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  1. That pretty much how I sum it up. The delusional Linux user would disagree,
  2. Yamaha is the king of doorstops. For what I paid I could have bought a RME Hammerfall that would still be running,
  3. I can do all of that on Windows and W10 didn't cost me anything. It would suck to have that limited choice of DAWs. Reaper isn't technically supported. I use to check the ALSA site to see if they ever had drivers for my Yamaha SW1000XG and then have a Linux box. No chance.
  4. BTW can Mint be run on an external device? I guess that would depend on what you want to use. Anyone I know that uses W7 for multimedia just keep it offline. I don't know how much support one needs for W7. I have one machine with W7 for Virtual XP. I can still run my Canon Scanner that only have 32 bit drivers in virutal XP. It's an older system that can't be upgraded. Any other virtual OS doesn't work for my scanner.
  5. Not a fan of 3 year warranty.
  6. https://hgsounds.com/product/circular-for-kontakt/ Anyone on this? I participated in the last one and never really used any of it.
  7. There's always someone requesting a Linux version of some DAW. Scott from Image-Line made a truthful reply that they wont devote time to an extremely small amount of users. Unfortunately delusional Linux users don't get that. Sure there is Bitwig, Tracktion, Mixbus. I have those and don't care to use them. I could build a DAW from scratch and have it up and running before attempting to use Linux. Some things that are often annoying about Linux users is they don't know how small or difficult their world is. Some people think they are really cool because they can use it. Others feel like they are giving the middle finger to MS. They like to argue with Windows users more than Mac users. Apple had a marketing ploy one time as how simple a Mac is. While I'm a fan of open source software a developers webpage makes it obvious they use Linux. There average person just wants to find the download with less tech speak. Opening Mixbus has audio/midi setup. Like I'm going to change that often? Aesthetically it's not really appealing. I've tried the Linux train before. Once I forked out $80 for a modem just to use it. One time I couldn't understand their geek speak and erased Windows. Another time when I used USB wifi adapters there was this "easy peezy" way to get one running was to type characters in a command line (had no clue what they meant) only to have run but had to do this every time I booted it up. Hardware support is lacking but don't tell the delusional Linux user that. Linux is a failure in the retail market, Wal-Mart had the Licorice PC, a Linux system by Dell was offered at Best Buy. No buyers. A large amount of computer users are still ignorant of how things work on a computer. If someone like my mom could install and run Linux then it has reached prime time. The Linux is easy crowd claim to fame is using a browser and email. As for the world of multi media is like a male not having a prom date at a school where the female ratio is 10-1. Let me know when Avid starts making the industry standard available for Linux. The options for Linux are lame. Let me know when that famous producer starts using it. Then again I use a form of Linux everyday with a phone. There is no real advantage over Apple. There's an app for everything thing and it doesn't take much for you to run out of space. Some developers haven't figured out use that flash drive you added. So if you run an Apple or Linux device there's on guarantee that developers will make your phone obsolete. I've bitched a Fry's Food for their inept developers making their app obsolete while competitors like Basha's and Alberton/Safeway still run and update on my phone. So my purchases are now 70/30 in favor of Safeway. Never give your developers that much leeway. The Fry's technology dept. is a great example of clueless developers out of touch with consumers. I've heard all of the pro Linux arguments ,YAWN! I could copy and paste them all day. They have the whole planet to convince it's the best but it aint happenin'. It's like Charlie Brown wating for the Great Pumpkin to arrive after the bloody violent war between MS and Apple and they will be the survivors and rise above the ashes. Even with the headaches of the evolving Windows 10 and Apple's pricing it's not going to happen.
  8. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AcidPro8--magix-acid-pro-8 Free version 9 upgrade from MAGIX upon release! Purchase this Magix item at Sweetwater and receive a free version 9 upgrade from MAGIX upon release. Software must be registered by May 05, 2019. Did they really do anything with Acid 8?
  9. We need a separate forum for this.
  10. Definitely if I didn't have too many plugins. I'd snap one up and wait for one of those freebies to be $29 and save money in the in the long run. The Abbey Road Plates are probably the only thing I'd want from Waves.
  11. So you would have to buy 2 of these to get that free plugin? I keep these on my EP wish list and check the prices regularly.
  12. http://everyplugin.com/tony-maserati-signature-series.html http://everyplugin.com/jack-joseph-puig-signature-series.html http://everyplugin.com/greg-wells-signature-series.html http://everyplugin.com/chris-lord-alge-signature-series.html Each is $45.07 and $40.56 with YNY23.
  13. If you leave Cakewalk open while trying to update you can copy the .exe file and store it since it wont install with the app open.
  14. We had a local GC move down the street, the other place made their prices competitive, plus you knew the service after the sale would be there. He was also a Washburn dealer which I liked. They also made income off repairs, lessons, and equipment rentals. What brought that place down was not GC but road construction. The local GC was a good store, small and cramped, but once you got to know a few managers, they would be honest about gear. I think music stores in general are hurting. It also depends on the area. Our local school districts turned away music stores that offered band rentals since they provide the instruments. That's like the worst thing ever especially when it comes to maintenance and repairs. There's always some debate to whether youngsters are not willing to learn instruments and going into DAWs. I don't think it's just the brick and mortar stores are hurting. My local Sam Ash and GC are lackluster when it comes to higher end gear. You wont see a PRS in there. In my area if you are a wind player it's not the best place to live. We do have a Music&Arts though. My last purchases have been from Sweetwater because of their financing. My JBL monitors are costing me $3 a month. I'm not a fan of credit but this I liked.
  15. Apples and oranges here. GC hires people off the street like grocery stores hire baggers. Working for GC appeals only to those who like a dress code that is similar to carnival workers. It's not a good place to work.
  16. It updated one of my pop libraries.
  17. For a company that doesn't have a reputation for fixing or upgrading older stuff I wouldn't put that kind of money into their products.
  18. I wonder what the actual GB will say in Windows when you install it?
  19. I think the reason they are doing this is they screwed up user accounts. I have a login that was saved by Robofom and it doesn't work. When webmasters start removing account or passwords that when I don't buy. Whaddya know I had to create a new account.
  20. M2s are the fastest but they take away 2 SATA ports.
  21. Paul Young

    WD 1 TB SSD

    I have one system that has 4 2TB HDDs. I'm not gonna give them up until 2TB SSDs get well under $200.
  22. https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/2019/3/15/mac-pro-51-cheese-grater-with-thunderbolt-the-impossible-is-now-possible Interesting though is if I wanted to try the Mac side I would go with one of these cheese grater Macs. Apple made the mistake of making these easy to upgrade. I've come across people still using these boxes instead of going wit Apple's latest and greatest. I'd have to wonder though with this TB adapter using Windows on a Mac is a night and day difference for those Mac users running one of those high end units like an RME.
  23. Paul Young

    WD 1 TB SSD

    I love WD's RMA. If the drive is bad they send you one first and you send the bad one back.
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