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  1. Really looking forward to this one...need it to help finish something I started this weekend- Strut(Demo) Bill
  2. I've always bit my tongue but it needs to be said so here goes- Cakewalk is music software, if you have absolutely no background in music you will have a hard time! Cakewalk is a computer program, if you have no idea at all how a computer works you will have a hard time! Anything new takes some effort to learn, if you're not willing to do what you need to learn(read the manual, watch videos, ask questions, experiment, etc.) you will have a hard time! There is no way to make something easy to learn if someone doesn't have the intellect and/or temperament and/or level of drive to learn in the first place. Anyways...Merry Christmas Bill
  3. I was using TouchDaw for Cakewalk(and Sonar before that) and had just set it up for Cubase......I decided to try this and I'm impressed! I've switched to using this in Cubase now, it offers more and better control, thanks for posting, this thing works great! Bill
  4. Open Cakewalk, arrange the windows the way you like, Save the Workspace(give it a name- for me it's default), close and reopen with your new workspace selected. I have a 4 monitor setup but most times just use 3( 2- 22's, a 28, and a 32). When you have your workspace selected as the main workspace it'll open up the same way every time I have track view on the 28 in front of me, console on a 22 to my right, and everything else goes to the 32 above the 28! If I could find a way to remove the multi-dock I would! Bill
  5. Hey Zo, I had the same problem with overlapping audio clips but now it works like it should...I don't know what I did but the clips play together. That frustrated me too...maybe I changed the recording mode, I don't recall doing anything specific, it just started working. Bill
  6. Happy Birthday Dave....must have been a server error as I posted this on Sunday! Bill
  7. Happy Birthday! Now you can have your cake and play it too! Bill
  8. I spent close to $1,000 for the EWSO Platinum Plus library when it came out...it was also the last time I had $1,000 to spend on a sample library Bill
  9. Charging to re-download...I lean towards stupid but bandwidth costs impact a business like everything else. How hard is it to backup your purchases to a DVD, bluray, another hd, etc. ? I even backup software versions from companies that allow me to re-download forever! Bill
  10. The first time I opened Cakewalk I set up the GUI the way I wanted(within reason ), then saved it as a Lens and use it as my default. I've never used screensets, they seem useless to me...if I was only going to work on one project forever it would make sense but I move on That and a 4-monitor setup makes you spoiled! Bill
  11. I've always backed up to DVD...never had a disc fail but I have had harddrives fail! And I don't trust online storage...too many hacker kiddies causing mischief. I'm actually going to blu-ray at this time. Bill
  12. I don't use templates...I never know what I'm inclined to write till I start. One thing I did setup was a default project with all my inputs and outputs etc. but no tracks. Now I can open that default project every time and do whatever I want. Templates are good if you do the same thing over and over. Bill
  13. So far I've never received anything from BMI...CD Baby yes, the Harry Fox Agency yes...but BMI no! Bill
  14. Look here - PDC Sorry it took so long, been working a lot and seems storms like to come on the weekends and knock my power out when I want to go in the studio Bill
  15. I've been using reverbnation for years...last couple of years as a subscriber. As a subscriber you get two digital album releases a year, a free domain and website(I already had the domain so I never used the freebie), no cap on file size(a free account your files must each be under 8mb), and you can enter any opportunities for free(contract, licensing, and gig deals). Well worth it to me...depends on what you are looking to do. I released an album through CD Baby before I found out reverbnation was free for the same digital distro channels. Live and learn Bill
  16. Just started it...trying to open the grate to get down below Bill
  17. Crossgrade to Cubase Pro 10, WaveLab Pro 9.5,Ozone 8 Elements to Advanced upgrade, Magix Humble Bundle, Wusik Station 8 to 9 upgrade...and Call of Cthulhu and We Happy Few for the Playstation 4 Bill
  18. Tezza, you don't have to subscribe. $25 gets you everything in the bundle...the EDM stuff, Sound Forge Pro, etc. Just click to buy and set your price at $25 and you'll get it all :) Bill
  19. Oh yeah, I've run with input quantize on and off and I'm not experiencing the Midi troubles you are...come this weekend I'll look into my preferences to see if I did anything special. Bill
  20. Zo, I'm running an old PCI interface- Echo Layla 3G. I run it at 96khz and 24 bit. In Cubase you can choose 32 bit floating or 64 bit floating, I use 32 bit. Everything has been running good for me, I just needed to learn the different labels and workflow, not that it's that much different. Unrelated- I lost one of my videocards Saturday...got a couple of new ones coming this week, that and another 8gb of ram, that'll get me to 24gb. I use 4 monitors so I run 2 identical videocards, each with dual DVI. I've been reading the Cubase manuals and it's a pretty deep application...I hope you get the Midi problem sorted! Bill
  21. I believe Cuba led the world in bathtub exports Bill
  22. Almost forgot, the Sound Forge thing was a bummer here as well but I ended up grabbing Wavelab Pro and it works in Cubase just like Sound Forge in Cakewalk...and I find that Wavelab is more advanced than Sound Forge...and it's on sale right now Bill
  23. Check your quantize settings and make sure you don't have any swing on and that you're at 100% quantize...if your grid is set to 16ths and you set quantize to 16ths your notes should snap to grid as long as snap is on and AQ is activated. As far as latency, check your audio interface under Studio/Studio Setup...I run at 2,000 in Sonar and Cakewalk(there's no latency to speak of, it's just an old interface and upping the samples was better) but running at 64 in Cubase...give it a shot. Personally I'm having a great experience in Cubase, just had to get out of the Cakewalk mindset(been running Cakewalk software since Sonar 8). The way multi-outs are handled for VST instruments is wonderful, you can choose which outs to use as opposed to Cakewalk where it's all or nothing. I don't miss that live recording nonsense for VST's either...every time I insert a Multi-out VSTi in Cakewalk I have to disable record in every audio track...should be a disable somewhere in settings! Cubase works normally. Now with that said there's things in Cakewalk that Cubase could definitely use Give it a chance, even if you don't switch over it'll be another tool in the box! Bill
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