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  1. If you have lots of IK stuff this ALL sale means Do Not Buy. Far better bargains will come.
  2. Found out the new sounds are not listed under ST4 in the browser. Clicking the lock sends you to buy ST4. Can't they list the new ST4 sounds in the ST4 browser?
  3. Now sounds downloaded with ST4 SE are locked. Support ticket sent.
  4. Lack of in depth tutorials really hold these back from being popular. There is Chandler's youtube channel that's helpful. Sometimes VSTBuzz or APD will also have a sale on Melda stuff. I got their super duper compressor and delay for $99.
  5. It's that way for me when I opened them up in Reaper to check which ones are demos. I got this bundle to put on two older machines even though I have TR5 on my two other machines. I thought I could mess up my licenses by refreshing my gear and have the two old machines using up my TR5 licenses. I know there can be 10 authorizations but the way Windows is going with their upgrades I've had to deal with reauthorizations of some software. So far that hasn't been the case with IK. Give MS a chance and they may break that too. BTW has anyone ever used up 10 authorizations? Is support good at handling that? I doubt that will happen to me since I have multiple licenses. Also this was a nice gesture of IK giving this deal. I also now have ST4. Does ST4 overwrite ST3? Do I make a separate folder for ST4 sounds?
  6. I have to go into those VST folders and remove the extras because the hissing sound on those demos with either damage your ears or your monitors. I wish their installer would allow you to chose.
  7. Ohhhhhh! Bummer. If I did it the other way it may have been solved by now.
  8. Wow I didn't notice there would be a page 2 to that otherwise I wouldn't have blown that off.
  9. I'm passing on this. I don't need any of these or want them. I thought about the piano but the negative on that is the loading times.
  10. Bass Slapper is very impressive but I would rarely use it. This sale for me would to buy duplicates so I would have to choose one.
  11. I have Element and never used it. Some say it's a resource hog. As for Flow Motion, I have Sytrus and FM8. More soft synths have FM such as Spire and Synthmaster. "Learn the synth" list seems to never stop growing when DAWs are throwing in synths. Now we have Waves throwing their hat in the arena. BTW that dude with Flow looks like he has a cool man cave. It looks like Star Trek meets DAW.
  12. The plus side is you will never have to pay that again. They have lifetime free updates. It would probably take you two lifetimes to actually master all of those.
  13. I'm not really sure why someone could not accomplish the same thing using any string library they have. Originally $259.99 - good luck with that
  14. They are already discounted so that's fine.
  15. So you can only use FREEVI? The only thing that might interest me is the piano.
  16. Nothing yet in my account. Once again I have no clue who to contact support so I originally tried sales support. Never got a confirmation email that I created a support ticket. Please advise!!!
  17. 2nd week in a row MXXX core is on sale. I don't think that has happened before. I'm only 1303 euro away from having everything.
  18. I hate that. That is so 90's. You should be able to move those. I pay careful attention to where my plugins go. Some DAWs like Live do not allow for multiple VST folders. While I probably wont deal with this DAW anymore (too many) I like their VST management.
  19. I hate Intel stock coolers with the push pins. Most cases these days allow for a heat sink upgrade so you don't have to take the board out.
  20. I thought that was the case. Some use ASIO4ALL instead of the manufacturer drivers. Is the card also being used for Windows sound? That will create problems. Pull the card out, remove all drivers and software. If possible remove all registry entries. Boot the system so there's no evidence it's there. Install again. The issue can be with Windows 10 if it was upgraded. Some things get reset and are hard to track down. It appears this device is still supported by Creative.
  21. Here's hoping. Emailing support is difficult so I emailed sales support.
  22. UVI Workstation is an underrated sampler.
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