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  1. First, this is awesome. Anybody who has played Solid State Symphony or the Symphony patch on Amadeus knows what it is. You get the sound of a symphony orchestra that you can fill in with a synth if you want. But it also runs a slideshow of breathtaking NASA pictures that follow your playing. The cool thing is that you can turn off the sound and then play a piano (or anything) and watch the slide show move according to your playing. Pretty great for something that is already spacey like Nada or a FrozenPlain library. Of course this is also a great ad for SSS or Amadeus, because anybody who likes this essential one trick pony would like to have all the options of the others. @kitekrazy is so right. Every Indiginus library I own is A++++++ And you never have to wait for a sale, because they are always priced very reasonably. The only way to get them discounted is when they are introduced. I think if they were priced at two or three times the price and then Tracy had sales now and then, he would sell a ton more. Most people on this forum are probably like me--too influenced by the sense of urgency you get from a 50% markdown. Well, these things are marked way way down 365 days a year. Beautiful sounds with wonderful interfaces.
  2. I also highly recommend Audiofier's ABSTRUNG, which is only 13 euros. Their Randomizer instruments focus on categories, Abstrung (strings), Aerkord (winds, airy stuff), Vesper (bells, chimes) With this you get a lot of string samples (21 GB), from world instruments like Chinese Guzheng and Pipa to Hammered Dulcimer, Acoustic Guitar, prepared pianos, etc. And you mix this stuff and add effects and arps, convolution reverb, etc. But basically it offers a quadrillion options so that it is almost too much to try. What these instruments are all about is the randomizer button. Push it and you get amazing sounds that are all your own. Push it over and over and then save the stuff you like. Plus.... it comes with a lot of snapshots to get you started. This is a LOT for 13 euros. The only problem with it is that it will make you hungry for more Audiofier products....😀
  3. The Dream Audio Tools guitars are great. Highly recommended, particularly Vol 1 of indie Fingers. FYI, the Alpine Concert Zither is included in World Suite. I mean, the samples for that instrument and many other PrecisionSound libraries are included in World Suite, but they have a different interface. I'm somewhat interested in Ben Osterhouse's "CelloTextures." I think it's the first thing he ever did, or the second. He's come a long way since then.
  4. I'm waiting for this Soundiron library. 😀
  5. This offer has been extended to 48 hours. 😀
  6. Get a free Kontakt Player library. I think Arcane from Embertone or the Free Orchestra from ProjectSAM may qualify. Then you can upgrade for $250. Wait until the summer sale. Then you can upgrade to full Kontakt for $125.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is the best deal I have ever seen offered in the four years since I have gotten into VIs. If there's been a better deal, I can't remember it. Imagine The Orchestra was for sale for $10. It's kind of like that. The best deal by a long, long way.
  8. Damn.... I spent a LOT of money on this, and I'm not sorry. Do not miss out on this deal.
  9. I heard this on Howard Stern https://www.siriusxm.com/
  10. Great library, but it may be 40% off in the Wish List sale, which last year was in May.
  11. I agree with everybody who has agreed. I also agree with everybody who chose to disagree. 😀
  12. The reason I think it's okay to post it here is because this is the place where all these offers are posted. Larry, if you want to take it down, that's fine with me. But I don't go to any of the other Cakewalk forums. You are the people I know. Maybe if you aren't living in a place like my town, New York City, and hadn't already lost two friends to it already, as I have, you might see it differently. But I know that many of you can feel what I'm saying, even if you haven't lost a friend yet. And I sure hope you don't, because it is terrible. But this page is a piece of heaven, a safe place. I love that people are coming out with new products and having sales. I love coming here. It's a distraction. It's a relief. Here I don't want to hear about the Coronavirus at all. I really don't. And I don't want to get these emails every day. That's on me. But if companies are going to bring it up, then I have my opinion and I've stated it, and I'm done. Bring on the deals! 😀 Saying safe means staying mentally safe too.
  13. How some companies are kinda using this calamity as a marketing opportunity? It's a very thin line. I mean... you want to give something to people--then really give them something. Lose some money to help musicians. Maybe a credit like IK so they can buy something they actually want. Not something they don't want or already have. But a temporary demo? I don't know. You should ALWAYS make that available. Probably the best response I've seen so far was Fluffy Audio, where they totally gave us that piano. free. They didn't take a cent for it. They just used that gift to appeal to our best selves and donate. I'd like to see more like that.
  14. I'd rather put the $10 towards a bigger library that I actually want.
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