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  1. I think for me that worked maybe once of twice. It's almost useless.
  2. I would never buy something that has a micro USB port.
  3. It's there in your account. You have to really big for it.
  4. So far I'm passing on these. I thought I would go back and watch Harmor tutorials. I was up to lesson 50 in Syntorial then I went to the hospital. I need to start over.
  5. Who in their right mind does that? Probably professionals.
  6. I have Kontakt stuff distributed on separate drives. I'd rather do the clicks than this.
  7. Every time I buy a loop library. They sit in my downloads folder for weeks. I audition a few of the sounds and then send them off to my 3 systems. I've started to delete by 9 Volt Audio and Loop Loft folders. The ones I buy usually have midi files so I delete the wav files except for the mix files so I know how they are suppose to sound.
  8. That was an easy pass for me. Still balking on Serum.
  9. I did a lot of stuff at the turn of the century with Digital Orchestra Pro, then Sonar, while using a Turtle Beach soundcard,
  10. If I ever get to the point of producing music I will go by the name of Nuepayne. That seems like it everyday.
  11. Not sure if this relevant but after 3 weeks in a hospital and not being able to listen to music other than on a phone which I didn't do because I didn't have a charger. The nurses would charge my phone. Amazing how apps to communicate suck the battery from a phone. Then I went to a rehab center for 3 weeks and my mom have me a laptop to use so i could listen to music. Oddly enough I started crying listening to music and it didn't matter the music. That still happens after 6 months. There is a sadness though that now there are no live performances, no DJs at dance halls, no orchestras. It must be difficult to practice without a purpose. One time a group of guys decided to play for their neighborhood from their garage. If you live in a warmer climate and have less restrictions that's a possibility. Online collaborations are not the same. After 6 weeks I learned how fragile our mental health can be. I was a humbling experience.
  12. I've done that before. It's not so bad if you have 3 machines.
  13. Metro Exodus - buggy, difficult, not very open world when you are getting killed.
  14. Most of the FL plugins are never updated and some don't work in other DAWs. I have their everything bundle with VSTs. At least you have 2 DAWs where you never have to pay for upgrades.
  15. I got the IK Micro Monitors. Very impressive.
  16. I've had some courses that ignore the video production part of their tutorials. This guys overall production is quite polished.
  17. Exodus is the game I didn't even bother to archive. It was the only recent game I played where a crash required restarting the system.
  18. That's why I'm passing on this, It would take another SSD purchase just to use it,
  19. My mistake. It was Metro Exodus that I didn't like. The game above is decent. I didn't really care for the ending.
  20. Game developers would never make it in the DAW industry. It has gotten to the point where you need a 1TB Os drive for gaming.
  21. Despite the "great" reviews it's one of the worst games I've played.
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