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  1. After passing it by for years, while I waited to know more about the plugins, I was finally ready to buy the whole set last BF. And then for the first time ever, they didn't discount it at all. They did say that they would make an announcement at some point about a sale on Soundtoys 5. My problem with them is I like to audition plugins before buying. And I spend many hours auditioning a plugin, comparing it against everything I have to see if it really offers something different. But they only allow you to audition ALL their plugins. Anyway, they gave a nice demo on their whole Effects Rack last summer and that finally sold me. But then they didn't do the 50% off loyalty price sale I wrote them and said you have my money now if you can offer me the same exact deal you offered me the last three years, but they didn't respond to the email. So now I think even if they do offer the deal again, I'm probably not going to buy it. Maybe I'll wait until 2030 for Soundtoys 6. 😀
  2. As Larry said, I think this is a very special thing. Imagine NI adding something new to Komplete Ultimate after the release of Komplete? And IK has done this kind of this before. A month or two after I bought TS2, they added the limited version of SampleTank to the deal. Might not sound like much, but it gave me the new UI and a few new instruments. I've been calculating the $299 minus JamPoints in my mind. I didn't think about it being $299. But this forum keeps selling me more on it regularly. So many talk about how much they love the Sunset Sound reverb. So many of the separate products are raved about as being worth the money separately. I add it to the stuff I really want like AmpliTube, Mixbus, the B3, Modo Drum, So the only question is whether I should get TS3 now or wait until BF or BF 2022 to get it cheaper. This Compressor makes that decision a little harder. 🤔
  3. In my opinion, the BIAB plugin is very much a Limited Edition of the Standalone. For example, you can use the soloist to generate MIDI tracks, but not Realtracks. If you are the kind of person who likes to go into the settings in BIAB, you'll see there are many other things the DAW plugin won't do. But if all you want to do is put in the chords, add a style, and have it play, it is fine. The song files you create work equally well in the Standalone and the DAW plugin
  4. Reid Rosefelt

    AIR Updates

    They have also updated the Creative FX Collection https://www.airmusictech.com/product/creative-fx-collection-plus#updates
  5. Reid Rosefelt

    AIR Updates

    Wow, I had the exact opposite experience. I found the folders system to be very unwieldy. Always having to go back into those folders over and over to get a different preset in a different category. It's the same thing I don't like about Engine. But when I got the NKS template from Freelance Soundlabs, it unleashed this for me. I'd always liked it, but just didn't use it much. But I agree about it being under-rated. The reason for this is obvious. They gave it away for free for a year. And then for $1. If it was really priced at $99 with occasional sales for $49 I believe people would see it in a much more appreciative way.
  6. Sonuscore is really hitting it out of the park with the constantly improving The Orchestra, plus these new products for EastWest and Native Instruments. I would imagine that the Woodwinds for The Orchestra should be coming out soon. And don't forget Elysion and Mallet Flux and the Origins series.
  7. The advantage of Atom Hub freebies like Candlestick (there are many more) and their paid libraries is that the wav files are unlocked. http://www.atomhub.net/Freebies.html Great for your collection of unusual samples to be used as one shot elements in XO and similar instruments. Highly recommend Atom Hub in general.
  8. Back when I used an iPad to make music, I regularly plugged my guitar into my ipad and played Timeless for hours. There are some beautiful presets in there. I preferred it to any of the delays made for guitar. For some reason I've never bought it for the PC. Maybe the reason is it costs a lot more? And I have a lot of delays? And I rarely play actual guitar these days? I will watch out for this.
  9. I like this, but the main problem is that it doesn't recognize many chords. I don't know what it does beyond major and minors. It doesn't really say. There are also two extra nkis-- one with chords and one with notes. So you can play lead lines with this as well as strum. I'm going to give the edge to the NI strummers because they recognize more chords. The AAS and ujam guitars also recognize a lot of complex chords. But this has its place. I like being able to stack four guitars at once, and the strumming engine is good. 👍
  10. Have you explored the Indiginus Mandolin? I don't have it, but I really like their guitars. One of my favorite features is that they let you auto-generate harmony playing. You can hear this feature in the demos. https://www.indiginus.com/the-mandolin
  11. I got in touch with Jesus from Wavesfactory and they have already made the change. On the settings page there is a mapping option that allows you to choose left or right. Unfortunately I have just discovered that I can't see the colors for key switches in Kontakt. I don't know when this problem started. Anyway I'm not going to be able to figure this out for a while. [NOTE: I figured this out. Did you know that you can turn off the colored keyswitches in Kontakt settings? Why would you want to do that? Well if you want, you can.]
  12. I have almost all the OTS and a few by Ample Sound, but I strongly recommend Indiginus guitars too. They have a unique take and are very reasonably priced.
  13. Wavesfactory has put a ton of thought into this. They've really tried to make it unique and great. I truly don't understand why they didn't let users re-assign the placement of keyswitches. This is a pretty standard feature. Yes, I've played guitar for 50 years and I can strum with my right and play the chords with my left hand. I imagine it would be very hard to strum with my left and chord with my right. And if somebody created a guitar that I had to play like that I wouldn't buy it. Life is too short. 😡 So why create a virtual instrument and make it all topsy-turvy like that? Seriously I would like to see somebody from Wavesfactory play this freaking thing. And if any of you think I'm wrong, make a video of you being a guitar hero with this. You must be real keyboard aces, leaving even Simeon in the dust. I've sent a note to Wavesfactory to see what they say about adding a feature where you can move the key switches in a future update. 👍 Certainly, I could re-map the keyswitches right within Cubase. And I could create a template within Komplete Kontrol so everything would be easy to see. But you know... it's kind of their job to make their instruments playable out of the box--so I can buy them. 🤔 I am ready to buy this today. If only it was a crap product then I wouldn't be upset. But it really looks great.
  14. First, @Simeon Amburgey agrees with me???? He can play anything. That makes me feel better. The Funk Guitar allows you to assign chords to keys that you play with one finger.of your left hand, That's easy . And a very common way to do things. But I can't play a D13 with my left hand. Or a D7 (b95). Can you? For some chords I actually use two hands to make them easier to play That works fine if the key switches for the pattern players stick in place. SugarBytes Guitarist works exactly the same way. Assign chords to one key. Many guitar VIs have one-note features of various kinds, including Indiginus and Native Instruments. Yes, exactly. When I play piano, I always play melodies and chords with my right hand, and the best I can do with my left hand. Sometimes this is a complex pattern and sometimes it's just bass notes. If I was Simeon, I would do a lot more! But the great thing about something like the ujam basses is that I can hit just one note on my left and it auto-generates an interesting bass part. But I am willing to believe there are other virtual instruments out there with horrible UIs like this. Maybe even Wavesfactory sells some of them. But I am disappointed becauase I love Wavesfactory, and if they had designed this in a more typical way, it would be downloaded now and I'd be playing it. I had to find the video for the Funk Guitarist, because it's not currently installed on my computer. If I don't use a Komplete instrument I always take it off so I can get the hard drive space back. So I'm guessing it wasn't my favorite thing--or maybe I'm just not funky! 😀
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