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  1. This is a gear-oriented forum, so that makes sense . And maybe they didn’t like it! 😀 That’s okay. I’m just trying to work on musical video projects every day and finish them all. The important thing is the learning. I try to do a good job but I have no idea what the response will be. I don’t know about all of you, but when I buy something, I don’t always make music with it. I think one problem I’ll never be able to fix is mastering. I listened to this on different speakers and headphones. All sounded decent, although the Beyerdynamic phones made it sound much better. But then I tried earbuds. Awful and totally unlistenable. 🤮 And people use them a lot. I also have to say that Sonarworks is not working for me. Going from phones to speakers, I find I’m better off without it.
  2. I've been playing with it in my DAW for a long time, but when I tried to record, nothing happened. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but for me it was like Addictive Drums. You have to generate MIDI patterns and drag them into the tracks. Anyway, I prefer the control I get from having MIDI patterns and wavs over live play anyway.
  3. Interesting. I figured there must be a lot of ways to use XO, but I just settled on exporting wavs so I could get going. On the export page, you can export MIDI too. Basically I settled into the method of exporting composite wavs to do my arrangement. And then when I was done with that, I exported stems This allowed me to take elements in the stems in and out as the piece developed. Often what I did was that I heard something I liked in one of the stems, so I redid it myself with another percussion instrument. So in retrospect, maybe I should have used MIDI stems. I'll try that next time. Or a combination of stems and wavs. It gets VERY complicated when you're using your own sounds and not just the presets. You have to remember which folders you checked. But while I enjoy playing XO live, I think outputting stuff is a better technique for me when I sit down to actually finish a piece.
  4. This is a really intimidating title for a contest. You need a LOT of confidence to enter this.
  5. Here's my new video. I was trying to make music out of my comfort zone. I've fooled around with XO, but never actually finished any music with it. Turns out you can't play it into your DAW, you have to output wavs. The cool thing is that you can output out all the stems. And because it's XO, I didn't just use Delhia de France's sounds like loops--I was able to put all these noises I've collected into the drum parts. But definitely XO and de France got this project started. Once I saw Bettie dancing to her beats, it was a go. I thought it was worth a shot to try to get Realitone Blue to sing "Beh-tee," and I think it worked out pretty well. It's hard for me to think of this piece without it. At the end, I even have two Blues singing harmony. But the best thing (as with my previous video) is Evolution Series' Brontë. This is such a cool VI. I expect I'll be using it a lot. I think it kicks the ***** of the competition. So beautiful. I wondered if I would ever get round to using Boz Digital's El Clapo and Das Boot, but they are in this too. There's a few bars of Butch Vig at the beginning too. I did think for a while about making this a binaural mix, but I decided it was too complicated for that. But my experience with binaural led me to make this kind of nutzo spacially.
  6. https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4409561018258?fbclid=IwAR0C626P2_1HBG3kgwCLBUiGJsSqR9etv_26wK-jiSZL7qSGq8JdU6H9pKs Another reason to buy Unify. I apologize if somebody already posted this...
  7. And they have a competition. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/haunted-house-scoring-competition/ This is the first Spitfire competition that I'm going to "enter." 😄 Coincidentally, I had decided to make my next video composition on a horror/atmospheric theme. I've been looking at old public domain films on the Internet Archive to score.. So I might as well spring for the 29 bucks (they got me!) and try this. It will just be something to put up on my YouTube channel, and maybe being in the contest will get me a few more views.
  8. I think they need the summer to bring out more libraries to go into Komplete 14.
  9. Deleted. Drugs addled my mind 😱
  10. I think Ben is fine. He lives modestly in St Paul, Minnesota, not New York or LA. He was a student when he started putting out libraries. Now he's a teacher. He records these instruments in a room at home, i think. He's the performer, recorder, and coder. So I would say he keeps his costs down. 😀 And if you compare his stuff to other things on Loot, I wouldn't call them especially cheap. I own most of them but I don't own them all and I wish I did. I've never understood why he doesn't put up his own website and keep all the money. But I guess he doesn't want the hassle of people calling him all the time when their download doesn't go right. But I agree with you. Having an instrument with NI is going to do wonders for his career. Countless more people will discover his talent and they're going to buy his other stuff.
  11. FYI, the next Ben Osterhouse library, Pathfinder Cello, will be a Native Instruments product. So it will be NKS and Kontakt Player and you'll be able to get it this August/September as part of one of the versions of Komplete 14. Probably Ultimate or CE. It was supposed to come out on January 1st, but Ben said in VI:Control that they're still working on it. It always takes more time to get stuff through NI. I was asked to beta test it, but doing so for NI means actually writing music with it. Too much of an ask while I was going nuts being Tiger the Frog. Too bad, I would have done it if the request had come up at a different time. @Simeon Amburgey and I got to know Ben when he came on our podcast. I bet he beta tested it, but can't talk about it. 😀 It will no doubt be released with some kind of intro price, so that the vouchers won't work. 😀
  12. If anybody's interested, here's Ann-Kathrin Dern's video:
  13. Sorry, Larry. I should learn to read. And I may take advantage of this offer now that I understand it. Anyway, maybe somebody would be interested in what I said about the phones.
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