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  1. I've stopped downloading free Kontakt stuff not named Klang but this one is very nice.
  2. I refuse to participate in that madness. Most of my iLok licenses allow for 2 installs.
  3. I would think these are a dime a dozen. If you have Ethera Gold that may cover it.
  4. I don't like their licensing. I have 2 machines and I've bought 2nd licenses. It gets to be a money pit.
  5. My machine with a Z94 chipset with a 4790 would not update either. My FX6300 system got the update. I'm going to assume my Intel didn't update because I have an AP2496 in it. I'm not going to pull it out when the system is working fine as is.
  6. I bought one the previous sale since I wasn't sure the other W10 licenses would not be honored after two system changes. I didn't have to waste the new key yet.
  7. The best thing is wait for it to be offered in Windows Update.
  8. And those us who just bought IK Total Studio would have to pony up for the new version......
  9. I'm not seeing that. No checkboxes.
  10. 1TB is almost too small these days. I still don't trust the longevity of a SSD since I've had HDDs last 10 years. If one were to take inventory of what they use instead of hoarding every sample or affordable Kontakt library one could probably easily get way with having 3 additional 1TB SSDs. If you have Komplete how much of that do you really use? My Live 10 Suite folder is over 100gb. I could probably ditch over 30gb since their orchestra stuff isn't very good these days,
  11. Ryan and Pete are great to offer quick support for us on this forum. I rarely have to do a support ticket.
  12. Most likely something I can't afford.
  13. Didn't need to. The fine IK reps on this forum got it fixed.
  14. I bought this and despite having previous licenses of some products this gave me another license of Mrioslav, ST 3 libraries and was able to download them again. The exception was I could not download the ST4 SE libraries in my account. Hopefully that is a flaw because after buying this I shouldn't have to pay to ST4 SE libraries download libraries again.
  15. I'm waiting for 2TB prices to drop. Meanwhile some of my old WD HDDs are starting to die. My old 1TB Black statrted making noise and the warranty went out in 2012. Meanwhile I been replacing them with Seagate BarraCuda ST2000DM008 2TB 7200 RPM 256MB Cache which Newegg has for $54.99.
  16. I found out if you install W7 pre service pack 1 you are screwed. I did have a W7 iso with SP1 and had to start over. Windows update actually worked. It's an older machine and I don't think I could install W10 as the last resort
  17. It appears Windows 7 refuses to write the boot files to disk. The only way I can get this up is with Acronis. After a reboot the 0xc000000e happens again. I geuss W7 is corrupt and the only solution is to start over and erase the disk. I hope the issue is not with the drive itself. I did tests and even bad drives pass tests. BTW that W7 repair CD seems like a waste of time.
  18. You found one that is sponsored. I made a thread some time ago about people in these forums using ST4 sounds. I haven't come across those users in Live, FL forums. One guy did a project in FL before ST4 came out. I need to explore what I already have in ST before considering this.
  19. I use to live where Comcast was the provider. I use to call them Concast. I guess ATT is going fiber optic in the future. The sad thing is ATT sucks when I had their DSL. They did get caught on throttling back.
  20. This is also adding another 300GB of drive space. I've never come across anyone talking about how great the ST4 sounds are or anyone who has used them in a project.
  21. You really can't cut cable if it provides internet.
  22. The only thing stopping me is the size and it's probably overwhelming to audition everything.
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