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  1. Thanks bjornpdx + emeraldsoul. Glad you both like it.
  2. Thanks garybrun + Bajan Blue. Trying to capture the memory of lying in a field watching the clouds overhead 🌤️
  3. New instruments in the Pianobook collection (The Meyer Choir / The Summer Piano / St.Helen's Steinway Pad). And artificial "tweeting" courtesy of Kinetic Metal in Kontakt. Summer chilling........
  4. Pleased to say I now have the updated Cakewalk installed. Thanks to Jonathan Sasor. However having followed the steps suggested the file was not in the d/loads. I went into BLA folder instead on the C drive and found the install file and ran as Admin. And all went ok. However Windows threw up the following "An app caused a problem with the default app setting for .mod files so it was reset to film & tv. Curious.
  5. As per my earlier comment. Have been trying all day without success to install. Found BLA was at 5.2.0 and updated to 6.0.0. But it is stuck just saying installing.. On W10 1909. Will leave it for now as too frustrating.
  6. Trying to install. 2nd attempt. Just keeps flashing installing. Have rebooted and run Bandlab assistant first with the same results. Just sitting there flashing "installing". BLA up to date. Cakewalk 2020.05 still accessable.
  7. Yes. Signing up for this was a bit flaky as was the downloading. Surprised to see the downloader is 500mb sitting on my desktop. That's a bit of a waste of space. So will probs delete it.
  8. HI. The last update of K5 was at 5.8.1 before it went to K6. You can update to 5.8.1 through native access still. It may also be that some library you are using needs higher than 5.1.
  9. The builder has issued version 1.04 addressing some of the issues raised. I've personally had none with it so far.
  10. I got these via VI-Control. They needed a batch resave and pointing to the NKR file. But worked ok once done.
  11. I've had none of the issues as mentioned on KVR. But have d/loaded v1.02. So will thrash it tomorrow.
  12. Can confirm its a 64/32 bit vsti. So Kontakt not required. Has behaved with Cakewalk. Just been lost in a pile of nostalgia with it and wondering how I thought I was going to conquer the world with it back then....ha !
  13. The one thing Iacking from the original was no filter. And still don't know where to place the preset "kill the fly"
  14. TracingArcs

    Kawai K1 vsti

    This guy has made a vsti of the Kawai K1 (the demo sounds are so accurate). My first serious keyboard after a CZ101. And it's free. Donations welcome. Back to the 80s !!! https://www.nilsschneider.de/wp/nils-k1v/
  15. BandLab | Introducing Albums https://www.bandlab.com/features/albums This looks intriguing. I use Jamendo and netlabels for my releases. I wonder how much this may generate interest in your work. (could think of where to place this,so hope this is appropiate in deals).
  16. Thank you Barry Seymour + bjornpdx. Vey pleased people are getting what I tried to create and evoke.
  17. Thanks Wookiee - much appreciated 👍
  18. Rigid Audio | KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS | PRODUCTS | VIEGO A new one from RA. $5 & 10% off if subscribed
  19. Thanks DeeringAmps & emeraldsoul. Thankfully (though S/Cloud does this often). The distortion is part of the Hunters Ampex Ecosystem sound. Really appreciate the feedback.
  20. thegaltieribrothers & Douglas Kirby - I very much appreciate your responses. Thanks Guys.
  21. Thank you David. Very much appreciated.
  22. Fathers Day, and Make Music Day 2020. So I used two new instruments from the Pianobook roster to re-work a scene I wrote for a small film that never got made. About returning soldiers from the 1st WW. Using from Pianobook - Micah's Choir and Hunter's Ampex Ecosystem / BBCSO Discover / Cello Textures by Ben Osterhouse. I hope it works for you.
  23. I hope this is the right place to put this. On the Pianobook community has a ppeared a huge freebie Pianolith – Pianobook It's 11.6 GB unzipped (so make coffee whilst waiting). Has over 300 presets. But does need Kontakt 6 (full). Its creater has a commercial release on KontaktHub. Tons of ambiences etc. And looks very tweakable. I think this would be a decent commercial release. But even better it's free.
  24. TracingArcs

    SampleTank 4 CS

    Must say a thanks to IKM. I had S/Tank 2.5 XL on a 10 year old SCAN PC. That I just updated from W7/64 to W10/64. This trashed my STank 2.5 (maybe because it was 32bit). But I saw that STank 3CS and STank 4 CS were in my account. And was able to install both and import the STank 2.5XL into both. And I'm sure found instruments I had never seen before ! Now they are all available in a better interface and tweakability. Feel like I've been given a HUGE Freebie.
  25. D/loading the Xylo and Glock. But both need a serial number. And can't see any on the site or in the d/load. (the serial there is for the synth not the Kontakt instruments)
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