophisticated AI.
  4. If I'm reading the site properly, there's less than 35 minutes left. I may have to resist this. Even though it's a good deal, finding out at this moment is a bit too much pressure.
  5. Does anybody know if this is sampled or modeled?
  6. The whispery soundtrack to the video does suggest that there are vocals or vocal fx in this thing. Something like Exhale, but with the Omni engine? And then you would have the typical free library that combines with Omni, as there was with Trilian and Keyscape. Seeing as how there are a TON of excellent vocals of all types already in Omni, that would really be something. If it's more than one thing, then my fantasy would be Guitarscape and Vocalscape. Wow, would that destroy my bank account. But I can't believe they would be so mean as to release that amount of goodness on one day. But the plan could be to loot the cookie jar that some are putting aside for Black Friday. They released the Trilian upgrade around this time last year. And I bought it, as I was always afraid to buy Trilian and have it upgraded shortly after. If they are releasing a new instrument or instruments, and if there is an intro price, then I am doomed.
  7. I always used to do that, but I've been pretty lucky with resales after I update. So on this I might get $100 off in resale (Arkhis sold almost immediately) so it would only be a $49 impulse buy. But of course it adds up as I will definitely upgrade to the next version of Komplete.
  8. $149 or 37% off until 11/3 There's some kind of discount if you buy with Arkhis. Even though I am trying not to buy these days, this intrigues me.
  9. I think what I think Stylus RMX Update, because it's the oldest Spectrasonics product still in version one. But it's rhythmic, so it's not that. Something like Keyscape- in other words, Guitarscape But it's not that, because I'm thinking that. It's more than one new product. So it's either: A subscription - Get all the instruments and all the add-ons, maybe even some third party stuff. A player of some kind Many new separate products An online way of playing all Spectrasonics products SpectrasonicPaint But as I'm thinking these things--it's definitely not any of them. 🥵
  10. This offer comes up every year at this time. It has for at least 4 years. What I did was to wait for Black Friday before I used the voucher. If I recall correctly, with the 30% off sale I paid a few bucks more and got 4 expansions.
  11. This to me is what is great about the software music world. I haven't been buying anything for a while, and am even looking for stuff to sell. But something like this comes along as a free upgrade. Essentially it doesn't change the sounds much. What's new are all these insane sequencers and arps, some driven by probability. So you can take every preset you have and feed them through these things. For example, Falcon has always had these cool Euclidean drum and tonal sequencers. Very hard to explain what they are, but they are very easy to play with. They come with presets so you can just select one and stand back. But this update adds Euclidean Keys, which means you can have them do these complicated sequences within a key set by you. Curious to find out what a Rain Sequencer is. But it doesn't matter. It's so easy just to run stuff through these things and find out what they are. And finally, you can now record the MIDI in any of the Falcon sequences and use them with anything .
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