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  1. 8GB ram is a little on the shy side for just even some basic 12/16 track, 8bus project with effects like those mentioned above including some VSTi such as Kontakt etc. That's not to say you can't use them. Regarding the test. If it will help you identify things for future mixes - Yes, you can run the LatencyMon when you disable these effects - only those on the Master Bus (don't delete them.) Have you tried to reinstall the drivers of your interface again?
  2. You might want to add at least another 8GB of Ram to it. Do a test and report again. DISABLE 4 Effects to confirm what we are saying - any of the following manufacturers. iZotope, Waves Abby Road Reverb, Lurssen Mastering Console and maybe Fabfilter EQ3. Cakewalk LP, MB and Adaptive Limiter First try this with all the effects on your Mastering Channel.
  3. Might even be some sort of worms or spyware once you click on it.
  4. The x2 upsampling in the control is enabled by default.
  5. You might want to reinstall your drivers. It should work without any issues in 256.
  6. Yeah. That is weird. I can't think of anything else that might cause this right now.
  7. Those specs are decent enough for it not to have any issues. Perhaps this project has more effects than the others? Try taking the upsampling off (x2 button) off in the control bar.
  8. Check your CPU performance when adding it to your project. It's one of those plugins that consume a lot of system resources. What are your system specs?
  9. Or, maybe you just need to learn how to right click in your web browser (or the browser menu tab on your phone) and locate the "translate page" option. That is what the rest of us are doing. I speak 5 languages and Dutch happens to be one of them.
  10. Have you tried recording the tracks clean to be mixed afterwards and render when done? The dropouts could be due to CPU overload from effects that are being used when recording 15mins of non-stop recording - especially once that consume a lot of memory.
  11. Seemed like a "Scam-Spam." That guy was offering a certificate for some university that can be purchased.
  12. Klik met de rechtermuisknop op een lege ruimte tussen de module en selecteer Modules en verwijder wat u daar niet wilt plaatsen.
  13. Yes, and it's weird and this is on the main system. It seems to be fine now. That was the third time since UPDATE 1. I haven't done a reinstall or anything yet. Like I've said it is not an issue that prevents me from making music - it's just distracting and only seem to happen in the CV and not TV. I'll do some troubleshooting later. Maybe do a rollback and reinstall.
  14. Will.


    This depends on the track that you're recording on. There are millions of techniques out there for this. A technique given now might not work for your next song. Your snare might need to sit under the 808 in another track, or your vocals might not even need "Fattening." Maybe it just needs to sit up front (AKA) "In your face." Every track has different challenges. This is where knowledge and creativity come in | and | you can't teach creativity - unfortunately.
  15. Will.


    Bra, you can produce professional music in any DAW. What you need to do first(and I can't stress this enough) it's to equip yourself with as much knowledge on music making as possible. You can own a multimillion-Dollar studio with every piece of equipment available in the world - but if you do not know how music works and have a trained ear, your multimillion-dollar studio will mean crap. Congratulation on taking the first step to purchase some much-needed things. Now take this moment and learn bro. Where are you from?
  16. It might not be the issue, but sometimes when my windows update itself silently in the background (depending on the update) it resets some of my audio settings in windows. I always turn off every other Audio driver that might have been installed by other programs. I remember trying out Sound Grid from Waves and it replaced my Driver settings. This caused a lot of dropouts cause I had both Focusrite drivers and Soundgrid as default drivers. Luckily, I was aware of this. Some video programs install their drivers too. So, try going into your windows audio settings and disabling any drivers that might be visible, and only leave your interface drivers as the default. Make sure that your sample rates in windows and the Daw are the same as well. If you use 96khz in CbB and 48Khz in windows or Visa Versa - you'll run some issues. I can't remember the last time I had any dropouts. My knowledge on Cakewalk goes very deep, but dropout codes - I have no idea what they mean, cause I never get them. I only leave one audio driver enabled on my system.
  17. Nope. That's just CPU overload. Everytime you load an effect in a project it consumes system resources. Do you have an interface perhaps? If so, you can increase the buffer size to 512, but this will introduce a slight delay when doing composing work (not playback.) To locate this: Go into Preferences>Driver Settings. You will see a blue slider. You can also change it in the Asio Panel button.
  18. Pay attention to the meter in track 1. Not an issue at all, its just distracting. Is anyone perhaps experiencing this too - since last Update (1.) Meter Issue.mp4
  19. Everything works as it should on my side as well. Have you tried contacting support with your problem?
  20. Will.


    That is just a patcher that is built-in to FL Studio's FX bin. There are great free patcher plugins out there that you can grab for yourself. I believe the Bluecat patcher is free? Creators of FL Studio at the time had the idea to "SENT" post sends to its FX bin directly within the track/channel/strip, but the only way to achieve this - was to build a patcher plugin directly into its FX bin (wouldn't be surprised if its the same stock patcher plugin.) This came with some hiccups and challenges. By doing this they did not think of something extremely crucial at the time - and that is the pre-fader send. That is why you get the Fruity Send as a plugin insert separately. It was a great idea. It eliminates having to create extra track sends for a Dry/Wet signal. Meaning: Say you have a two-track project - just a plain guitar and piano, with both of them only using 5 plugins. That means for each plugin you'll have to create a track - a return track (Aux/Bus.) This means a 2 track project will then turn into a 12 track project, with 10 of those just for each plugin. That is why they created this feature. This came at a much greater cause as well. The user now has to do more steps, just to route some things around for some pre-faders with a plugin insert. So to give you a suggestion/answer to your request. Just create a send for the plugin with no dry/wet knob/slider/switch/button. Much-much easier. Requests are always welcome, but before we make them, a little bit of knowledge and research must be done to see if this will work and if it will benefit the entire CbB community | OR | if it will cause the company extra money and unnecessary work for the development team. Like creating an extra plugin for a pre-fader send with more routing codes and steps. By the way . . . Welcome to the forum. Be warned! You might get burned for this one. This is part of the inauguration of a new member! It's how we show "love." 🤣
  21. Then you can just as well drag and drop the file into the TV. It's x100 faster? That's what I normally do when I come across these sample loops and just delete them from the TV again. I can see why it might be a problem to some though. Or maybe add a waveform viewer? This way you will know if you have to import it to the TV or listen via the browser.
  22. I don't see any glitches or issues here. It works as it should my side.
  23. Did you install them in the correct directory path and correct DLL Vst3?
  24. FYI: Bapu means "Father" in india.. Just saying . . .
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