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  1. You can't combine cash and credits.
  2. Most DAW sites that are moderated tend to move stuff like this in the lobby. Remember when the previous site almost removed the Deals section?
  3. Those reruns use to be on MTV and then VH1 until those in charge decided those networks need to have little to do with music. That was a great TV show. Who remembers when Davie was on the Brady Bunch? I think AMT had a model of the Monkeemobile. I was surprised they never made a cartoon of them. I think there's a Behind the Music of them on youtube.
  4. I'm not a fan of how IK does things but they do give away free stuff that is nice. Thanks IK!
  5. https://zero-g.co.uk/collections/on-offer/products/ethera-evi-2-0 A great deal. Too bad I can't buy it without gaining more debt.
  6. Tempting but with all of the soft synths I have they don't eat up 50GB of space.
  7. How so? Either way it's 30% off.
  8. So do they have the option of installing sample content on a different drive?
  9. That happened to me and now I have more plugins than I will ever need. I miss my voucher and then I don't. All that needs to happen now is Waves starts the $19 plugins.
  10. I hope the OP doesn't continue the approach of not posting the link.
  11. Check out Pluginboutique's youtube channel. I have them and basically they are simple to use. Sometimes settings are baked in for EDM. I got this bundle around Xmas since it came with a sample pack. I have'n messed with them yet. They would be better suited for someone starting out collecting plugins unlike me who have way too many and forgot I had them. The company is known for sample packs and they now just got into a heavy market and that's why the plugins get reduced so cheap.
  12. Considering that the pro engineers have been using Pro Tools their whole career. There was a complaint on the FL Studio forum about not having ARA. Pro Tools, FL, Live, and Reason doesn't have it. Their comment was "Perhaps ARA is more useful for professional DAW's." Well the industry standard doesn't. Some DAWs cater to genres. So if I had a band that wanted to do some recording I'm probably going to use stuff like Bandlab, Reaper or S1. There are complaints that DAWs that are great for recording are trying to move to the EDM crowd. Some people also treat DAWs like they are religions. I've seen people get flamed for switching over legitimate reasons.
  13. One interesting thing about XLN is you can't have duplicate licenses and the only way to do that register with another email unlike Toontrack.
  14. Often that actually works. Anyone notice when you buy a package of pens and maybe two work and then you lost them.
  15. Back to topic people who excel are often geeky. EVH rock the world with a homemade guitar. Ever see a photo of Hans Zimmer's studio? I thought about taking his class but $100 is kinda steep. I'd be more interested in Armin Van Buuren's class.
  16. Too much hassle. I don't even have to do that with most of my iLok licenses since many of them are no longer tied to one machine. I'm done buying Waves. I have too many plugins.
  17. or run out of space......luckily ours is in PDF which I can print until I can't find any paper, plus it's just another piece of gear to take
  18. That's another definition of cable management.
  19. I have trouble finding turkey basters and tape measures. Usually I put those in places where I'm suppose to find them but it seems the "where I'm suppose to fine them" seems to be another black hole. If they were software I could use the search function.
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