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  1. To be honest, I'm pretty boring, I generally just make orchestral music with sections of instruments from the same company, recorded in the same hall. I just know that people always say that dry libraries are good for combining with other libraries. So I made that assumption. You obviously know more about Palette than me.
  2. For me there is more than a hint of a rasp, and that's my main issue with Palette--and I'm not the only one. It is about as bone-dry a library as I have ever played. For me, the sound of instruments include the rooms they are performed in. This is why I love Orchestral Tools and the Cinematic Studio series. They sound beautiful to me out-of-the-box, without adding any reverb or any other effects. When I add a good reverb like Spaces II and a bit of EQ to Palette, I like it. And you get a lot more articulations in Palette than in other "sketching" libraries like the Inspires, which have practically none. There's a lot more bang for the buck as far as sketching libraries go in Palette, particularly if you own Melodics. But I would recommend Palette more not as a sketching library, but to people who want to use it to combine with other libraries, because it's dry quality makes that easier to do than a library with baked-in ambiance. When I load up the Inspires, I'm happy to start sketching immediately. The sound makes me want to play. I also think Kirk Hunter's Virtuoso ensemble is incredibly inspiring. It sounds good too and it has a very brilliant interface. As soon as I got Palette, I asked Red Room Audio to add effects presets. I wanted them to set up the reverb, EQ and all the other stuff that comes with it to give you a variety of out-of-the-box sounds. A variety of aural presets as soooo many libraries, from NI to Sonuscore to 8dio offer, from natural to sound-designy. And the guy didn't sign on to that but he did say they were thinking about doing something with the samples. Anyway, I was very excited to see this update, and was disappointed that there is nothing like that in it. If they'd done that, I would heartily recommend it to everybody. That said, I'm excited to try out the legato in Melodics.
  3. About 10,000 emails ago, I started to get annoyed. 🤬 But I just let them go on and on, even though I usually delete them without reading them. Sometimes they are written by unfamilar names, like Fred Faderble and Agnes Patoot, and that distracts me and causes me to open them before I delete. Whoever handles their spam strategy is sly. But I thought about it, and decided I had enough, so today I cut them loose, despite the fact that Musician's Friend is still my favorite place to buy hardware. I suppose I'll still find out about the best deals here. 😀
  4. You're better off not getting it if you are less El-Broke-O by BF and can afford a few more bucks. Ancient Persian ERA (which includes Desert Winds) is one of Tarilonte's very best libraries and sells for about $150 during the Best Service 40% off sale, depending on where you buy it. 28 playable instruments, including some of his very best, like the Oud and Duduk. And some really great middle eastern percussion, like Bendir, Daf, and Riq. It costs a little more than that to upgrade Desert Winds to Ancient Persian ERA, And I've never seen them discount the upgrades. That said, the winds are really great.
  5. Studio Sopranos is one of my very favorite 8dio libraries, but it's been cheaper than this.
  6. The demo video was really enticing. I'm often asked to score extreme modern dance performances like this one, with sudden violent shifts of tone. It convinced me that I'd be using this all the time. A real insta-buy no-brainer! 🙄 And game-changer.
  7. For the record, so far the Sonokinetic freebies include 2013 & 2014 - Sleighbells iOS 2015 Berimbau and Cuica (they don't sell them anymore, but they're included in Percussao do Brasil) 2016 - Ostinato Strings and EMP Mark II 2017 - Ostinato Brass 2018 - Ostinato Woodwinds 2019 - Modal Runs & Ostinato Noir It used to be really easy to get them. You could take your time and hours later the deal would still be there. But now you have to make sure you know the exact time the deal goes up and set an alarm. For me (in Brooklyn, NY) it's 11 am, but I know that for some people it's the middle of the night. If you do that every single day during the "12 Days" sale, you should be okay. That said, they gave away Ostinato strings, brass, and woodwinds and Modal Runs on the second day. Not a bad day to check in. Also, they really telegraphed the "Ostinato Noir" deal on VI:Control the night before. They couldn't have been more clear. They did practically everything except for shouting, "ANOTHER FREEBIE TOMORROW!!!" Still these freebies are so good and so many people don't want to miss out that it wouldn't surprise me that the day will come that if you wait even a few minutes you'll miss them.
  8. FYI, this update adds drag-and-drop MIDI to all 4 libraries.
  9. I got the East West VD Special once and it made my orchestral tool spit fire. 😧 I also hear there's a VD special going round from ujam. Don't like the sound of that either.
  10. Kind of a "Thrill" for vocals. Wow! Only $299! Such a deal. Better to wait for Komplete in the fall, as I doubt it will go on sale this summer. More info HERE
  11. Reid Rosefelt

    Seurat 1.6

    I got Seurat when it came out. Very beautiful granular sounds. Great presets. This is a lot less than I paid and you get a lot more. Since I bought it they have added a lot of new snapshots and features. 1.5 added a randomize feature--just click the "Seurat" logo. 1.6 is called "Seurat R" because it allows you to reverse the samples. 1.61 adds 100 snapshots. All these updates have been free for original purchasers. Learning how to program Seurat is a little complicated, but it's easy to just hit the randomize button and get a lot of great results. 😀 I've had 1.6 for quite a while. This new version is just 1.62 and is just a minor thing -- "fixed some tuning issues." Anybody who is curious should try the free demo on this page.
  12. I glanced at this headline and thought it was about a Vocal Sample Pack of a McDonald's Hamburger. I imagined it was burger eating samples. Maybe some phrases like "You want fries with that?" "Can I have more ketchup?" "Where's the can?" etc. Probably a few belches. No doubt BOOM will have a library like this eventually. Anyway, I figured there would be a post on VI:Control where people would argue about what was the best Burger library.
  13. When I composed music in the 80s with Voyetra's Sequencer Plus, I plugged in my 5.25" floppy (360K) and loaded up the software into RAM. Then I took it out and put in another 360K floppy to save my data. Of course Sequencer Plus was MIDI only. All sound came from my synths and modules and effects came from hardware. But apparently, it still works today! I remember when I got my first computer with a 20 Mb hard drive. Wow! As my programs were kilobytes in size, and could be loaded in RAM, I didn't know what I could possibly do with all that data!
  14. Get it HERE Retrowave $24 ($78) Indie Voices $5 ($47) Epic Percussion $29 ($99) Old School Keys $9 ($43) Gentle Keys $12 ($58) They also have 4 freebies, including sample versions of Retrowave and Epic Percussion and a Xylophone and a Vibraphone.
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