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  1. https://audioplugin.deals/product/beatmaker-hustle-2-by-uja For $19 (normally $69), get Beatmaker Hustle 2 by ujam Beatmaker HUSTLE is your rhythmical fixer for bass music styles like Trap and Dirty South. Beatmaker HUSTLE is right on the money, ready to make a statement for all types of modern urban styles that need a dirty basement-shaking beat or gritty Grime groove laying down. The mix presets provide a great variety of sonic flavors that can be dialed in to your liking and make HUSTLE work for your mix, sounding authentic and fat, no matter what. Available for Mac and PC in VST 2, VST 3, AU 2 and AAX formats.
  2. I think OBJEQ DELAY alone is a steal at $20.
  3. It is ironic that I was talking about the kind of people who took me down. But no actual person did that. They have AI set up to do that. The guy that founded the subreddit is a great guy and has reached out to me to join his Discord. But I don't know if he has the power to reinstate me to his own subreddit. Just to be absolutely sure, I took it down from YouTube. I really wouldn't want to screw up my second channel! 😀 I wasn't that crazy about the video anyway.
  4. I just found out I have been permanently banned from the Metaverse forum on Reddit because of this video. Too bad. It's a great forum. You can say ***** on network TV, but not apparently on Reddit. You can't say it here either.
  5. If I do get some time I will try to post this one to Rumble.
  6. One aspect of free updates is that it renews attention to a piece of software. So when there is a free update to Scaler, people on this site talk about how much they love Scaler. And this might lead some people who don't have Scaler to buy it. Marketing is an expense. How do you get people to find out about your product? There is a lot of attention when something first comes out, but then it drops off. So companies use freebies, and special sales to get attention. But I am a believer in supporting developers in any way we can.
  7. People on Reddit really slammed my video but I got a really good quote from a guy: “If you take a shit in the Metaverse, it will turn up in your pants.” Weird-Breakfast-7259, Reddit I plan to use this wonderful quote in my third video: "Why You Can't Live in the Metaverse."
  8. Even in "Ready Player One," the hero says that people need to take bathroom breaks, eat and sleep. To say the least. I seriously doubt that many people will use it for more than an hour a day. The majority of people will never use it, at least for a long time. Everybody will continue to live their lives in the real world and use the devices that make sense. Nobody is going on the subway in immersive VR. It's not about how long people use it. It's the impact the time in the Metaverse has on people when they come back to the real world. it's the impact that the Metaverse economy will have on the real economy. My parents never used a computer or had smart phones, but their lives were changed a lot by the fact that others did. And I need to say what I will say a lot in the channel. There is no guarantee this thing is going to happen, despite how many trillions are spent trying to make it happen.
  9. About frickin' time! There hasn't been a Scaler update since 12/13! 🤬 We've waited almost a month! 🤮 Please note: I am kidding.
  10. Yes, I'm currently reading Snow Crash. A lot of stuff to read. If I stick with this, I will be at it for years. Virtual Reality started as an idea with writers. I remember reading "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury, when I was a kid. And then there were movies like "Lawnmower Man," "Tron," "The Matrix," and "Ready Player One." But it became real through the work of game designers. They created real virtual worlds, starting with Second Life, and then Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, VRChat and others. These designers, particularly the engine creators, are poised to have the biggest impact in the creation of the Metaverse. Sorry, Mark Z.
  11. @Monomox @abacab I didn't really lose my channel. I didn't violate any policies and I wasn't thrown off. All the videos are still there. They just can't be monetized for technical reasons. I just don't think it's fair that I should work for thousands of hours and spend thousands of dollars without any hope of ever making five cents. It's the principle. So I'm moving forward with at least hope. I made a video on what happened, but it's my belief that Google doesn't offer any technical support, they just use AI. And they figure if somebody has a unique problem that can't be solved by AI, that is worth less to them than the huge cost of paying real people to work in customer support. Another thing that was interesting is that I read they have a policy that forbids people within Google to help anybody with a problem--as that wouldn't be fair! I do have a friend who once had a very high-level job at Google, and he told me he tried to help one of his best friends and he couldn't. This problem could be fixed in three minutes, but I don't think it ever will be. So I've moved on. It's okay. I've found a topic I'm really interested in learning about, so that's my path forward. I will have fun doing these videos and write a lot of music cues for them. The problem is solved because this channel is associated with my wife's YouTube Channel, and, more importantly, her social security number. So they'll pay her. That's fine with me. All in the family. 😀
  12. The channel is going to be about imagining what things would be like if this thing is built. What would shopping be like in immersive 3D? What about gaming? What would dating be like? Could there be love with somebody in a different country who doesn't know what you look like and you don't know about them? How does it change things when you cam just pick what you'll look like? One thing that fascinates me about being in virtual worlds is that a woman with a beautiful avatar comes over and men act the way they do when a real live beauty is there. And they have no idea if the woman is attractive in real life or even if she is a woman. What would music be like if you could get together in the same virtual space with people from all over the world? I find when I think about these things it opens up a Pandora's Box of good and bad things. Particularly the latter. A lot of dangers in this thing, and I don't know if there's any way to stop it.
  13. All of you are helping me so much, and I am very grateful. My dream is that YouTube will pick up on this engagement and start to show the video to people who are interested in the topic. But I'm realistic. I'm going to have to make a dozen more videos before that is likely to happen. But I'm committed. I've already written drafts of 8 or 9 of the scripts. As I have to be traveling a lot this year, I got myself a laptop powerful enough to run Premiere.
  14. As many of you know, I lost my last YouTube Channel, after 100 videos and 14 years of work. My first video from my new channel is finally up! Please support me any way you can with my new channel. It has one subscriber (me) right now. Absolutely anything you do--subscribe, like, comment, share on other social media platforms, etc. will cause YouTube to show my video to more people. It’s going to be a long slog. Hopefully this will take less than 14 years. I don’t know what you know about The Metaverse, or if you care, but I have become convinced that it is something we should all know about. For one thing, McKinsey & Company says that The Metaverse may generate $5 trillion dollars by 2030, so pretty much all the world’s biggest companies are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to cash in on this thing. (You may have heard that the company behind Facebook is spending a measly ten billion a year in hopes of grabbing a share of this bonanza.) I believe it will be a tidal wave for anybody involved in music and the arts—but truly it will affect all commerce. I don’t think that The Metaverse will be here for ten years or a lot longer, but still it’s good to be informed. Forum rules will keep me from posting more videos here, even though I never made one cent after all my years on YouTube. So if you want to be notified about my videos, you’ll have to click the YouTuber bell in order to get notificatioins. But it is allowed for me to put my link below. I’ll be writing a lot of music cues for this Channel. I don’t know if I would call it music in this one—maybe more like textures. I used two recent sales purchases (Vocalise 2 and Audiofier’s Veevum Human) for the staccato female vocal sounds you hear during the titles. After I get going with this, I hope to expand some of these cues into actual music, and do a separate “Metaverse Music” channel for them. Thanks everybody! PS @cclarry has subscribed, so now I have two subscribers! Thank you, Larry!
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